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  1. Bit late for a response Alonzo but here goes; I am using the Samsung (inside out) with flight games on my 6DoF without problems at all. However, others have reported that strong fast movements (racing games) still suffer from the issue. Have you read through the thread on XSimulator.net? https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/vr-motion-cancellation-time-to-test.10241/page-30#post-177697
  2. I would love this; it would give me a reason to install this game again and buy the expansion. My G-Seat is waiting for a plugin
  3. Just purchased a Premium package tonight, and would also like to chime in here. I have a 2DoF motion simpit and I would very much like to be able to use it with Battle of Stalingrad (and Rise of Flight). As technology gets easier to use for the home builder I believe we will see more and more pilots building their own hardware for use with their favorite sims. I hope this title remains on the top of their, the pit builders, list.
  4. Yeah! + (er.....just a sec...need to count this up now....lets see....carry the 1....subtract 4...er....)3? :D
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