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  1. Thanks for the update Pat, we can wait, no pressure. Regards
  2. Greatly need something like this Pat, especially for us ol' farts Regards Fubar
  3. Forget all that, look at the bottom of the update.............. F-15 Eagle at last !!!!
  4. Nice find with the Bloom edit, always hated it myself too 👍 Fubar
  5. And THE LORD looked down on those that use VR and those that do not, and HE chuckled, doth not we have choices he mused? That is another thread!
  6. Last count I could have sworn there were ten ???
  7. I worry that we have lost this modder, not seen since February
  8. fubar_2_niner


    @meplanes1969 Thanks for your update, one question. Your original .dds file is n_buildingsmoke.dds, the new is N-BuildingSmoke.dds...... am I correct in renaming the same as the previous ? Else the new file will not over write the old correct? Best regards and thanks again . fubar
  9. fubar_2_niner

    [MOD] Icons

    @Ptk, I have been using and enjoying your excellent icon mod. I wonder if I might make a request? I have tried both 'ICON_NAV_DMD' & 'ICON_NAV_SQ'. I was wondering if you could make the nav markers even smaller and less obtrusive as you have done with the vehicle and a/c markers. I realise the square would look very similar to the vehicle markers, but if you could make the diamond smaller I think this could be ok. I understand if this is a no go, and will still carry on enjoying your work. Many thanks and best regards fubar Quote Edit
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