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  1. Yes but not necessarily in the correct order, for instance if you originally has your stick in USB a, and throttle in USB b, the stick will be top of the pile. If you pull your controllers and reboot, then plug them in the other way round, throttle in a, stick in b, the game will see stick and throttle in the wrong order. This confuses the crap out of the game. You can read many similar problems on the F4BMS forums. Best regards. fubar
  2. If I remember correctly, to correct this USB annoyance, just delete devices.txt from \data\input ***remember to backup the file first***. When you restart the game your controllers will be detected in the correct order. Best regards. fubar
  3. Hi Sokol1' I use TrackIR so I have all my number pad keys available for other use, I only use numpad + and - in default as zoom keys. The rest I have disabled from my snap view / quick views. Best regards. fubar
  4. Hi all, I wonder if someone can shed some light on this. I have just finished setting up a new TARGET script for my warthog. The cross referenced the bindings in BoX. Here is the strange thing; I bound Fire all guns to the space key. However I am getting a "Multiple actions on one control - inpvc_brake" error. I have been through all the bindings, but cannot find a 'inpvc_brake' action ! Any ideas guys ? Best regards. fubar
  5. A quick question if I may ? What current aircraft offers nine firing positions ? Asking because there in the keymapping section there are nine firing position options Best regards. fubar
  6. Many thanks Ripper, Wished I'd spotted this earlier, just defaulted my keymaps, and screen grabbed them all lol Top bloke ! Best regards fubar
  7. Where can I find this skin please? Best regards. fubar
  8. Beautiful work Pips, can't wait for your latest pack ! Best regards Fubar
  9. @Julian Yet another masterpiece. Thank you so much ! Best regards fubar
  10. Many thanks @Julian Fantastic work as usual. May I also add my thanks for the skin pack, much appreciated Best regards. fubar
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