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  1. Can you expand on that Pat........... Just grabbed both files and they have identical sizes etc. ?
  2. @Pat Just caught the latest version of both FC and GB PWCG. Quick question, when I look at the skin download links, the GB link seems to be duplicated. Firstly above all the GB skin packs, and then below all the FC skin packs. Are they one in the same mate? Regards. fubar
  3. @Tomi_099 You were correct in foreseeing the death of my 2080ti my friend It bricked two days ago. Still waiting to hear from EVGA.
  4. Latest Update: I am now testing driver version 451.48. All good so far after a couple of scripted campaign missions, no crashes ! 4k still eludes me however I am also using quite a comprehensive mod list: More to follow. Regards. fubar
  5. Hey Joker, Like I said this is a WIP. Am now experimenting with 446.14 as I keep getting a nag screen when trying to launch RDR2 LOL! I am trying to get the driver issue floored but as you might guess it takes time .......... and patience! I would really love to run the latest drivers, but they have thus far caused no end of grief mate. Regards. fubar PS. I am not looking at frame rates here, just something that is stable. If the driver does not fail then I start to crank things up slowly. If I can get maxed (within reason) , I m
  6. Thanks for the heads up mate. Good to know I'm not chasing a rainbow If I may what resolution are you running? Regards. fubar
  7. Still working on this my friend, but so far, everything is pointing to the drivers. I am still testing, and raising gfx settings as I progress. Good side, after 9 days of corruption and fearing a dying card, my game is running nicely. Using a 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra here and even minimal settings were crashing! Researched Nvidia forums .... and OMG!!!! I am now using Driver version 442.74. Thus far no problems. This test is by far from over !!!! Iff you revert to these drivers, please clean install after using DDU, after which make a custom install of NV clean a
  8. Latest test, 40 minutes in playing a scripted mission, latest nvidia drivers. Same render error, no anomalies. Lowering gfx settings a little at a time. More weirdness! Bodenplatte 262 bomber hunt is borked 262 never takes off! Then after some circles continuously on the field ?????
  9. UPDATE EVGA support keeps shooting me a 404 msg when I try to get a support ticket. There is a BIOS update for the 2080 Ti, however I'm not sure it applies to my FTW3 specifically. Will try again later.
  10. Not real sure how to will investigate EVGA support, thanks for the timely advice. Will report back findings. Monitor cable secure, GPU seated firmly. Both monitor and Nvidia control panel set likewise regarding resolution. Now checking EVGA Support
  11. I'm running a X299 chipset, Asus Rog Strix board. I would have thought this mobo is more than suitable. PCIe 3.0/2.0 GPU slots. Stress test just finished, card never hit above 51C, no artefacts etc. Also never a problem until the last two updates. I will however try the drivers you kindly linked. Regards. Fubar
  12. I have not o/c it Tomi, it is a EVGA factory clocked card. I have never adjusted it. I am now running a stress test on my video card! Oh and yes both connectors are plugged in
  13. No, also it runs all other games fine. Red Dead 2, CLoD Blitz, RoF, OFF only this seems bad at the moment. I'll try to snatch card temps on next crash. Regards. Fubar
  14. Hard crash just after clearing the airfield. Scripted Campaign Wind of Fury Had to cold reboot to end the crash. Please see screen shot ( forgive the quality, had to use my mobile). In regard to the drivers, should I use DDU Driver Cleaner? Also if not using DDU do you make a custom install of Nvidia, eg no GF Experience and clean install ? Regards. Fubar
  15. @Tomi_099 So sorry my friend overlooked that, may I ask what Nvidia drivers you are using, your Nvidia Control Panel has a lot less options than mine ? I have copied those options that I can and am testing now ! Regards. Fubar
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