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  1. fubar_2_niner

    [MOD] Icons

    @Ptk, I have been using and enjoying your excellent icon mod. I wonder if I might make a request? I have tried both 'ICON_NAV_DMD' & 'ICON_NAV_SQ'. I was wondering if you could make the nav markers even smaller and less obtrusive as you have done with the vehicle and a/c markers. I realise the square would look very similar to the vehicle markers, but if you could make the diamond smaller I think this could be ok. I understand if this is a no go, and will still carry on enjoying your work. Many thanks and best regards fubar Quote Edit
  2. Sorry I'm late in spotting this, yes devices.txt can create all sorts of problems... e.g removing/changing hardware, or just unplugging usual hardware and re-plugging in a different USB port. This has been reported many times on the BMS forums. Glad you are sorted Lothar, and sorry you had to faf around for so long. Regards fubar
  3. Are you using the trackhat or the clip pro? Clip pro altho more expensive sorted out most of my problems regarding sun glare etc.
  4. Yes I realise I can do it that way, weren't sure if I would be stepping on your toes mate With your perms I will certainly, keep track of this thread and convert as and when necessary, then upload if that's good with you and the mods. Best regards fubar
  5. @pa4tim Any chance you might make this a pdf file we can download mate?
  6. Looking at the GeForce forums it seems no end of people are having problems with this driver set, mostly thru CPU and GPU temp and usage rises !
  7. He 177 Grief, well its not a four engine heavy after all
  8. Indeed, I spent more time in the gunner positions than the cockpit in B17 The Mighty Eighth, now that was a bomber sim !
  9. @LizLemon Any progress on this mod? I know you are busy with the 4k cockpit textures, but this would be so cool to see in game. Best regards fubar
  10. Sorry to be the bearer of sad tidings, but, it has been said many times. There will be no four engine a\c game engine can't handle it.
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