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  1. We use .303 Brits for moose hunting. Hunting 109s I would rather have cannons. If I had to have machine guns I'd go .50 cal. Way more punch than a .303. Probably a wider selection of ammo types in .50 as well
  2. My advice to the op is don't do head on attacks if possible in the 109. The inline engine is a weakness. I actually prefer the 109 to the yak after some practice.
  3. Sweet maybe my biscuits won't be burning so much in SP.
  4. Any chance of an update to fix this soon. Kinda makes campaign unplayable as your idiot wingmen do nothing while your attacked by 4 or 5 enemies. Sick of the futility of fighting the war on my own lol!
  5. I plan on buying the thrustmaster T1600 fcs but for now this has to do. I don't find it horrible to use with the tension set high as it goes. But yes small movement seems jerky with this stick
  6. Anyone else using a hotas x to play and if so what do you personally find to be the best ballpark sensitivity setting for pitch, roll, and rudder? Still playing with my own settings and would like to hear what others are using with this hotas.
  7. Thanks people I'll try both. I believe it may be the head tracking when doing a hard left or right check as 19//SAG said. V sync is off and it's not fullscreen. But I will check the nvidia CP. I believe it's turned off.
  8. It's common. If playing on steam alt tab to steam then alt tab back to the game, then the esc key will work. Thanks to the guys who gave me this tidbit on here. Hope it helps you!
  9. So I oc'd my 2600k to a stable 4.7ghz. Still have 16gb ram ddr3@1600mhz and gtx1070. In high setting with 2xaa, land distance at 3x, no ssao, no hdr, fps unlimited, land sharp. I'll have a minimum of 165 fps at takeoff or around a lot of planes over an enemy airfield. Flying around it'll sometimes hit 300 fps if I turn off hud. But still every now and again I get a drop to 50 to 75 fps which causes stutter just for a second. Albeit not near as bad or as often as I have had on the past. Msi afterburner shows the only thing that might be getting tapped out is my ram. Could ram speed be causing my issue? It doesn't hit higher than in the 80 percent usage range of the ram but is that enough to cause this? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I'm playing SP campaign.
  10. But it makes you look more like a professor!!
  11. Me and my co-pilot in training!!trim.9A5F1BBE-61E3-42C5-B1D8-5979A1578A28.MOV
  12. I do have the rudder axis on the throttle but it isn't set up for anything and I'm not pressing it. Nothing is on or down that I'm aware of. I've found that if I wait a min or two after landing it exits the mission It seems like it usually happens once you pass the exit point but many times I bring up the commands menu and then it doesn't work and I have to tilde key out of the menu
  13. How often are you on a great flight, bagged a couple bandits, maybe smoked some ground targets. Whatever the case may be you've had a great go of it and instead of turning back to base, you push it and go after just one more only to end up in a fiery heap on the ground. I know I'm not the only one guilty of this lol
  14. I'm using a hotas x. But never had this issue before 2.009d. Before I came across the invincible il2 i shot down a lagg3. It was strange and funny at the same time. My brother was pissing himself laughing you see and hear the hits all over the plane but nada. When I shot down the lagg it should have been task complete but it wasn't. I knew it was gonna screw me. Shot everything into the il2 got nothing for it. Flew back to base landed my f4 and the escape key would not work had to use task manager to quit game.
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