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  1. After creating a Coop campaign, I am unable to transfer or retire pilots?
  2. It was not unheard of for B-29s to crash on takeoff in the pacific due to being overloaded with fuel and bombs on raids to Japan
  3. In real world aviation we have something called Va, or maneuvering speed. This is the MAX airspeed that full and abrupt control movements can be applied without damaging the aircraft. Va is also effected by weight, but in most things I've flown its negligible (couple knots here and there). This would have effected WWI airplanes too. What Va is in any WWI aircraft I couldn't tell you, and that speed would only apply to undamaged aircraft. Now just as in real life, if an aircraft has been damaged, Va would be at a much lower airspeed. Now if you can pull up your magic historical books an
  4. Funny thing here is you have a RL pilot who flies this stuff, telling you how to fly this stuff, but thats not apparently good enough for you. Keep whining and complaining until you get your way and break the whole damn game.
  5. Before changing my college degree to flying I went to school for Programmer/Analysis. We were taught, for efficiency, to create core "modules", then all data would be fed into this core. The data could change, but the core, the "meat" of the program remains unchanged. Again, for efficiency, the "DM" could be a core module. Not truely attached to any specific aircraft, but attached to all aircraft. This makes more sense knowing that the DM upgrade, upgraded across the board, WWI, WWII, and Tank Crew. This means that to make this work across the board, there MUST be shared variables, in t
  6. One thing I see in about 90% of bounces that I initiate is the pilot jerks up, then immediately loads negative. Now admittingly, I fly more WWII than WWI, where the negative load is VERY visible, where the entire nose of the plane can be seen below the fuselage. This happens in seconds. Personally I dont fly with a joystick, I have a yoke, so my kneejerk reaction is full rudder and aileron, rolling out of the plane of motion, with little or no elevator. The reason I point this out is this pull/push could add considerably to the number of wing shedding that we see. I did that with an undam
  7. Remove the D7F and FIII from MP? Well I guess then there are claims the camel, Spad, SE-5 and Dolphin's wings are still too weak, better remove that from MP, the Pfalz and D7 are tanks, better remove those from MP as well, oh, and Oh God, the bomb racks on the Bristol's are visually bugged, cant have that either, better remove them both. Lets see that leaves the Alb and DRI, oops, without a camel, the DRI is WAY too maneuverable, cant have that now can we, better remove that one from MP as well. Seeing that at least something has to be left, gotta leave the Alb, so allied vs German all albs
  8. I also flew on flugpark tonight, and towards the end, we got into a pretty big scrap with camels and dolphins. In one engagement, I was in an Alb following a dolphin I had hit pretty hard in the wing area. He pulled into a diving left turn, I was pulling 4.5 to 5 g's to remain in lag, and he folded. I'm not seeing anything wrong with the DM either
  9. The day the patch came out, I loaded up a QMB and flew 4 sorties each in multiple aircraft against 4 "Ace" level Halbs, mainly to guarantee that I would get shot to pieces. So I flew the DRI, Alb, Spad, SE-5, D VII, Camel (though cant really count the Camel as I was spinning more than fighting). Now out of 20 flights, I pulled the wings off the SE-5 ONCE. In every sortie, I flew until I lost. Most were pilot kills, I was flamed twice, One Alb and one Spad. I pulled the elevators off the flaming Spad trying to put out the fire in an 8 G pull up. So In my tests I think things are pretty go
  10. When finished and ready to go, this is going to be a dead is dead tournament, with both air and ground assets. Currently, the rules set we are looking at is if you are killed or captured as a combat pilot, you can still play by being an aircraft gunner, flying cargo resupply missions or crewing a tank. So I'm starting experiments to find if a player tank can control an AI platoon in MP. Anyone know if this is yet possible, if not, will it be implemented, and if it can be done, how?
  11. There was a chat forum I belonged to many years ago that one of the topics was "Caption this picture". People would post up pics like those and you had to make up a caption for it
  12. Over in the WWII side, they had issues with some of the wings being too strong. Everyone came unglued over this, posting videos, telling the devs how bad a job they've been doing, threatening their livelihood, ect. Within a few days, they posted up that they discovered the problem, then a few days after, they released a patch, that for the most part fixed the issue. Now except for a couple of die-hards, that thread is kinda dead now. Switch over the the WWI side, you find a problem with the wings being too weak, so you all come unglued, posting videos, telling the devs how bad a job they'v
  13. Over in the WWII side they said they found the spars on the FC aircraft were too small, but that post seemingly has been removed. Edit: Oops, my bad, found it.
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