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  1. Thanks, for a moment I thought there was a problem with my install
  2. Simple question I purchased Flying Circus Vol 1 a while ago. How do I get into it from the main game menu?
  3. Thank you. Too scared to ask before.
  4. How do you get IL2 and teamspeak to work together. I use two monitors, in others games I set up the graphics of the game as borderless and put teamspeak on the secondary monitor and scroll my mouse across to teamspeak
  5. My launcher has stopped shutting down. Have to close it with the task manager. How do I fix this?
  6. Lean to gunsight I think is what you need bind a key to it or better still a button on your joystick
  7. Tempest had poor high altitude performance, best in the mud
  8. Wonderful news. Just to be picky One of the bonus pictures shows a Tempest with rockets I think that's wrong The Tempest never used rockets in WW2 Had another look at the picture, from the thickness of the wing root I think it is a Typhoon.
  9. If you buy Track IR, don't buy the track clip, it is too easily broken, get a DelanClip instead. It is made of stainless steel instead of plastic, easy to attach to head phones.
  10. Let a man dream for gods sake!
  11. Now my appetite has been wetted by the Spitfire can I have a Tempest, Hornet or MB 5, please.
  12. I am blind, been playing this game since it came out and never noticed that. Thank you.
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