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  1. It does work. Prior to purchasing a Rift, I creatively obtained a PSVR from my son. There were some limitations for me (probably due to the 1050 ti video card I have). I couldn't read the instrument panel unless I zoomed in and it was difficult to spot/identify planes without the icons on. That said it gave a great sense of flight and VR. The rift took it to an entire new level but I would certainly recommend using the PSVR. Trinus is a requirement and it must be running to use the PSVR but it is easy to set up. Hope this helps.
  2. I'm also having an issue with 9.3. Shift-K doesn't turn off prop and alt-K doesn't change the sight but I didn't try the other shortcuts. I am using JSGME. I reactivated 8.6, prop and sight worked. No big deal for me to stay with 8.6 but I would love to be able to use the new features. Thank you so much for creating and updating the mod!
  3. Thanks for the late Christmas present! I'd love the P-40. Thanks again!
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