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  1. I tried flashing from pitool twice it didn't apply successfuly, thankfully the HMD still functions. I'll wait for a new update and able bodied guinnuea pigs before I commit to flashing the firmware again. Curious to see if smart smoothing still has that wierd stutter effect for 60hz if not I can just crank everything to max and not care even when flying close to ground as my min frame rate is around 30fps.
  2. I am happy with the 8kx over all, the clarity is what I wanted when the first generation of hmds hit the market. Compared to the vive 1 Fov wise I can see the entire cockpit in a JU87 and maintain view of the outside without moving my neck as much. Clarity wise I can read guages without having to lean in which also allows me to maintain situation awareness better. However for spotting I still find much to be desired as it is still hard to do IFF and read silhouettes at a distance despite being able to Id aircraft further out limitations of the engine withstanding (
  3. Even a 3090 struggles if you want to hit 75hz consistently at high preset. I had to lower a lot of settings and reduce the FoV from large to normal which is still heaps more than the G2 and index. If you want to increase settings more you'd have to lower FoV to small which is around 130deg horizontal. I can't stand that FoV 150deg is my cut off point. I have a feeling that it will take another 3 generations to max out everything that is easily noticed and with any luck be able to crank SS a little higher but that will decrease the effectiveness of spotting.
  4. Did a fair amount of playtesting using various settings and pretty much succumbed to normal FoV at high preset with some rather humble settings in an effort to balance minimizing the judder whilst retaining some eye candy. Even at these settings there is some slight noticeable judder for fast moving terrain and objects it's like a rubber banding effect. the framerate is not locked at 75Hz it bounces around between 74 and 75 regardless of settings used so judder is never completely eliminated on high preset even if all settings are knocked down to the lowest possible.
  5. VM with GPU passthrough benchmarks, windows is run in a VM inside of linux, IL2 is run inside the VM on a GPU passed through to the VM. Anyways I am knocking off I don't want to see any benchmarks for good long while. Summary & thoughts: Significant hit on the framerate compared to bare metal when running the CPU test, roughly 20% performance hit when 6 cores are pinned from the same chiplet. Similar performance hit in VR when running the VR1 test mentioned in the OP. VM might need more fine tuning. hardware, software, and test environment rela
  6. Bare metal windows 10 pimax 8kx and 3090 test results, might do some light testing for a VM with GPU passthrough later. I am just so over testing, funnily enough my job is also to test stuff all day I was supposed to relax on my day off Summary & thoughts: performance penalty for all AA is high so I never bothered testing with it on FoV normal seemed to add a decent amount of fps. Dropping the preset from ultra to high did add a good chunk of performance for the same settings. Everything else did not seem to contribute a sizeable amount but they all add
  7. This post is for the bare metal CPU test results with the settings mentioned in the guide. OS: Windows 10 Professional CPU: 5900X CPU AIO: EK 360 GPU: 3090 EVGA ftw3 ultra, Base Core clock +200 (2000MHz) RAM: 3600 18-22-22-42-85 1T Motherboard: X570 Aorus Master PBO +200MHz OC on an EK 360 AIO didn't really make much of a difference for me, only 1 frame higher on average and max framerate compared to all my other test results. The lows fluctuate for me, even with PBO off I had around 76fps minimum in one test. Might be after the benchmark goes t
  8. @blitze Yet to try pimax experience, I'll give it a go when I have the chance, I wish there was an option to use keyboard and mouse to navigate settings in VR without having to grab a controller. I don't use the buttons on the hmd and would like to map them to something else but there is no such feature. Pimax hasn't sent me the thick foam yet, I need it for glasses they add a little more clarity. That is probably the only thing I was miffed about, they said they will provide 2 face foams and ended up sending 1 anyways. FFR is another option to squeeze some more f
  9. Thanks I'll keep it in mind. I'll have a look how you guys are doing your benchmarks so the results align after I'm back from my trip. I've spent a fair amount of time with the 8KX, coming from the htc vive 1 it was a huuuge upgrade primarily as far as clarity is concerned which is what I was craving the most, FoV was not something I cared about until I spent a fair amount of time to appreciate it. FoV was not something that popped out to me instantly until I started A/B testing and the difference is huge as far as quality of life is concerned, after a while
  10. Don't have time gotta catch a flight today in a rush, just got the 3090 setup with the Pimax 8KX awful timing was really excited for this upgrade. There was another thread with benchmarks, might look into it when I am back. Haven't squeezed every bit of perf, only did some moderate OC here and there. Without further ado.. Bodden Splatte benchmark: Started a US P47 career in air/dense around 1~1.5 km altitude, did a shallow dive hovering close to a town for a while then crash landed for a quick and dirty test to see what the fps is like near the ground.
  11. I might get my 3090 ftw3 ultra today, and already have the 8KX. For shots and giggles on a 1080Ti (strix AIB with factory OC) and 3900x with 100% SS max FoV and all settings maxed out (including the draw distance in the other menu) with the exception of in game AA which was turned off in battle of boddenplatte on the ground I was getting around 17fps minimum and in the air around 35 fps average if I remember correctly sold it off but I have 2 screen shots of the graphs from MSI afterburner on my PC that I have to dig out. One was from my W10 VM with GPU passthrough and the other was
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