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  1. http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=633 ..just for anyone interested... ..decided to share this kind of mission allthough not free of "issues" .. (for example: sometimes too many fighters , sometimes not..? ) but has beautyfull places to start , fly , fight .. with WW1 and WW2 Planes its very fictional.. I personally love to fly in this most unknown Places, specially in VR . You can start in "expert Mode" knowing how... (at least i was able except from the "Dogfight Area Spawn" where you have to change the Altitude of Planes) You can change ,activate,correct, modify using the SPAWN places that are shown. Landing only possible in ADLER or SOTCHI. Have Fun
  2. Hey JG51_OGG, don´t take it to personal... TAW is just the real highest Lewel of IL2 , specially accouraging for playing TEAM Play. For my experience i just can say: I love it just because of that ! I first started "Killing all " in expert mode Offline Than i kept on Online ,...biting the dust...at first.. Now i get about 30-45 kills every night on Berloga , i land at whatever dustroad without damage , most of times end on first positon, On Wings of Lyberty not as good but similar also making 100 gk on one map as bomber.. Than i go to TAW ... and i just bite the dust again, got shot, killed, humilated ... its just EXTREM HARD on TAW , its EXTREM TEAMPLAY , EXTREM GOOD PILOTS ! and that MAKES IT SO GREAT!!! You Fly 40 minutes with you neck getting like rubber because of checking your six , and suddenly your are in heart bumping hell of a fight , you go down almost fulltime blacking out to get behind one, at the moment i am ready to pull the trigger i have THREE behind me !! They all fLY At absolut Limit !!!They fly most in team, comunicate , Know in seconds where you are, I can shot one down, manouwer one out BUMM, Bail out ,GameOVER! Yeah 20 hours to think how to do it better next time....silent going to bed, my wife asking , what happend , what is wrong .... no words... I LOVE IT ! Berloga , wol, combat Box its just " KINDERGARTEN " compared to TAW Thats all about it and i think thats why so many love it.. P.S. I also got killed to often from AAA at first , now Iam starting to get that F....AAA destroyed .... Extrem curvelines, zoom and boom and trying to use the Load time for the apropiate final KILL..... and than i will come back with my biggest bomber THX for the TAW Team for this great possiblity to really grind up the skills
  3. with VR support i buy it instantly, with no VR i dont .. Impossible to go back , thats for shure
  4. well, but better than that what i experienced in one single flight yesterday, chasing from high 3k for minutes a Bomber , at the moment i had him in front of me ,was about to pull the trigger, it disapeared, (DISCO) , right after 10 min another Bomber , i put all my guns on it, at the moment it crashed ...DISCO .. lol , he, he I admit this is maybe an other issue , very realistic tactics ; One finger allways on the Internet cable... ready to log out...? Live saved..
  5. Yes , i agree absolutely and if talking about what is realistic or not (and all the "specialist" around i often have to laugh out loud ...)and if Germany would have had this "TAW LASER AAA" they would have just put enough on the ground when the cities , specially late war , were completely bombed away, All efforts , at least the main , for the german eengenners was to find a solution to intercept those Bombers ! TAW LASER AAA would have done it , and everyone in the cities , party and LOL.. and NO ONE is saying or asking to remove AAA , and NO ONE is coward or a permanent complainer.. its just an issue that many have noticed and this is still A GAME and not a War, so it is worth to just discuss with respect that maybe there something that is maybe not very realistic and funkilling for many... GET HIGH !
  6. No, just with the accuracy set as mentioned on server TAW with "overcast" for example ... I love to fly on WOL Bombers and Attackers, i fly alone (no squad) , i chat and give positon, ask for cover and do contribute quite a lot doing good groundkills .. Now i fly fighters.. ( i love too ) dont want to play a " lucky punch" with bombers at 8000m ... ( aiming at that altitude doesn,t work either, i,ve testet it offline , with wind checking , everything and so on, its just LUCK , that you hit the target you are looking for !! ) check by your own using the "aiming help" offline in "normal" , you,ll see LETS FLY !
  7. yes..and so after my first Flak death i planned diefferent (allthough "Defense " there was mentioend at "Low") (lol) i try change taktiks ,dived with a stuka from 3 k curving , droped and ran with 600km , curving in the village low almost on ground , away of the mg , yeah i did it and thinking the houses would cover me, NO, one FLAK , one Shot DEAD.... come on... A flak has to ckeck distance also... and seems to hit behind houses.... No , i dont believe this ... , its never, ever "realistic" and doesn,t make fun this way either. If you have a chance to at least destroy the Flac with Fighters , but you gonna make 100% suicide. I think something between WOL and this would be better for all and for the "Gameplay". ... and finally its about "Flying" and fighting in the air , fighters against Bombers, or fighters against fighters ... and so on.. AIRFIGHT ! ( and not " The great AAA Fight" )
  8. Sorry to say and realize that, but at the South of Bodenplatte,at the frontier to Belgium specially where historically there was one of the biggest Frontiers and final fights ARDENNENOFFENSIVE ,https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardennenoffensive had higher elevation with FIR FOREST ... (like the Moskau Map) in german; Tannenwald. I really feel very sorry about this , i know that everyone has his special wishes to have monuments at the right place and so on , and DEVS cant accomplish everyone....but specially that area ( i live there..) is almost completly FIRS in higher elevation (almost Mountain) ... (like Moskau Map) . There are many movies and documentarys about this area and that is has been one of the latest final "Fight back of the germans" where it is said it has been the hardest Battle for the US army .. (Wikipedia). My gentle question; could this maybe be changed in the future in the Bodenplatte map, in FIR FOREST like Moskau Map... THX
  9. Hi, i wanted to ask if it could be possible to have scenarios later in the evening , iknow this is asked before. I just think it would make change the tactics, and is indeed realistic. I mean it doesnt have to be night but late evening or early morning.. thx
  10. Thanks , thats exactly the point.. .. i personally use Rift s
  11. YES, AA is not destroyable but only for the AXXis ... he,he... I ve checked in stats... Allied CAN destroy AA Axxis NOT..
  12. THAT SUGGESTION THAT MAJAKOWSKI made; I would like to make a suggestion regarding mission types in general Would it be possible to simulate "rear duty" types of objectives for those of the players who enjoy flying for itself and not necessarily need the thrill of dogfight (or aren't adequately equipped for it)? So let's say maybe to add an objective to search for a shot down pilot (maybe in form of a small vehicle if there are no pilot figures to place) that is only roughly pointed out in a large area on the map (so as really having to search for it) and when overflying that objective within a sphere of about say 30 meters or so the objective is completed and gives the pilot some points? Imho that would be a great way to actually bring the U-2 to work as its possibilities are somewhat...limited by now. You could exclude those objectives from counting to win the map to not force some "boring duties" on the players who enjoy the dogfights and rough action. On the German side some evacuation flights from at unmarked airfield with the Ju-52 could maybe be added to allow for a balanced set of possibilities for some non-combatant duties. On approaching the right field with the right plane a flare would be fired to indicate the need for evacuation. I would like it to see this kind of stuff. I hope the community doesn't kill me for that. Edited 2 hours ago by Majakowski YES that would be great ! ...and if its possible to make a Map between Maikop and ADLER as this would force to search ,fly and dogfight through and over Mountains..
  13. hmm.... so is it possible that only "some people" will allways have that and doesn,t really bother the most people (specially Fighters) (by the wayi,ve never had before in other servers , 2800h online) I think its something that really should be fixed specially when i see all those discussions about "realistic, balanced , outnumberd" and so on...(discussions i ve never been part of) ... ...its not a complain about your comment , RedKestrel.. no missunderstandings, please.. still hope to be fixed soon, i like this server..
  14. Hi, want to report , I tried to eliminate the AA at the southern Allied BOMBER AIRFILED in Eindhoven map before i go there with an atacker or Bomber afterwards... Was not possible.. I shot 100 erds of Mk 108 rounds at the invisible AA (GHOSTS) , they shoot at you and can damage you but nothing happens to them. "GHOSTS"...(Not visible but their rounds yes!) This is is for shure a BUG ...but really not very funny... cause this makes it more a pure Dogfight map or "lucky punch server" to go with a bomber drop and still survive 8 AA you cant disable anyway... Hope this gets fixed soon, because makes fun to play in an alternative to WOL... hmm... thx
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