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  1. Thanks , thats exactly the point.. .. i personally use Rift s
  2. YES, AA is not destroyable but only for the AXXis ... he,he... I ve checked in stats... Allied CAN destroy AA Axxis NOT..
  3. THAT SUGGESTION THAT MAJAKOWSKI made; I would like to make a suggestion regarding mission types in general Would it be possible to simulate "rear duty" types of objectives for those of the players who enjoy flying for itself and not necessarily need the thrill of dogfight (or aren't adequately equipped for it)? So let's say maybe to add an objective to search for a shot down pilot (maybe in form of a small vehicle if there are no pilot figures to place) that is only roughly pointed out in a large area on the map (so as really having to search for it) and when overflying that objective within a sphere of about say 30 meters or so the objective is completed and gives the pilot some points? Imho that would be a great way to actually bring the U-2 to work as its possibilities are somewhat...limited by now. You could exclude those objectives from counting to win the map to not force some "boring duties" on the players who enjoy the dogfights and rough action. On the German side some evacuation flights from at unmarked airfield with the Ju-52 could maybe be added to allow for a balanced set of possibilities for some non-combatant duties. On approaching the right field with the right plane a flare would be fired to indicate the need for evacuation. I would like it to see this kind of stuff. I hope the community doesn't kill me for that. Edited 2 hours ago by Majakowski YES that would be great ! ...and if its possible to make a Map between Maikop and ADLER as this would force to search ,fly and dogfight through and over Mountains..
  4. hmm.... so is it possible that only "some people" will allways have that and doesn,t really bother the most people (specially Fighters) (by the wayi,ve never had before in other servers , 2800h online) I think its something that really should be fixed specially when i see all those discussions about "realistic, balanced , outnumberd" and so on...(discussions i ve never been part of) ... ...its not a complain about your comment , RedKestrel.. no missunderstandings, please.. still hope to be fixed soon, i like this server..
  5. Hi, want to report , I tried to eliminate the AA at the southern Allied BOMBER AIRFILED in Eindhoven map before i go there with an atacker or Bomber afterwards... Was not possible.. I shot 100 erds of Mk 108 rounds at the invisible AA (GHOSTS) , they shoot at you and can damage you but nothing happens to them. "GHOSTS"...(Not visible but their rounds yes!) This is is for shure a BUG ...but really not very funny... cause this makes it more a pure Dogfight map or "lucky punch server" to go with a bomber drop and still survive 8 AA you cant disable anyway... Hope this gets fixed soon, because makes fun to play in an alternative to WOL... hmm... thx
  6. SecretPlaces Mission.zip Hi All , want to share this kind of mission i loved to play , its specially for VR ... it really thrills to launch from a ramp in 3D VR ...(have been PARAGLIDING many years... ) More than a "Mission" it shows different "AIRFIELDS or better "Launching RAMPS ") In the mission you can choose to start with 5 JU52 or with a fighter in the Air or from a special Ramp, you can choose different Airfields to do so, you can also interfere and shoot down,theres alot of Dogfight (maybe too much...) You can choose WW1 or WW2 planes.... A At ALL Airfield i was able to launch in EXPERT mode , however... in most AF have your BRAKES full pulled BEFORE you start and keep your stick also well pulled , some just give full throttle directly and pull your stick... you will notice which one goes so or so... The nice thing is you are directly in a very Amazing envireoment... In the Mission as you can see at the "Mission pic... 5 Ju and fighter gonna fly the shown Route and after about 10 min drop Paratroopers in the final east place... but mostly only if you eliminate the Flak down there and some enemy fighters... This enviroment is something where i wanted to play on a dserver would have loved to play it online with a little better Programming, fair gameplay and so on ... ( iam not a very good Programmer ) but i decided to just share it ... i would have called it: *SECRET PLACES * give any feedback if you want.. THX and have FUN I send this after i heard having some problems... Hello, ...yes i know theres too much AF and other things. But still works , Once you have been flying and trying there you can decide what you can delete for a better FPS flow. But i can join at every AF shown there and launch my chosen Plane fight ,cover , whatever.. I sended that with "Properties" saved as "Deathmatch" so that you have to resave at in your "Multiplayer" Folder in "dogfight" and open it at "Multiplayer hosting" .... Than you can use ALL airfields or If you want to play it as single Mission you will have to resave different (properties mission")and in the mission folder (havent tried) and probably delete the "dogfight spawn AF" The original is just a "secure the bridge" single Mission with a "Berloga Dogfight" online mission mixed and moved to south east Kuban map at the most beatyfull places i have found on this map. ( A wonderfull work of the DEVS that yould be honored !) The nice thing too and was the hardest work for me, was to set the waypoints so that the JU 52 and there cover Bf fly a thru the valleys... and to find the exact AF place so you can launch with a little skil "how to " in expert mode without damage... I wanted something like this running in a Dserver , but dont know how...
  7. Thats your thing... its okay.. for me as said its different.. and as i mentioned my interest is 2700h in 2years playing this Sim and myself in real air for years so as my father in war and till he was 80... So this just saying, yes i have alot of interest and aeronautics and so on, but still i enjoy all different kind of FLYING, FLYING, FLYING ;)... and this is the only Sim that gives me alittle Flashback of times i was self in the air... But yes i can understand, ou too..
  8. Big THANKS and RESPECT for the DEVS for their quick Reaction and their TRY to Find Solution for All
  9. Yes, and finally as mentioned before i agree the direction should be to have lots of people having fun, because that is what gives this game future, a balance between realism and fun gameplay.. If you only go to "realistic" it will end because only a few entusiasts will follow and devs wont get paid for their work... Besides that i wonder what is "realistic" when a single bomber like a p38 flyes over Kuban map.... and so on...
  10. Yes, me too using Rift s... Was really good in the beginning than yesterday could not spot... and groundtargets disapeared..only with vr zoom i could see the vehicles...
  11. ... for all those saying " not playable".... 2700h in about 2 years having.ADDICTING FUN!!!
  12. Hi, i am also a BIG FAN of this sim ( its the almost only PC game-Sim i play since 15 Years) , i am in love with this game , specially since VR , buy everything (and would even pay double for it)..... The only thing i miss ... is NOT HAVING ENOUGH PLAYERS on Multiplayer... that is for me the most HEARTBREAKING thing about this SIM .... When you want to go online you have 3 servers with players , Wings of Lyberty ,Berloga ;eu official and now a little Knights of the Air and Combat Box ( Before the update only the 3 first mentioned).... All other servers are empty and it makes no fun at all to go in and fly 30 min to the frontline to meet nobody ... Many servers are just empty and not really playable just because nobody is in... BUT.... it would make such much fun if they would be filled and for me ,i think one of the reasons is that maybe the expectation to have it as realistic and historical correct as possible kills, instead of giving more... For example and this concerns the "spotting Issue" .. If you cant find anyone ..and its more than a lucky encounter you have no fun. And "Realistic" or not or just talking about "historical" ... the truth is.. : Bombers and fighter came in BUT .. 10 or 100 with cover of at least LOTS of fighters at the same time flying in formation...at 6k and not a single Bomber at 1k with two covering like it is in this game.... So what is "Reality" So.. I would apreciate a good Balance of Realism and real PC - Afternoon_night FUN GAMEPLAY with as many as possible ALL KINDS OF PC-SIM Enthussiasts online at all kind of different MP server scenarios where you can choose , more atmospheric, more realistic, more arcade .. This SIM , specially with VR is the absolut best thrilling FLYING SIM on Market ...( My opinion..and i tried all other Flying sims and i have been in the Air in real life for many years) has such a potential to really offer a much more bigger Comunity Real FUn ... I remember old Days with il2 1946 with much more filled servers... I would love to join MP servers with "Races down a Valley or like a "redBull Contest with Warbirds", Big Combats with 20 Bombers starting the same with three Squadron in Formation , because it makes sense to do so!! time annonced as a Sunday evening meeting with different Squadrons.... , Mountain Flying at Night with spotlight searching for the Enemy and hidden Ground Targets in deep dark Valleys.... so on...so on..... ALL WITH OTHERS ONLINE !!! Back to the main Issue.. Having "GOOD SPOTTING" is one of the essential very important things for having FUN ... realistic or not... (and sitting in a kitchenchair with aVR headset is also not very realistic in a certain point of View.... FUN ... I wanna have FUN !!! Lot of tHX to the developers and please dont be to pissed if you get so many complaints and so on after you worked your ass off for a new update and people complain about this or that.. i can somehow understand you.. We All apreciate your work so much surely much more than the most CS kids or similar... we know SIMS are a little comunity and doesnt bring the money like those other popular games bring.. with love and Respect
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