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  1. Now it works again... deinstalled EVERYTHING and installed all new..
  2. ..didn`t work downloaded all (22Gb) , needed after that to " update to newest version .." ...stops at the exactly same point 368.59 MB (from 376.76) means .. No " Dogfight in Mountains" for the next days/weeks .. ( i´ll wait for next update or maybe remove all and reinstall.... one day , next year..when iam old...)
  3. ...just tried, deleted all files and folders in the "updates" folder.... same problem ..stops at the exactly same point 368.59 MB Will try this again but launching different.. ( downloads now 22gb...! )
  4. ...I tried that allready , same result.. just stops downloading the last 52 mb... stays stopped (even for hrs)
  5. Hi, Cant update Dserver . I use the "Update Launcher" like i allways did succesfull. with the latest Update it downloads almost all but than stops while almost finished . after closing and trying again, checks up , needs 52mb to finish but wont react ( Ican wait 1h) , nothing , wont download. I restarted PC, deleted all previous downloades files, switch off Firewall. Nothing Anyone having similar issues ? Did it several times in previous times with other updates, never had any issues... can anyone help? THX
  6. Hi all i´ve opened this server and invite you to, at least give it a try Its a quick DOGfIGHT with permanent AI spawning (similar to "Berloga") but at high MOUNTAINS For me they are one of the most beautyfull Places in the IL2 Maps (Great Work from the Devs) specially to enjoy in VR ! About 4 different rotating scenarios (45 min) In some you have WW1+ WW2+ WW2 late Planes , in one you can spawn from "Ramps" , nice experience in VR, ... ( i,ve been launching quite similar as Hang/Paraglider in real for many years ...) I can only run the Server from 12 A.m to 12 P.M european time As you are quick in Fight its good for (aiming) training ,( i did a lot in the past..) and just nice to, at least have flown once around there , beautyfull, awesome Places where usually no Air combat is ever held suggestions are welcome 11.6.2020 At first you only have several AI , after you have killed the first ones , number of AI appearing increases (good for Aiming Training) , if it gets too much you , or you dont like the map , you can easely skip to next mission just by destroying the FUEL DEPOT (one Bomb) Weather and time conditions are changed regurlary P.S. Ive done some SinglePlayers Missions in the past around those Places you can download here if you wish: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=633 http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=72
  7. ....hmm I understand ...maybe i still havent realized that we are in a "War" and not a fairplay game , or lets say ; i think most people are correct , but a single or few need to take every possiblity to cheat for winning... Yes .. think you are 100% right.. havent thought about this.. but in this case also i wouldn`t be surprised that someone is in TEAMSPEAK and at the same time passing permanently messages ( with another messagesystem ) to the "enemy" about ....well ... EVERYTHING ... A SPY .. so if someone wants to cheat he can do it by "hearing" in TS or by "reading" in chat as i said... I personally fly, beeing in the same room as my wife watching tV , TS doesn t work for me .. TAW with all its Rules is GREAT but in this way doesn `t give Fun... In WOL Teamplay giving messages to other works little better than in Taw , allthough it also really sucks , at least most of the time , because many just ask..."where is the action" in a hartmann solo flight... at least specially in the Blue Team. But sometimes with certain Persons you can really have great Success in short time giving good information in chat. i ll think abou it ... finally i judt have to "hear".. but i think i am not the only one ,like many of you "cracks" .... lot of discussion about low population and about removing rules and so on , something that in my opinion should NOT because it makes TAW so special and thrilling , specially the great 3 Live rule but .. But solo flights witout knowing where your teammates are , where they want too etc its no fun ...and from the 2000 registered Pilots how many join TS ? .. and than they say (like me) ,... hmm flying alone as fighter got killed, ban , no live no fun and than they say (NOT ME !!) ..."...Oh please remove 3 live rule so i can f... around no matter how, playing 100 times kamikaze.."
  8. well... I dont think the 3 live system is the issue cause exactly that makes it interessant and thrilling and brain using but.... again... at the issue and neverending discussion about " LOW POPULATION ON TAW" My Perspective: for people like me (and i am sure iam not the only one) ... I dont use TEAMSPEAK and iam not in a Squad or with wingman ! ( in the past i used to and it ended that my wingman endet with his "MACHINE" (see Photo) at the balcony in winter with a heater under his feet, because our wifes couldnt stand/hear our conversations anymore: " SIX;SIX SIX or LOW, run , 2 oclock , whereare you!!! and so on..." ) so.. I have two ours i want to have fun, i personally love all that restrictions, realism , 3 lifes ..this makes it thrilling after playing IL2 for 15 years (and the only game with xplane i play) I want and love to play TEAMPLAY, contribute and so on (as i do on WOL , bombing, telling position, giving cover and so on..trying to win map as a team) but... In TAW in concret... without TS i dont know where anybody is, are bombers (team) reaching target, what are they planning , (like..." Bombers in 10 min in 1026, cover needed") so... I fly 1h as a fighter over defences alone without seeing nobody or if iam lucky i see Team Attackers and i can help ( most of times i am too late beeing at high Alt to not get killed or enemy get informed for waiting at enemy air( "enemy at 2026). To make a nice Bomber Run with high altitude ... doesn t make no sence to really get something , most of the times the AAA will shoot you down, you wont get home , too far away from homeland, and if you still get to drop 2 1000kg bombs in the middle of whatever you get the message one and ahalf truck( what?!?! ) but probably you ´ll lost your life or at least get captured (too far away...) similar is a speeddive run ... you get hit, whatever curves you do (when alone..) , you drop all bombs at once.. Oneandahalf Truck ?!?! As a Fighter i fly without seeing anybody in 50 min (specially with VR), if i fly to low i get probably killed from behind .. (2 sec bam, bam) NO FUN My proposal would be : Implement some kind of Message for friendly players (means...for those without TS !!) " In 10 Min START in Krasn... Bombers and Attackers going to attack defence in Misk..." " In 15 Min reaching Target 1026" " 3 Friendly Attackers at 2035 flying north , Alt 3 K " "Combat firing at 2036" " Got injured at 2335 " again.. To have limited planes, only 3 lives where you have to THINK and use your brain, have "NO technochat " have realism, Inmersion , hopefully different (hard ) weatherconditions, hard AAA accuracy is GREAT and there should be at least one server like TAW who follows that for all "Realism, Inmersion enthusiasts" !!!! But it has to make sense and FUN and something you accomplish at the end of the day WITH exactly ALL THOSE RULES AND RESTRICTIONS in my case as no TS FLYER with not much time at the moment No Fun.. Hope something changes... p.s. this is only my personal view and how it is for me... by the way this is a Photo of the cockpit, prebuild , finally it was hanging under the ceiling with motors that lift and rotate to simulate climbing, diving , rolling.. he even had a Compression suit with a compressor bumping air in it to simulate G Forces...
  9. Just tried... "donate " button does not work .. at least from my pc in europe...
  10. i think could fix that.. and two late planes there....but blue on the right spawn point still has an issue i have to check
  11. I explicit want to mention here: I dont want/ my intention was never/ is not to replace " BERLOGA Duell Dogfight Server" in any way !! Its my favourite server since years too! ( I play it evry evening 90 min since years . like i take my daily lunch) I just want/ed to offer an alternative as i,ve said, " for all waiting as me for BERLOGA to reopen..." ( also to mention : i cant run it 24/7) In a message i,ve told this too to one of your admins... Didn´t know that because of missing donations , the server has been shot down, i personally do not have any problem to donate , if this is an issue , i `ll do.( as i ve done this before in other servers like TAW ,contributing ...) I will run it (some ours a day) and of course remove it in this appearance once " BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight Server" is online again. its all done with "good intenton" ,allthough i wanted to show and fly in "absolute awesome from Devs developed Places" where ussually no Combat is ever held
  12. Thanks, pls try it , i am sure many would love it too at the moment more people join it as it is a nice thrilling alternative . it goes less on the "horizontal" and more diving and running thru valleys and tunnels
  13. Hi, for all waiting as me for BERLOGA to reopen... pls give "Berloga training " a try.. almost the same as original , just only "moved" to high mountains... you.ll meet AI (good for training) till more real ones join...
  14. Hi, seems that you are not the only one complaining about ITAF Germankill... same complaing about ITAF germankill occured when i was flying some days ago... skv atochi was chasing him as he noticed he was on his back ready to shoot--- disco... THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE GAMEKILLER ISSUE!!! i hate this... specially on TAW where you are 50 min without seein nobody and when you finally see one at the moment you are about to shoot , he disapears to finally apear in the stats as "big boy" This has happen to me also several times , with other players , another of the things why i have lost fun on TAW.... and afterwards allthe discussion about ..."..my internet, my joystick..." cmon .. specially on TAW you are 90% of the time alone and when a enemy apears on your 6 your joystick, internet whatever... GO PLAY playmobil or LEGO !
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