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  1. This is not ture... take a look at the Wings of Liberty server. This might be true for the TAW server but then one has to ask why that is? Clearly pilots are willing to fly as Allied pilots but why not on the TAW server? Why is this the least disruptive option? Is that because you are a player on the side that is not be disruptive you do not see it or is it that it is not disrupting what you as a player might like to see. I don't know what you fly but again you can't tell me that if you are a fighter pilot, even alone you would not dance a jig if you ran up on a flight of 9 bombers with only two escort. What never see that... I wonder why? It's not me and my squad. It was me a couple of squad mates and 8 other pilots who were all on the server so the 17 in the 6 to 17 I referred to include us. Come fly Axis and see how the system works. The idea that you have to stop the enemy at every turn is nonsense. Being on the defence is part of war and sometimes inflicting as much damage as you can to the enemy while sustaining as least damage to your force even if losing ground can be beneficial to your sides effort overall. The wars not won only during the time you are flying. I can't count the number of threads I read that state the Russian aircraft of overmodeled. This is nothing new as the Luftwaffe, RAF and American aircraft are also over modeled. The only one that seem to be right are the Italians. It's two maps to four... I guess it's not going on and on, map after map. I agree there is no server side solution to totally eliminate this but what we have not is not not working and there has to be a better solution. I've already seen less of the JG4 guys on and after thinking about it I have not seen them on as a squad in force at all this campaign. Granted I don't have JG4 watch but to my knowledge they are the largest Luftwaffe squadron in the game and during past campaigns they have been very visible on the server. But then again I don't see many Allied squad on either.
  2. I agree with you Wulfe that at no time should the server be allowed to be populated to a point that it prevents a player to join the underpopulated side... this is a great observation. I too have absolutely no issue with pilots being penalized for death, ditching or losing their aircraft. I too agree that an increase in the number of players a server can have would be a big benefit to the game as a whole. I know we have 100 server (exaggeration) with no one flying on them but the ones that do draw the attention of the community would benefit in my opinion.
  3. This is not about JG51 per se but rather me making my observations about the server as a pilot that is part of a squadron. The other day a few of my squadmates and I were joining a group of about 8 other pilots all from different squads in a concerted effort. We were all in the air on our way to the target when the mission ended. Once the new map was up we all joined back into the server only to find that two of us were able to spawn in and the rest of us had a wait for our spawn timer. We sat in the lobby chatting for over 20 minutes and still at that time only 5 of us were able to spawn in. The total number on the server was 6 Allies and 17 Axis with 6 of us waiting to spawn in. That's not a 20 to 1 but more of a 3 to 1 difference in numbers. Given that all the pilots I was flying with but two were going to fly as bombers that brings that disparity down even further. I don't know about you but as a fighter pilot, I would have loved to have run into a flight of 9 bombers with 2 escorts but because of the spawn limits that was not even able to be a possibility because after 20 minutes of nonsense we all just left. All I am saying is that the time penalty we have now is not working. If you argue that the Allies are always outnumbered then how can it be? You might see it as an incentive but who is switching over? How may pilots are logging in seeing they have to wait to fly and joining the other side? Are you seeing an increase in your numbers or are you just seeing that the numbers on the Axis side are smaller? I know what I am seeing and it's not the number of Allied pilots growing. I don't know what the answer is to this problem is but I do know what we have now is not working nor is it good for the server... in my opinion. I would invite you to come join the Axis side with your squad and see for yourselves. Don't fly it as an Axis pilot but make believe that the roles are reversed. If you think 1989 was a long time ago you still have peach fuss on your face. The Luftwaffe is only stacked on the server right now because the later war RAF and American metal are not on the server. I think you will find that if the plane set had Spitfire MkIX's, P51s. P38s, P47s, and Tempests the Allied numbers would grow quite a bit. The lack of squadrons on the Allied side also does not help. Teamwork and coordination do wonders to drawing pilots to your side. As a Marine, I know war and I can't argue that this $50 computer game does not come remotely close but your assumption that its more like a team sport is equally ridiculous. Unless you are going to give each side the same equipment and force the same number the only resemblance to a team sport this game has is the use of teamwork. If limiting the number of aircraft the Axis have or the amount of fuel we have available to us is the solution to this problem I'm all for it. I will adjust my tactics to deal with that and come at you the same as I am now. If your side gains the numbers and you outnumber me 20 to 1 I will still come at you like I am now. With all that I will still say to you that the system we have right now is not working. Your effort to try and make this out to be anything more than a broken system that I am somehow trying to change to my or my squad's advantage just is not true. It works or it does not and this is not working. I personally would love to see the Allied side just as full and active as the Axis side. Great competition makes for a better game. I have flown on the lesser populated side for quite a long time. Sure it might not have been in this game but the experience was no different. How about opening your eyes to the possibility that someday the mechanics you are advocating now will be forced on you. I'm not looking to screw you or the Allied side I'm just voicing my opinion based on my experience in an effort to discuss a better solution to what we have.
  4. JG51 "Mölders" is not a squadron formed in IL2. We started flying together in 1989 during the early days of Air Warrior. Back then the first servers we had were divided up into three sides A, B, and C, with all sides having access to the same equipment. Numbers were never really an issue because if your side was short there were usually enough on one of the other two sides to help offset the larger number of the third. Because all sides had access to the same equipment most people gravitated towards the British Spitfire MK IX or the American P-51D, not just because they are badass aircraft but also because if given the option most people won't use a perceived lesser piece of equipment. In time we got a new Axis vs. Allies server with two sides, each given their respective equipment lists. Back then we saw the same kind of imbalance in numbers as we are seeing now with the TAW server. Very few people wanted to give up the aircraft they have learned how to play on to take up what was perceived as lesser pieces of equipment. As I said before this is not new to gaming. This problem we had with an imbalance in numbers is actually why we formed our squadron and is why we have in our charter still today that we are a Luftwaffe squadron only. At first, it was rough going especially because we were so few but, in time not only did we draw other pilots to our squadron we also saw other like-minded squadrons form and draw pilots to them. Eventually, the numbers balanced themselves out with no penalties being imposed to do so. What it took was the initiative of the players themselves to organize and fix the issue. Organization and teamwork can do wonders to draw others to your side. Over the years as the WWII combat flight simulation genera has matured we have spent time in quite a few games, Aces High, War Birds, WWIIOL, Cliffs of Dover and a few lesser-known games. All of them have had this same issue. No one of them was able to solve the issue by way of punishment. Sports from their conception are designed to eliminate as many external variables as can be as to highlight an individual or group of individuals athleticism, skill, and mental capacity over that of their opponents. War or the armaments race if you like, seek to take the attributes of the individual out of the equation and create a piece of equipment that regardless of athleticism, skill or mental capacity will give that individual an advantage over his opponent. From the IL2 web site - "The new generation of IL-2 Sturmovik titles is developed by 1CGS and is a combat flight simulator of the World War II era and carries on the tradition created by the original IL-2 Sturmovik first released in 2001. Sturmovik recreates the aircraft, their use in the war and the environment they flew in." IL2 is not a sport it's a war simulation and removing any part of that simulation from the game, in my opinion, is wrong. I'm sure some pilots felt the same way in the RAF during the Battle of Britain or, as part of the Cactus Air Force or, part of the RAF detachment on Malta. The Luftwaffe probably had quite a few during 1944 as did the Russian during 1941. I'm too am looking for a solution. Trust me I know how hard it can be and if the numbers were reversed I would be standing just a stong on this issue of no punishment as a solution as I am while being part of the side with the numbers. I'm not a fan of the TAW server because my side win. I'm a fan of the TAW server because of the persistent campaign if offers and the quality of the opposition that draws to it. Removing some or any of the war simulation from the game to achieve the goal of making it fair is wrong in my opinion. War is not fair and there has to be a way we can help balance the numbers without removing part of the simulation. Yes, back in my high school days I played (American) football, baseball, wrestled and ran track but that was a few years ago. Just because someone does not agree with you does not make them arrogant. You act as if you as an Allied pilot are the only ones that have faced this issue. I assure you that you are not. I think you will find the answer to why JG51 does not fly Allied in my first reply.
  5. If this is about making the game fair then we should insure matching skill levels too. If one side has pilots with no kills then the other side should be limited to that as well. Also, all pilots should be forced to fly at the same altitude and speed and use the same turn rate as the slowest turning aircraft in the game. The idea that the game has to fair is ridiculous because the game is all about gaining an advantage over your opponent. That advantage can be altitude, speed, better teamwork or, yes, even superior numbers to name just a few. The issue of side balancing is not unique to this server or this game. The notion of punishing a side with higher player numbers with a time penalty is an old idea that rarely if ever works. How about instead of hitting the side with superior number with a stick we give the side with lower numbers a carrot? lessening the severity of the penalty for death based on the imbalance at the time might work. 5 to 1 at the time of death you loss only 20% of a life, 2 to 1 50% and so on. If you die and your side is at a numbers disadvantage maybe modify the number of rank points you lose based on the disadvantage at the time. Give the side with less numbers an aircraft modifier based on the difference in numbers. 4 to 1 and the side with the less number all of their pilots who put down fighters as their primary focus get 3 top tier fighters added to their aircraft list. Bomber focused pilots would get 3 top tier bombers added to theirs. This number could be dynamic and change based on the number disparity at the time but none of these aircraft if lost would count against a pilot personal inventory. I dont know if any of the above will work or even if it’s possible for the TAW guys to implement but in my opinion what we have now is not working and maybe giving the side with less numbers an incentive to fly might be worth a try.
  6. I bet the German Army wish they had a balancing script when they were being overrun by superior numbers.
  7. No worries GRSavras Sh!t happens and, yes you are right its happened to all of us at one time or another. OGG like me is an old salty Marine who tends to say exactly what is on his mind in that moment. For those not familiar with the way of the Marine Corps this directness can seem a little insulting but, in reality it just good-natured ribbing telling you to get your sh!t in order. I'm sorry you found it insulting and for that I apologize. On a side note... I will assume that it was you in the Bf109 I spotted above us. If it was then as a fellow Bf109 drive to another I just want to say great bounce. The discipline you showed to fly out in front of us and then attack from the front is not often seen. JG51 tries to install this level of discipline in its new pilots but more often then not as soon as a less disciplined pilots see a target they engage right away with little to no thought about tactics. Even your targeting of the engine that was already damaged was outstanding. Please don't let this incident leave a bad feeling between us as we would love to fly with or along side you and your squadron anytime. S! I'm running the Oculus Rift CV1
  8. Does anyone know the number of the current campaign?
  9. I don't see why having the ability to remove the more arcade type features from a server whether those servers are popular or not make any difference. All this thread is asking for is the ability to turn those setting on or off. True, Wings of Liberty is a very popular server but its also true that is caters more to the arcade side of the game and, I don't think anyone is asking for that to change.
  10. I could use one for 25% off flying Circus... please and thank you.
  11. I'm not familiar with the 1946 system but, I did really like the way IL2 Cliffs of Dover had their system for customizing individual aircraft. I would like to see a system added to BOS along those lines.
  12. I appreciate the time and hard work you put into this for the community... Thank you!
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