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  1. Hi, yes I have got this product. Flown in a quick mission, just wondering if career mode is available as i can't find it if it is. I see it says it's available to integrate with career mode with all the other campaigns.
  2. Just a quick question, It could just be me, it says Flying Circus vol 1 is fully available now in patch 4.00.But unable to find it in main game.
  3. Hi, I'm on mission two, but when I start and get to the runway. the other plane doesn't follow for some reason. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug?
  4. Hi. I've just downloaded this scripted campaign. But I only get the 15th mission showing up. Can anyone advise so they all show up or start from mission 1 to the last? Thank you
  5. Hi, Iv'e just installed this campaign into my folders, but when it loads the first mission, it seems to just stick on the loading screen. Am I doing anything wrong when transferring it into my folder? I'd be most grateful if you could help me out. Thank you
  6. In career mode, is the world news based on real life newspapers printed during the war?
  7. Fair point, thanks for reply, just curious about it.
  8. Hi I'm just curious to know why we haven't got any female pilots it the game, since there were a large amount of female pilots during the patriotic war?
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