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  1. HNNNNGGGG This is truly amazing guys. I have distant buildings on with no performance impact. Well done devs!
  2. There was a 17 page discussion stickied about the previous update. I was just reading it this morning and now it's not there. I don't know if that means anything, I just noticed it
  3. The stickied thread about 3.12 is gone. Could today be the day?
  4. With the new hotfix the 262 really is unstable now with the front armor + cannons removed and full fuel! I love it, you've done an excellent job dev's ☺️.
  5. I just hopped on WoL for about an hour and from preliminary testing it seems as if the "Delayed hit info received" error message that was common after the past few updates has been resolved. Awesome! It's really great seeing this sim improve over time, and I honestly look forward to the monthly updates. Great job Dev's!!!
  6. *raises hand* This is me. I've been flying MFS since the late 90's, and then P3D for a little while before hopping into IL2BOx in early 2016 where I primarily fly bombers. I hardly ever bother with P3D anymore. I too though am curious why there isn't more crossover.
  7. I've spent the last hour 'crop-dusting' fields in western Kuban. What an absolutely wonderful plane and flight model!
  8. I had a ton of stutters, and got rid of most of them by doing 3 things: Enabled 4k textures Run the game in windowed mode Disabled the in game AA, and instead forced AA through my GPU control panel (this made a massive difference)
  9. Just tried out the update and: I have no Kuban map I've lost all my collector planes aside from the hs-129 Any ideas guys? Edit: restarted everything and the game propmted me to link steam/non-steam accounts and all is fixed now.
  10. Were there changes made to turbulence? I just got done flying a couple of career missions to check out the new AI and on one of them there was a thick cloud layer and turbulence was so severe that it was difficult to stay in formation. It was great, felt like the air was boiling!
  11. I'd love a copy of BoBp Thank you very much, and what a wonderful idea this is!
  12. Darn, I had planned to order tonight to catch the sale. It's only 6pm EST January 9th, but I guess I missed it?
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