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  1. Thanks @Senor_Jefe-6. Of course you are correct, but if you link yours, we won’t have to build it again. Please link the one you that you spoke of in your original post 😀
  2. That sounds great @Senor_Jefe-6. Please ink yours, so that we can try it out.
  3. I’ve tried reinstalling and converting this campaign twice and can’t get past the first mission load screen. It looks like it will start, but comes back to the screen in the campaign that lists the missions. I haven’t had trouble converting any other scripted campaign or missions, including Veteranen’s Chir.
  4. If you are running 3.101, the campaign folder needs to be converted. Not hard to do and takes a couple of minutes. Check this thread:
  5. Thanks Jaegermeister. I've been able to convert all of the ones that I had begun flying except for JG51 over Velikie Luki. Strange because Chir Front had no problem. Anyone else had luck converting both Veteranen campaign JG51 over Velikie Luki? It looks like it completes, but the missions will not load from the Campaign's menu.
  6. From the update blog: Because of the huge amount of changes, the track and mission format was changed. If you're an author of a custom mission or campaign, you need to resave your creation (it can be done quickly using 'Convert missions to binary in folder' in the Mission editor). https://il2sturmovik.com/news/478/update-3101/
  7. Do I have it correctly that in mission 2, you just need to land opposite direction of takeoff? I flew it normally last night, but believe that I found the invisible wall returning to base.
  8. That was Mission 13. I had a bit of luck with that one. On the way to the AO, I inadvertently jettisoned my eggs. Daoh! So, when I arrived I strafed the vehicles on one of the bridges and ordered my flight to "do like me". They used bombs on the vehicles, which took out the bridge 😀. At least I think that's what happened , because we got the Mission Completed message. Good times!
  9. No, for this mission you are tasked with "Give the trucks some air cover until they head west to go around the enemy advance..."
  10. Yep, that did it. Campaign completed! Thanks JM. @56RAF_Roblex, the EA come from the W/SW at low altitude and fly near WP1. They are easy to miss if you are at 3000 ft, which I usually climb to. The only reason that I found them is that I gave the Flight -> Orders -> Patrol for air enemies command not long after takeoff and one of my flight called them out. - Cheers Gents
  11. Yeah, that could be @Jaegermeister. I really appreciate you taking a look at this and also fixing the runway markers. Forgot to mention those. Did not see any other anomalies. Will fly the updated mission after work today and report back.
  12. I flew it 3 times. The first with icons off but using the map to reach the waypoints. At the second WP over the town, the enemy showed up not long after Raven flight arrived. I shot down both, then did a few turns over the city waiting for the last trucks from the airfield. When the last one parked on the side of the road and lost interest in reaching the town over which Raven was still patrolling, I lead the flight south along the planned route. About a half a km before overflying the last waypoint, I received You're leaving the combat area. Thinking that this was it, I exited the mission and saw that the Secondary objective was met, that I had 2 aircraft kills, but not met the Primary objective. The second time that I flew the mission, I switched icons on to make sure that we didn't miss anything. Again, patrol over the town, kill the bad guys, then fly to the final waypoint. When I received the You're leaving the combat area message again, I circled back, trying to approach the waypoint from the east and west. But received the message each time. So I took the flight to the little encircled area just to the NE of the last waypoint, which I assume is to replicate Bastogne or some place similar to see if we had missed an airfield. Did not see an obvious airfiled to land at. There was one to the NW a short distance, but it was in enemy hands, so avoided it. I looked at the briefing map trying to determine the Primary objective, but failing that, took the flight back to the original airfield and landed. Since I didn't get a Mission Completed message, I assumed that this was also a fail. Now out of ideas, I exited the mission. On the last attempt to fly the mission, repeated patrolling over the town and shooting down the enemy. BTW, if I could make a small recommendation for the campaign as a whole, wherever there is a flight of 2 EA, I would make it 4, and make them experten. This would increase make things a bit more interesting. Anyway, having done this I had Raven loiter over the city observing the truck behavior for about 15 mins, trying to see if I could determine when they would move on, make a turn, or otherwise do some behavior that would indicate that they are safe. Two of the three trucks at the town finally decided to move down the road, but the other two got stuck in the trees or otherwise off road. Not sure what they were doing, but it looked like they had discovered a wine cellar. Flew to the last waypoint and of course received the leaving the combat are message just before arriving. Throwing up hands at this point. Did not have a problem in any of the other 13 missions. No big deal. I opened the mission in the editor, trying to determine what changes could be make for me to complete the final mission. But until recently, have been flying mostly DCS, whose mission editor looks nothing like the GB editor. One day I'll take time to learn the editor, and try to determine what I am doing wrong. Cheers and good luck to all. Edit: reading @56RAF_Roblex's post again, it looks like it's not the last waypoint that is an issue, but me not getting the Mission Complete statement en route to the last WP. I am following the map's flight path.
  13. Love the original language briefing and radio chatter. Excellent work @Veteran66 and @JG4_dingsda.
  14. Have you flown it since the last update? I'm not flying around the waypoint. I'm pretty thick-skulled, so if I am missing something else obvious, that wouldn't be a surprise. But not flying around the waypoint. I've tried referencing the map and hitting the in game icon just to be sure. Anyway, no big deal. The rest of the campaign is great. I really appreciate your work. BTW, the Jug can dance with an K4
  15. Yeah, what happens is that about a 1/2 a kilometer before you hit the waypoint, you get a You're leaving combat area warning and you don't get credit for hitting the waypoint. Have flown the mission 3 times now without success. Thanks Jaegermeister!
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