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  1. Like TIR had been or even joysticks. Flight sims could be made with keyboard control only - but wouldn't you miss something? If VR was a promise - I'd consider buying at launch. With VR being a maybe - I'll wait for implementation before buying a product I'll simply never use. Would you buy if TIR compatibility was a maybe? Would you buy if joystick support was a maybe? I guess most of us have some kind hardware that - if not supported - make a purchase unlikely
  2. Of course I'd love to own BON And the reason is quite obvious as well: I suffer from a serious Messerschmitt superiority complex That needs to be humbled - and I can't imagine any better way than trying to fight Spit XIVs in my G6 late...
  3. That's the way - will support the Dev team even better as well
  4. While I peronally won't play CLOD before VR implementation as I'm spoiled by the awesome BOS VR experience I can't see any reason why the release of completed flat content should be delayed for VR implementation. Buzzsaw roughly paraphrased: "First 5.0 - then VR if sales say yes" So they don't have the ressources to do it parallely. So 5.0 will be ready before they work an VR - why not release it then? VR users wouldn't be able to play it any day sooner - but everyone else would. I don't get your point Dagwoodyt. Sorry.
  5. I absolutely get that - same for me with VR now. That's why I can't enjoy COD, IL2 46 und BoB2WoV enjoy as I used to anymore
  6. You quoted me a little out of context - but of course I might have missed something. What gameplay advantage do you think TIR would offer in a TIE Fighter? I won't debate that TIR could add to immersion even in a TIE.
  7. 1st I'm pretty sure I could use my ED Tracker with vanilla XWA 2nd I fear Track IR is even more niche than VR. Not in the Flightsim market but in the games market at which this product is aimed. But I believe if VR is implemented TIR shouldn't be that hard - I hope it will be as the more periphery i supported the more people can fully enjoy the game. But to be honest - for rebel ships TIR would be very sensible as in any WWII a/c. But for TIEs VR is only cool for the 3D effect - on a Screen TIR will be completely useless gameplay wise ^^
  8. From what I read (I belive it was one of Bergströms books) all fighters in the BoB hat similar victory to loss rates from 1.1 (Hurricane) to 1.3 (Bf 110). The Brits because they were mainly targeting bombers and the Germans because they were targeting fighters that were mainly after bombers. The Bf 110 was good when any fighter was good: Starting the combat in an advantagous position and bad when any fighter was bad: Starting combat in a disadvantagous position. Propably just more pronounced. In advantage the superior firepower propably made it a little deadlier than the Bf 109 and in disadvantage the worse rate of roll and acceleration and being a bigger target made it suffer even more than the 109. A big problem for the Luftwaffe with it's constant lack of recources: Any Bf 110 lost meant 2 Aircrew and 2 DB601 lost - so recource wise 2 Bf 109s.
  9. Ever seen a Star Wars movie? Lasers fly almost as slow as bullets in the old x-wing games you had to lead the targets as well
  10. It's not that Messerschmitt AG that failed - the German military usually wishes from every weapon system to be the eierlegende Wollmilchsau (egglaying woolmilkpig) and thus the 210/410 had to be heavy bomber destroyer with full dive bombing capability. Messerschmitt gave a good shot at fullfilling these stupid demands.
  11. Let's start at the Top: The 109 was intended to be an interceptor. "The bomber always comes through" was the doctrine of the day - and the Do 17 when introduced was so fast no contemporary fighter could reliably intercept it. Thus Messerschmitt and Supermarine tried to built extremely fast and well climbing interceptors to counter bombers. Neither spitfire nor 109 where originally intended to fight enemy fighters. The plan was to smash the enemy air force on it's airfields day one with bombers. (In 1935 at least - when the 109 was designed) Every following modification was based on need and experience. The Luftwaffe's collapse was not due to the G6 handling. The factors are too many to list them hear - but strategy, tactics, ressources and personal management all played a major role. If the TA-152 and Me 262 would have been operational in 1943 the collapse might have occured a little later - but it would have anyways. A G-6 with gunpods did much better against American daylight bombers than the F-4 could have. And the additional guns were not liked by expert marksmen who didn't need them. The average fighter pilot needed every bit of firepower to score a kill at all. And yes the F-4 flew from Russian air fields. And exactly because of that experience and all the accidents the gear was strengthened in the G4. Even experts like Krupinski had starting/landing accidents. Messerschmitt engineers were no idiots - the additional weight added to their "race horse" was neccessary. And what about all the F pilots who did not become 100+ kill aces? Edu Neumann and the absence of women and liquer in africa let him develop his insane fighting capabilities. His talent as fighter pilot was the reason why he was the star of africa. Erich Hartmann flew the G-Series exclusively and did well... After all most German pilots seem to report that the Fw 190 handled better than any Bf 109 variant.
  12. Crimson skies is cool - but today a little on the ugly side. Sky rogue is nice arcade fun: https://store.steampowered.com/app/381020/Sky_Rogue/ Alternatively if all options are on easy the WWI birds of flying circus aren't to hard to fly. Same for IL2 '46 - everthing on easy and he can fly around a little without stall induced crashes At least that is, what I let my 6 year old fly from time to time ^^
  13. XWA now has VR support? Great! Although I find nothing concerning VR on the site you linked Are there any extra programmes needed or can it be done with steam vr?
  14. Maybe because you belong to the presumed majority that prefers SP and want to play a career over Normandy?
  15. I'm hyped - I hope it will be almost as simmy as the old x-wing and tie fighter games - than I'll be happy already
  16. I'm with you on this. The Ta 152 is a special interest for me because I was always intrigued by it's glider like appeareance. I'm perfectly aware that it was built in so few numbers it isn't of any relevance to the war. I just like it Nevertheless my two favourite expansions that won't come are: Battle of Spain '37 and Battle of France '40.
  17. But net relevant for normandy - yet primal candidates for late eastern front. I wish for a Ta152 though - just because ^^
  18. Ah ok - when I started a career as pilot of Platzschutzstaffel Pitomnik I got one free hunt and two bomber escort missions east of Stalingrad. Especially the latter would not have been flown from within the pocket and I stopped playing that career. If that has changed - awesome!
  19. "Platzschutz" airfield protection missions Type of improvement: Career missions / historical accuracy Explanation of proposal: Platzschutzstaffel in later Stalingrad career and III/JG 54 were "Platzschutz" - meaning airfield protection. In career they are treated as regular fighter units mission wise. They could also also have specific mission sets according to their function: - top cover for starting/landing ju 52/me 262s - more frequent scramble missions to defend own airfield - escorting ju 52s out - meeting up with ju 52s and escorting them in such missions should be the bulk of action with bomber escort/free hunt/fighter bomber missions only accuring sporadicly for these units benefit: besides from historical accuracy and more variety in career gameplay such a campaign would be quite immersive because your own home airfield is often in danger and you would also have rather short routes to action. Especially in the rheinland career the very long air marches - though historically accurate - become tedious fast. With III/JG 54 we would have the opportunity to fly shorter combat missions without sacrificing historical accuracy.
  20. Even less is still far enough. I've yet to run out on 15% fuel load on any trip in career mode.
  21. Eisenfaustus

    Future for VR

    Which doesn't reflect TF's statements at all. Those could be summed up: "It's a lot of very doable work which we don't have time for yet but will engage after 5.0 has been commercial success"
  22. I didn't mean that the a/c skin deflects the projectile - you are right it wouldn't. Look at what happens when a bullet hits a body. It doesn't pass through in a straight path. Yes an a/c isn't filled with flesh and blood - nevertheless the projectile after entering the a/c through the tail still has to travel ca 5m before hitting the pilot. That's a rather long way for tumbling and deviation to take effect. Of course it is likely that a single hit from dead six results in a pilot kill. But it's far from being a naccessary outcome. After penetrating a tank once everything's fine - not enough energy to leave the tank again so that the bullet and armour splinters can cause destruction. Planes and cars are different though.
  23. This is not how ballistics work. Passing through matter changes the flightpath of the projectile. Snipers hate shooting through glass - and there they usually shoot at nearly 90deg. Passing through the oblique aluminium of a plane tail will have serious impact on the projectile path and also the projectile will be deformed and start to turn around several of its axis - all of which seriously affects penetration.
  24. Now I'd be with you on this. But this force was never fully used - for many diffrent reasons (incompetance prominent among them) - but even if the plane was technically reliable fuel shortages would have prevented meaningfull use. "Had Germany had a substantial force of 4-engined maritime patrols/ bombers, the strategical situation might have tipped quite a lot. Possibly even as far as bullying Britain into a ceasefire and negotiations." interesting thesis - I have to admit I have no idea how large such force had to have been to achieve this goal or how regulary it would have had to operate and thus cannot judge if it might have been feasible. On this I fully agree.
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