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  1. He said 1.5:1... 4:1 would be unlikely - but he never said that... 1.5:1 sounds believable to me
  2. Actually I read that it's turn radius was very similar to the 109. Havin worse acceleration it should have slower turn rate - but probably very good for a twin engined aircraft. I guess the slow rate of roll was the bigger concern in manoeuvre combat.
  3. As stated before - the 110 can do many things quite well, close escort is not among them. If they try to win manoeuvre combat against single engined fighter they fight at a serious disadvantage. Some cocky Zerstörer pilots even tried to turnfight polish biplanes and were shot down. However in the surprise bounce the Zerstörer were successful - even over Britain. And this form of combat was that in which most a2a kills were achieved in both world wars and Korea by any fighter airplane anyway...
  4. I always loved your BoS/CloD guides - helped me a lot indeed. Since BoBP I also misused some of your DCS guides :D And with the A8 I'll misuse another! Thanks. I always hoped for dedicated BoM/BoK/BoBP guides from you but those don't seem to be in the making. A pity - since your work is great :D
  5. In another thread buzzsaw said this: At this point we have done work on a Dynamic Campaign Generator... but it is unclear whether it will be ready for TF 5.0... it may be added later in a patch.
  6. And regardless of game design, bomber interception was the main task of all the Jagdgeschwader featured in Bodenplatte. Nevertheless a too simplified fm/dm and to drone like behaviour for heavies wouldn't be what I want. The hits scored on a heavy will seldom bring it down, but they have to matter. The bomber has to be more difficult to handle for the ai after certain hits so it gets isolated and can be finished off. so simplified yes - dronelike/trucklike no.
  7. Good question. I have no idea how the different services handled frequencies during different stages of the war. Galland listened admiringly on his radio during the invasion of France to a flightleader explaining his attack against a hurricane to his inexperienced aviators for them to learn something just to understand just in time his 109 was the hurricane to be shot down and called to abort the attack. They seem to have been from different units but were on the same frequency. Could be a coincidence - but I don't know.
  8. I'm not certain how much air battles the Luftwaffe could start there but late balkans or Austria should also haven east and west :) and Korea of course :D
  9. I'm with count.zero on this one. A purely soviet planeset would fit better - mosquitoes and xiv's would be more fitting as Bodenplatte collectors - and love to have late il2 or il10 - after all it's il2 great battles :D and concerning the German planeset: as much as I'd love to have a 219, without English lancasters it doesn't make much sense. but I'd choose the do217 over the ta 152c though :)
  10. A new AI guy ob the Dev Team made me think if after dog fighting behaviour communication with AI could be improved as well. If communications were as they were in '46 (with ai reacting correctly of course) I'd be quite happy and it'd be a huge step up from now. But this would necessitate new voice recording - which is a cost factor. But IL2 46 had terrific radio traffic already which obviously property of 1C so could legally be implemented for no additional cost. I can't speak for English or Russian voices but I loved German radio traffic. One of the speakers had a moderate Frankish accent which made the voices feel very natural - simply awesome! Are there any reasons why these voice commands and radio traffic could not be implemented when a dedicated AI programmer could alter corresponding AI routines accordingly?
  11. I always have way better download speed with steam than with IL2 launcher - no matter what I do or don't do with my router or how fast my internet generally is at the given point. The download speed with steam is alsways acceptable to great - with IL-2 Launcher it ranges from good to attrocious. There were moments when I also thought I should have gone with steam. And if there was a way to connect my IL-2 profile to steam without ever buying through steam I'd do that instantly. But as long as I have to choose between a better DL-rate and supporting the Devs better to do my part that this series has a future, I'll choose the the latter. Nevertheless - the bad DL rates are a pitty.
  12. When the gun/barrel moves the same motion is applied to projectile as long as it hasn't left the barrel yet. If my IFV is moving at 30 km/h and I'm shooting a standing target 1500m away at 3 o'clock and I set my sight to the centre of the target I'll miss. The Projetile will leave the muzzle with 1000 m/s in target direction and 8,3 m/s in the direction my IFV is moving. So ignoring air resistance it could reach the target in 1,5 s but will be 12,6 m left of where I have aimed. So I have to put my sight to a point 12,6m right of where I want to hit. But I think I get the misunderstanding - the curve I meant is not in the direction of the movement but into the opposite direction due to air resistance induced deceleration. Without that it would move in a straight line of course but not to point you put your sight. I'm sorry but English is not my native language and technical English even less ^^ What sideways speed the barrel in a fighter has during a 4G turn I have now idea... So I can't tell how big the influence would be - but it will be there Hitting a moving target from a moving platform is difficult - there is a reason why historic acces like to get very close ^^
  13. While I agree with the first two sentences, the rest isn't entirely true. If the barrel has a sideways motion while projectile is passing through the projectile is of course also accelerated sideways. Far less then it is accelerated forward but nevertheless. So it will fly in a sideways and downwards curve. After leaving the barrel the same air resistence that slows down it's forward motion will also slow down it's sideways motion so the sideways curve is fading. (So sideways it is decelerated while downwards - as you pointed out - it is accelerated) What I do not know about is if and by how much the G-forces affect muzzle velocity. Does the powder burn at a diffrent speed, when under 4G? Is the friction in the barrel increased under 4G? I have no idea...
  14. reads great - P38 and Tempest coming together with the Mustang is a surprise though... Pilot physiology sounds very interesting - but AI improvements are what I'm most thrilled about
  15. But both TAW and Marshal mode are/will be MP only - correct? I'd love something like that as SP flyer as well.
  16. Eisenfaustus

    Wargame mode

    Hi everyone, while playing carreer as squadron leader, I thought how cool it could be to add a wargame element to this sim. You being in charge of the limited air assets of either Luftwaffe or VVS during the specific battle, assigning missions, choosing targets keeping an eye on own supplies... This of course would only work, if your decisions had an actual impact on ground operations as well, so ground forces and air forces alike would have limited ressources and a supply system (dependant on railroads) so that losses in the air and on the ground would actually matter... Right now during carreer missions when for example tasked with escorting bombers you don't have to care for the big guys, because the only thing relevant is for you and your fighter comrades to return safely home and to collect a few kills. So the game rewards you better when you without any tactical sense follow a damaged enemy fighter who is leaving combat and shoot him down as when you ignore the good chance for a kill and stay with the bombers. That would change when the bombers were limted and when their success in bombing their target would matter. The career right now lets you become a WWII fighter pilot, which is awesome. But with such an wargame element, you could become part of military operation which for me would be even more thrilling. PWCG already has limited ressources for all avation units in the area which already adds some more meaning to combat, than carreer mode. However if the player could plan airial operations that matter to the conflict it would be even greater I think! The player than would not have to be one persona but could jump in any plane or tank that is part of the operations he planned... Of course I am aware that such an addition is not a small one and take lots of work which then would obviously not be spend on new planes and/or maps. But I personally would be willing to pay for such a mode as addon. What do you think?
  17. While the series is well done and I found it very enjoyable to watch, I often had to think about German, Japanese and Russian airmen and all kind of infantry grunts who knew they were in that atrocious war until the end. In the Luftwaffe those who were lucky enough to live so long sometimes had more than 1000 sorties. And I can only guess same goes for VVS personal. And Yossarian begins to think about deserting when his mission count is raised from 25 to 30...
  18. All planes can be fun in carreer - but if you are looking for a superior plane: BF 109 F4 - anyone can outfight any AI plane in BoM and BoS in that beauty. If you are looking for a challenge: BF 109 E7, you'll have a hard time successfully doing Schlachtflieger-missions and coming back alive when MiGs start dancing around you
  19. Long story short: additional Il2 46-esque marker system. I recently started using vr - and while the immersion is fantastic, spotting and especially identifying an airplanes becomes a pain. Depending on angle I have to get as close as 100m to see wether I'm following Luftwaffe or VVS A/C. I know I can turn on marker - but they make you an omniscent being. And seeing the enemy through the metal of my plane kills alot of the immersion VR provides. Remembering IL2 46, that game only marked those objects, that you could actually see. Once an object was obscured by your cockpit or clouds or mountains or whatever it's marker was gone. I guess some people do like the marker system as it is, so what I'm proposing is, that a third option: Limited Markers, (in between off and on) that only marks what you could actually see. And only give you arrow cues to those objects that are out of your field of view but that would be in your field of view in real life.
  20. Great news, I'll give it a try! Thank you!
  21. Indeed this sounds like a lot of content - great! Can't wait for the release! :D And I happily wait for you guys doing the dcg right and patching it in later than rushing it out half finished!
  22. I'm with you in this - and I read somewhere that it'll be called masters of the air like the book it'll be based on. And since I really liked band of brothers and the pacific, I have high expectations :)
  23. Hi everyone, I recently used a raise to acquire a Dell Visor mixed reality headset. I'm new to all this vr-stuff. I can - and from what I read should - fit headphones to the headset. My question now is: what do I have to look out for? I know the better it's noise cancelling, the greater the immersion. But do I need 5.1/7.1 surround sound or will any stereo headphone do the job? Anything else I have to watch out for?
  24. I like the trailer. It's going to be an action drama - not a documentary and I'm OK with that. Pearl harbor didn't suck to me because of it's action scenes or effects and I can live with a lack of realism in movies, as long as it is entertaining. Pearl Harbor had badly written characters and dialoge and spent way to much on an incredibly uninspired love-triangle. From the trailer I guess this one is going to focus on the action part - I'm looking forward to watch it.
  25. What you describe here is exactly what warthunder was to me. Got WT as a tank game, because I heard it'd be basically a more realistic world of tanks. After a while I tried the arcade air combat mode - and I loved it. It was so easy to get into - and yet if you wanted to be good, you had to learn proper tactics and situational awareness. After I became quite good at that I was hooked in WWII aviation and wanted to prepare myself for the WT sim mode and got rise of flight to train myself using a joystick. So I entered the world of combat flight sims and since didn't return to WT. Long story short: I'm with you and believe that if BoX's mouse aim mode would work as good as WTs arcade or realistic mode, AND it would be advertised as such it would be much more accessible to non simmers and capable of getting them into simming
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