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  1. FS2020 will be released for xbox one - so when your pc can handle xbox games now - why shouldn't it FS2020?
  2. I do. Don't get me wrong: I wouldn't consider anyone unethical if he enjoyed beating the difficulties of a lancaster pilot on a night raid - but I personally couldn't enjoy trying to to raise a city consuming fire as would be a historical correct mission for that scenario... Same for a Blitz or Steinbock pilot btw. If a game told me to deliberately attack civilians I'd feel uncomfortable and I don't want that in my scarce free time. Coleteral damage in a game is something completely different. So any bombing raid against a true military target wouldn't have that effect on me... Maybe this is irrational as we are talking about a video game - but I can't control my feelings hated that mission in call of duty as well where you had to slaughter innocents in an airport. I like the BoBp planender very much as most tactical missions in that scenario were actually conducted by fighters.
  3. I love the idea - if they did it back then it would be great to have the option here as well. Does anybody know how common such modifications were?
  4. I'm partly with you on this. I'd love a BoS-style sim about strategic bomber warfare. But wether it'd be Battle of Britain or Bombing the Reich - it would need large formations. At least something like 20 bombers escorted by 20 fighters attacked by 20 interceptors - better 5 to 10 times these numbers possible. GB excells at tactical air combat but is completely unsuited for any strategic scenario.
  5. Personally I'd prefer the devs to concentrate on full modules and collector a/c that fit somehow these full modules.
  6. I love that the AI is getting improved with every update now - awesome! Although there is still a long way to go. When flying and fighting works quite well - which already has improved a lot! - I hope for improvement in communication (il2 46 is still best I be played and I sometimes think about firing up the old lady due to the outstanding radio comms) rework of SA - especially for rooky and average ai. Improved decision making and moral (when to engage or disengage, panic induced piloting errors ect ) and decrease piloting skills for rookie ai in general to reenect the average vvs 41/ lw 45 pilot :) a long wishlist - I know but I'm keeping my hopes up since SP has become so much better than it was a year ago! :)
  7. Eisenfaustus

    Future for VR

    Which means you make the inclusion of a major selling point dependant on sales beforehand? I hope it'll work that way! With VR inclusion and some decent BoB SP content I'll be all over CLOD again but right now there is no going back to 2D.
  8. Right now I can either choose to fly as rank and file and have the whole formation march low and slow as sitting ducks - but then they will attack... Or I fly as leader and have them enter combat more energetic but I seem not be able to get them to attack mission target... Is there a botcommand to make the AI smash the right target? How do you get most enjoyment out of your groundpounding careers?
  9. Tough question as there are so many great books. Though the finest read I had - at leat in German - was "In Stahlgewittern" by Ernst Jünger - English title "Storm of Steel" Being German I read more books in my own language so here are others I can recommend for anyone interested in the German perspective: Mein Fliegerleben (My life of flying) - Ernst Udet - memoirs of WWI ace Ernst Udet - doesn't end with WWI and continues a little in the Weimar republic. Grenadiere! (Grenadiers!) - commander of the 12th SS-Panzerdivision Kurt Meyer. Read with political alert as he ignores German atrocities and writes about every allied/soviet misbehaviour he witnessed - but very thrilling war stories! Mein Kriegstagebuch (My War diary) - Stuka ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Political flawed but thrilling stories, Die große Jagd (I flew for the Fuhrer) - defence of the reich fighter ace Heinz Knoke - very honest book. Die ersten und die letzten (the first and the last) - Adolf Galland, General of the fighterst - very interesting book to understand the air war in the west and a good complimentary read to masters of the air. and finally the only english 1st person narrative of the war I read (and propably a book most of here have read as well ^^): First light by Geoffry Wellum. I'd like to participate in your generous giveaway. #17 for FC 1 (priority) or Mc 202 (secondary)
  10. With the planes announced and the map aimed for I guess an appropriate timeframe would start in February 1944 and end in August of the same year... But with the planes we have from the other modules and collector planes a much bigger timeframe could be realized. On the fighter front I think we could start in 1941 - Spit V and Hurry II vs 109 E7 and F seem fair enough. But for that we'd lack a British medium bomber to lean into France. While the RAF used Bostons in 1941 I guess it was a diffrent version from what we have in game. Since I'm no expert on American bombers and especially their use in the RAF - with all the planes we'll have at the end of BoN - when could a channel carreer start?
  11. Exactly - I chose fifty because I would absolutely be willing to pay 50$. I would also be willing to pay 80$ - but not 100$.
  12. Are you sure, that they closed their harnesses? My experience is that soldiers ignore those regulations, that could get them killed in combat.
  13. Exactly they could move their eyeballs! Crazy - but it was really possible even back in the day! ;)
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