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  1. There is no specific date but yes - they are planned as soon as the fuel system is reworked.
  2. Fired up il2 46 a week ago to be able to fly the ta-152 a little and have to admit there are things I miss in both box and dcs: the huge selection of planes and the terrific radio chatter. But even graphics and vr aside FMs and ballistics as great as they were for their time feel rudimentary compared to modern sims. And while AI has some more manoeuvres to choose from this comes at the price of obvious cheating which I don’t miss at all. Going back is no option for me.
  3. I‘m sorry but early access is very common on the pc game market nowadays. Many smaller companies couldn’t deliver any product without. And it says early access right there on the store page. Your money pays the wages of the people completing your product.
  4. There is a good chance that most pilots who blacked out in midst of aircombat never lived to tell that story. Furthermore you quote mainly 109 pilots - a plane you turn by muscle alone. Good chance few pilots actually had the physical strength to take themselves out in a constant turn. In their autobiographies Helmut Lipfert and Ulrich Rudel both emphasise the importance of core body muscles to succeed in air combat which could be related to withstanding g-forces. Lipfert even often tells about pulling so hard he got „Mattscheibe“ which I understood as colloquial for g induced greyout. And I believe Geoffrey Wellum also mentioned pulling close to blackout in at first light.
  5. Thank you Mr Wilson for this peace of software! I was reluctant at the start to fiddle with 3rd party software when the game already offers a cool career mode. And there are still many things I prefer in that mode - the ingame user interface with all it's infos gimmicks and accessab ility is great. And I like that the devs try to keep as close to history as is gameplay wise feasable - befitting an ambitious simulater like BoX. But this realism also means sometimes quite dull missions - especially in the Bodenplatte carreer. Giving PWCG another try because of this realistic "dullness" of the Bodenplatte carreer I really really enjoyed the actual mission itself more than the standart carreer stuff. Seemingly random but believable encounters at diffrent altitudes with bigger aircraft variety led to more interesting aircombat compared to what I am used to from the ingame carreer. And I don't know what you do diffrently but I did encounter similar sized dogfights in the Bodenplatte career they put my game into slowmotion. In that mission I could enjoy the furball in standart time ^^ After that waking call I realized several aspects of the campaign intrterface itself I by now prefer over the career mode (especially Bodenplatte): For example you have basic logistics modelled. Reading in the AAR that the plane you downed belonged to a specific squadron that now has one plane less (and pilot depending on what happened to him) gives a whole diffrent level of importance to what happens in the mission. I also like that I actually have to claim my kills - now I claim what I believe destroyed not what the game tells me. So I have to be more aware of what actually happens in combat. Furthermore you seem to choose playability over historical accuracy quite often (in a sensible manner though). While in reality allied air supremacy pushed german fighter units far away from the frontlines, you assign closer airfield to reduce the flight distances. And you include aircraft and setting that are close enough to reality without breaking immersion. This very last point might become the selling point for BoN for me. I personally regard the planeset of BoN with the exception of the Me 410 as nice to have, not must have. So I had the intention to wait for a sale. But seeing how you design your campaigns I have the strong feeling that at some point you'll have your Normandy campaign start in early 41 with Emils and Friedrichs mingeling with spit Vs and Hurri IIs. Which propably means I can play a continious campaign for JG26 stretching from 41-45... At that point I'll propably get BoN even outside a sale ^^ I believe your dedication is very benificial to the community!
  6. Because doing a full release with one side having no fighters sounds reasonable ^^
  7. With what axis planes? And due to the German army’s quick advance one wouldn’t be very long in the area of a typical box sized map I guess.
  8. From what I read once I remember that the ta152h1 actually wouldn‘t be a super plane in a box context as in comparison with a fw190d9 only turnrate and firepower were better below 6000m, where almost all combat happens. Rate of roll, speed, acceleration, climbing and diving would be worse. So while it would still be a historically irrelevant plane modelled it wouldn’t be a magic axis win button. And for future expansions relevant German fighters become scarce. Bf109g10 and fw190a9 are the last models that saw relevant action in late war that aren’t modelled yet I can think of. he162 being similar exotic but gameplay wise less thrilling to me. me163 would be interesting to be modelled but without allied heavies there is nothing you could do with this interceptor.
  9. I’m with you on this - balance is a crap reason to introduce this plane. BUT I really really really wish to fly this plane modelled to BoX level of accuracy! I fully understand and it is a good argument - there is no logical reason for my wish. It is no important plane for WWII. But it so beautifully combines Fw down-to-business attitude with glider like elegance that I always adored this airplane. Maybe as German premium for a future battle of Berlin module? ^^ propably not but the wish remains.
  10. Read somewhere they were working on a dynamic campaign system. Has any of you a clue whether it will also be for WWII or just modern age aircraft? And wether there is any rough eta?
  11. what auto lock? after shooting something down, I go for next ship attacking me in the targeting system. When the dot is very far and the 3d ship in the monitor is showing it's front, I'm in trouble ^^ Anyway - turning into your next attacker is what boelke said should be done ^^
  12. I get along with the radar quite well - used the rear radar in the old just to determine in what way to turn into the attack - this can be done with the current radar just as well. My biggest grief is the bounce in collisions - as has been mentioned before feels completely out of place after seeing basically any SW movie ^^
  13. what do you mean by aiming assist? Sight changes Color when you are going to hit like in the original xvt game. But you have to lead your target. Hitbox is also as big as in xvt 😄
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