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  1. I'm fully with you on 2), which in my point of view somehow contradicts 1). Story telling, character writing and talent are way more important for the quality of a movie than perfect authenticity of equipment shown. The latter is a cool addition but neither will it make a bad movie good nor the lack of it a good movie bad. But your right - back to topic: the planes are very interesting, but since they were already known, I'm still way more thrilled about what will come after Bodenplatte
  2. Yes I'll do that - thank you. But trying it myself with a Pz III would be even better of course :D
  3. I'm very interested in the commander and PL functionalities as they are what is going to make me buy TC or not. Will they be testable with the standard tanks from BoS?
  4. Hi gents - I don't find any reliable information how common the use of wingmounted cannons in 109s from the F onward were. Has anyone the answer or a good reading hint? I read in Gallands autobiography that Hitler at one point in 1942 ordered all 109s to be outfitted with wingcannons. He further stated the order was widely ignored due to performance loss accompanying the gun pods - and if I look at photographs of Fs, Gs and Ks I seldom see gunpods. And German Experten in interviews and books usually state they never used them because of performance. This seems to suggest they were rarely used. On the other hand are aircraft of these Experten propably the favourite motives for German photographers in WWII - and for someone without acelike marksmanship firepower seems important, especially if he is to bring down fortresses or il2s. And in 1943 fighter opposition in the east only slowly started to become more competent On a broad base and could often be ignored in the west due to short range of escorts - thus the performance impact doesn't seem to outweigh the additional firepower. Especially when bnz tactics are applied. And for someone less successful ignoring orders by Hitler doesn't seem smart. This would change in 1944 with long range escorts in the west and vvs getting more professional outside of guard units (who already were beforehand) So it would seem logical that gunpods were quite common at least for some time. But again - I don't find information.
  5. You are propably mixing up CLOD ans BoX. But yes i'd love a Ju87B2 for Moscow! As collector or part of a battle of Spain/France expansion. But none of this seems very likely
  6. Name one instance of a German pilot shot for leaving formation to fight! You were shot for high treason - and leaving formation to disengage in the losing days would be seen as such. But if you (successfully) attacked after leaving formation you would get medals, even if your unit leader chastized you. And it was Krupinski not Hartmann. And yes - the few surviving German fighter pilots claim they fought a clean war - and mavbe they did. But since not even 10% of the Jagdflieger survived the war, more than 90% never had even a chance to confess (and a strong incentive not to do so) Nevertheless Allied claims of Germans strafing chutes are rare (But they exist!), German claims on Allies doing the same are not (mainly Russian and American)
  7. oh boy - this update reads terrific! To me AI improvements sound as thrilling as the maps and planes! Downloading now - looking forward to give it a try!
  8. So with 5.0 SP Loadouts will be fixed? That's great news!
  9. If he means SP he is absolutely right. In SP you can't configure the loadout. Any question whether there are plans to fix this have been ignored by TF until now. Maybe they overread them...
  10. How can they review a movie that 'll be released two months from now? Didn't find any reviews on google. I like the cast and the action in the trailer. If dialogue and characters aren't written as bad as in red tails it has the potential to be an enjoyable experience.
  11. In expert it's still a video game that needs it's specific skill set. It's not actual WWII airial combat. To prevail in a manoeuvre fight you'd need exceptional physical fitness. That was a vital part of surviving - second only to eye sight. And spotting in a game is never realistic. Il2 does a decent job but it still is a game. I trained gunners and vehicle commanders in simulators and on the gunnery range and spotting on a screen just is different. Way different - in certain points easier in other things harder but never really realistic. Especially the lack of periferal view is hard to overcome. I enjoy flying in vr in full real because it's as immersive as it gets today. But I don't fool myself into thinking it's like actually riding 1500 HP into a life or death fight. I find this arrogance believing you are in some way better because you play a different game or the same game differently irritating. It's a game that every one should play in such a fashion that he gets as much enjoyment out of it as possible. @OP are you suggesting that il2 is now harder to play without headtracking than before? Why? I started with joystick only and liked it. Got an ed-tracker and enjoyed it even more. Got a dell visor and found spotting much harder but immersion so great that I stopped playing other flightsims. But I never felt that it was necessary to enjoy the game. And vr would make me less competitive in an mp environment compared to the ed tracker I used before...
  12. A state of the art eaw would interest me way more than an mmo with monthly subscription :)
  13. instrument panel would be e1 (no mg/ff ammo counters and prop-pitch-lever next to the rpm gauge instead of on the throttle), canopy e4 and no - the emil in your picture doesn't have mg131 bulges...
  14. Wasn't it said that it would become the development priority after the release of 5.0?
  15. Got WT for tanks and tried planes because they were there - got hooked and bought il2 bos. I still like WT because Mouse control is so well done and I can play it with friends who won't invest into proper sims. If il2's mouse control would work as well they would consider... bur so it'll be wt occasionally
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