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  1. While the 109 is an aerodynamic marvel, the 190 is the better weapon of war - no doubt! An expert might have gotten better results with 109's but for the average pilot the 190 would have been a much better choice. And I now think to remember that what I read about the lacking anti fighter capabilities of the 190 at high altitude was especially about sturmböcke. And the D9 in '43 would have been a definite improvement over the G6. But the 109s very successfully attacked the fortresses as well - although they had to force land more often as the db605s didn't survive the counter fire. That high alt mod you mention is interesting - I've never heard of it. But why wasn't there widespread use, when the usual combat height in 43/44 was around 7000m?
  2. That is only one part of the story: Yes the 190's had the firepower and the staying power to better attack the American Bombers - very true. Especially the the radial engine still worked after much more punishment, than would have been neccessary to take out an inline engine. But at the heith the Americans attacket - 6000 - 8000m - the same radial engine delivered not enough power anymore to mix it with allied fighters. The DB605 did. So both is true: The FW190 was better suited for bomber attack AND worse for fighter combat in late war strategic bomber warfare. 1942 at the channel front the british attack at much lower altitude - here you are right and most Germans and British saw the FW190 as the better dogfighter compared to the Me 109.
  3. Ok - for that beauty I might reconsider learning a modern jetfighter
  4. very cool! damage improvements sound awesome looking forward to next week! And the Yak looks good as well!
  5. Thank you very much - very generous of you!
  6. Search google for edtracker - a very cost efficient alternative. Used it until I got a vr headset
  7. It's about the health care systems - the high rate of infection brings many of them to their knees by sheer number of infected. The better the health care system is, the better it can cope. But the only way to keep them from collapsing in the end is to slow down the rate of infection by avoiding social interaction whenever possible. This is a serious crisis but no apocalypse and not the result of any conspiracy.
  8. I'd recommend: create anaccount to get the promo codes, and than get battle of Kuban premium for 75% off. For 20$ you'll get a beautiful caucus map and a cool variety of allied and German planes. (Spit, aircobra, yak, a20, il2 vs 109, 190, 110, 111 and 129) if you are a fighters only guy get bobp premium to get 10 awesome late war hotrods for 50% off (40$) but of course Stalingrad and Moscow are great as well - you can't pick wrong ^^
  9. Guys - why are you trying to prove Corvus wrong when you have absolutely no idea how it is in Germany? Right now we are still giving relevant goods to Italy because we have surplus. The infection rate is already in decline in contrast to Italy. We are not Canada, we are not China and we are not Italy. How bad COVID19 may be - it will be far less devestating than Anglo- American carpet bombing and even back than Germany was far from becoming a savage post apocalyptic society. And by the way he is right - my Grenadiers are preparing to either support food delivery or support the police in upholding law and order - but I doubt either will be necessary. But if - we'll be there.
  10. I love that movie and don't think the Germans are cartoonish - except for Göring maybe... but than again this depiction seems to be close enough to what I read about him. Red tails is a completely different flick with some of the worst dialogue I had to endure...
  11. To me easy and pleasant to fly and the best plane to start the series would be the 109 G2. But if there is a special interest in the RAF the Spit Mk 9 would be my choice over mk 5 and tempest - although both are great of course
  12. And if you saw a lot infantry in combat from a cockpit they'd be doing it wrong ^^
  13. Looking good! One question for the devs: Since most planes included will be relevant to the BoBP career and since they'll be released one after the other again - will they be incorporated into the BoBP career once available or after full release? Asking because the C 47 would offer very interesting escort/intercept missions during market garden and I believe the battle of the bulge
  14. No that is not the point of the poll - you should read the first post. Even if it were - the numbers you brought are meaningless for an IL2 GB exclusive environment as I already pointed out.
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