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  1. Great list changes! Does this mean custom loadouts are finally working in SP?
  2. API should be added - agreed. But the „luckiest enemy plane in the world thing“ happens with other guns to. Usually short mg151/20 bursts are enough to down a plane. Other times I can empty the remaining 1/3 of ammo into an I16 with lots of hits and then watch it limp home. Most tests that lead to complaints about useless.50s I read in this forum were conducted online against straight and level flying players. Most opinions of offline tests I read came to the conclusion that .50s seem quite realistic. That is also my own impression. So I completely disagree with this statement.
  3. Yup - that is because you demand something fixed that isn’t broken in SP. you admit it’s an MP problem and we lesser SP players shouldn‘t have a say. But changing DM affects us as well. And again - .50s work in SP as they should. so it’s a netcode problem - not a DM problem. So stop demanding DM changes and start demanding netcode changes! Then we unworthy SP guys will stay out of the discussion. that’s pretty much what unreasonable said quite reasonably as well.
  4. Because vvs aviators and commanders were very badly trained and inexperienced. If used like a 109 in free hunt missions with air crew that knew how to use and maintain an energy advantage - it might have gotten a better reputation. Pocryshkin used it to good affect. But being ordered to fly low and slow means this aircraft was seldom used to it‘s strength.
  5. Personally I like the clickpits in CLOD and the DCS Warbirds. But I believe integrating them is a huge amount of work. I think Jason stated the same somewhere. This work would have to be paid for - I guess there are some players who'd be willing to pay double for GB modules. But I'd be really surprised if it were enough to justify such a decision. So Jasons statement not to include clickpits is propably a very smart one. By the way - how would 777 pay for the inclusion of clickpits in a/c that already have been sold? And if I'm honest, while I like clickpits, I don't like them enough to pay double either.
  6. Maybe intended as a joke I guess it comes pretty close. sometimes interceptors might have had an advantage over bombers but disadvantage against high flying escorts. Other times in the heat of battle both sides felt at disadvantage and reported thusly. Sometimes there might even have been lies to explain failure. and from what I understand the Ratio at which the two sides entered battle at a height advantage shifted during the from lw to raf.
  7. I‘ll go for Skyrim. Followed by republic commando. Thinking about it I really like choral songs. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BSLPH9d-jsI
  8. 42 is mid war in this poll - early pto is completely covered in midwar ^^
  9. So in your opinion VR only players should buy a non VR product before implementation has even been decided with the risk it may never come? Some will probably do so - but I am not waiting for others to pay for my feature. Others pay for a propably great 2d sim and I will happily pay for a great VR sim should it become one. I will not pay for a game I am not going to play. I can‘t find anything strange about this consumer decision of mine.
  10. The question is about a war fought 39-45, the timeframes are 39-41,42-43 and 44-45 - what other timeframe would you prefer??? and if the answer is „I don’t care“ - then not participating is the way to go. There are so many polls on the internet I don’t care about - answering them all would take up a lifetime. ^^ edit: „depends on scenario“ would have been a good 4th option, I agree
  11. I‘d love a Battle of France module - or a spanish civil war module. Although I‘m well aware that I belong to a minority in this regard ^^
  12. Steam version has the same planes as non steam version for the same price Apart from planesets: Moscow: + Good place to start an eastern front career, as a pilot who survibves later can do stalingrad or kuban careers (if you plan to get the others eventually) - least plane variety in career Stalingrad + easy to navigate since most fighting is done around the wolga + largest plane variety as you'll also meet moscow and kuban planes in career + usually short marching times + Based on THE battle of WWII ^^ Kuban + most beautiful map Rheinland + inclusion of battles better known to western audiences (Market Garden/Battle of the Bulge) - usually long marching times (realistic though...) - No great plane variety YET (is getting better with normandy progression - especially looking forward to ai dc47) But to be honest - I got most because of the planesets 😄
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