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  1. All planes can be fun in carreer - but if you are looking for a superior plane: BF 109 F4 - anyone can outfight any AI plane in BoM and BoS in that beauty. If you are looking for a challenge: BF 109 E7, you'll have a hard time successfully doing Schlachtflieger-missions and coming back alive when MiGs start dancing around you
  2. Long story short: additional Il2 46-esque marker system. I recently started using vr - and while the immersion is fantastic, spotting and especially identifying an airplanes becomes a pain. Depending on angle I have to get as close as 100m to see wether I'm following Luftwaffe or VVS A/C. I know I can turn on marker - but they make you an omniscent being. And seeing the enemy through the metal of my plane kills alot of the immersion VR provides. Remembering IL2 46, that game only marked those objects, that you could actually see. Once an object was obscured by your cockpit or clouds or mountains or whatever it's marker was gone. I guess some people do like the marker system as it is, so what I'm proposing is, that a third option: Limited Markers, (in between off and on) that only marks what you could actually see. And only give you arrow cues to those objects that are out of your field of view but that would be in your field of view in real life.
  3. Great news, I'll give it a try! Thank you!
  4. Indeed this sounds like a lot of content - great! Can't wait for the release! :D And I happily wait for you guys doing the dcg right and patching it in later than rushing it out half finished!
  5. I'm with you in this - and I read somewhere that it'll be called masters of the air like the book it'll be based on. And since I really liked band of brothers and the pacific, I have high expectations :)
  6. Hi everyone, I recently used a raise to acquire a Dell Visor mixed reality headset. I'm new to all this vr-stuff. I can - and from what I read should - fit headphones to the headset. My question now is: what do I have to look out for? I know the better it's noise cancelling, the greater the immersion. But do I need 5.1/7.1 surround sound or will any stereo headphone do the job? Anything else I have to watch out for?
  7. I like the trailer. It's going to be an action drama - not a documentary and I'm OK with that. Pearl harbor didn't suck to me because of it's action scenes or effects and I can live with a lack of realism in movies, as long as it is entertaining. Pearl Harbor had badly written characters and dialoge and spent way to much on an incredibly uninspired love-triangle. From the trailer I guess this one is going to focus on the action part - I'm looking forward to watch it.
  8. What you describe here is exactly what warthunder was to me. Got WT as a tank game, because I heard it'd be basically a more realistic world of tanks. After a while I tried the arcade air combat mode - and I loved it. It was so easy to get into - and yet if you wanted to be good, you had to learn proper tactics and situational awareness. After I became quite good at that I was hooked in WWII aviation and wanted to prepare myself for the WT sim mode and got rise of flight to train myself using a joystick. So I entered the world of combat flight sims and since didn't return to WT. Long story short: I'm with you and believe that if BoX's mouse aim mode would work as good as WTs arcade or realistic mode, AND it would be advertised as such it would be much more accessible to non simmers and capable of getting them into simming
  9. Do you know how I would call a G6 (Late) with tall tail fin, erla haube and m/w 50 installed? G14 ^^ G14 is basically a G6 with all usefull late war modifications... I'm with you concerning me 410s and do 217s - I'd like to fly those as well - however I think they would fit a late eastern front pack better... And if you want to do late eastern front, you need the last german late war planes available more dearly than for a western front pack. Western front airial war was mainly strategic and many - including me - find it a pitty that B17/B24 won't be a part of BP although I do understand why it has to be this way. Nevertheless another, even earlier, western front pack excluding strategic bombers would feel even more hollow... For the Razorback-faction I actually think a battle of sicily or something like that with italian airforce as main opponent and German squadrons available for carreer would be fitting better. This would also leave room to finish the eastern front with a final pack a... And for the record: Another IL2 with backswept wings or an IL10 would be a welcome addition in my book And another late war yak variant would also be cool
  10. I'm with count zero here - the German planeset you envision isn't very interesting to me. And even in your proposals you seem to search for fillers to justify your idea to fly mainly razorback American fighters rather than talk about planes you long to fly on axis side. I've not read any planeset in this threat that would make me buy this pack. And I would love a channel map! But except for BoB/BoF there is unfortunately no sensible German planeset for this map.
  11. And it will be some kind of ugly warthunder - right? I mean if it was some kind of modern day EAW it might have been interesting despite it's ugliness...
  12. I personally prefer the current solution much to an empty tail on one hand and historical correct symbols on the other side. An empty tail looks boring and incomplete. A swastika on the other hand is a symbol I don't need to see constantly in the scarce free time I can spend for enjoyment...
  13. Thank you very much gentlemen! I'm now proud owner of BoK! 😄
  14. This update sounds terrific - can't wait for the installation to finish - I'm curious what I'm going to enjoy more: AI Improvement or the Schwalbe 😄
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