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  1. Thank you very much! While I'm quite busy this two weeks I only could fly that Hurricane on a short test run - but what a beautiful machine it is! I'll have a lot of fun with it!
  2. Hurricane Mk II Currently my favourite plane is the Bf 109 E7. Thanks for the opportunity!
  3. I think to remember to have read somewhere that the campaign was planned from April to late of August...
  4. I was under the impression that in software development companies salaries are alsways the biggest expense. What else is there? Rent for office buildings? Aquiring and Maintaining IT? Electricity? Even combined these costs should be dwarved by the salaries of the employees... Although from what I heard Roberts and his wifes salaries may be unproportional high - on the other hand I have no idea what salaries are appropriate for the head of a CI sized company...
  5. Which means we‘ll get this feature much sooner then I anticipated - awesome! I think Jason said in his birthday threat that this would basically be the old campaign system - which would be great. While career as a campaign system is far more immersive, the old system was good as a quick mission generator - I think it would compliment the current options for SP very well.
  6. Ace of aces - Atari I wish you a happy birthday! my question: Is there any intention to rework the ai orders/comes system any time in the future?
  7. According to German manuals both 20mm cannon were belted the same way: L.Dv 4000/10 (1942/43): m/m/i/i/ap Horrido - des Jägers Schießfibel (1944): m/i/ap against heavies, m/m/m/i/ap against everything else
  8. Cool mod and definitely more realistic - all guns in BoX are far too precise anyway. I still remember my surprise at the dispersion when I fired an autocannon and coaxial MG for the first time at the shooting range after having trained on a simulator with laser like accuracy ^^
  9. Indeed - and the Bf 109 E-3 and the only single engine frontline fighter equipped with the non-mine-capable mgffs I know of. Not sure which 110 c model switched to mines but the E certainly used mgffms as well.
  10. This was at least in the Lw propably thought of as „in case of emergency“ and I never read of flares being actually used in flight by Germans. Doesn’t mean it never was - I just think it wasn’t common practice.
  11. Nope mg-ff normal he and so (not in game) mgffm (the ones in game) and 151/20 both had historically available regular he/ap and mine. The 151/20 later additionally incendiary
  12. I think you looked at flying circus as GB‘s General section alone has 300k+... I think GB and WT have quite a different player base
  13. Wohoo - SPz Marder for the win! Now I have to get it
  14. A salvo from 4 20mm cannons is supposed to be murderous.
  15. Depends on the Engine doesn’t it? I read somewhere BMW 802s often brought the airframe home even after losing two cylinders to gunfire.
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