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  1. Seems as if squadrons would get an e-sports leauge this year... Can't stop getting my hopes up this'll mean more content Although it most certainly won't mean any more SP - which is a pitty. I'd love more of that campaign stuff...
  2. As the others stated: Maps were used - and if a pilot didn’t have one he would have drawn his own with important landmarks such as rivers, railways, mountains, highways and settlements. after a disorienting furball I usually start heading roughly in the direction of friendly troops so I don’t go into captivity if I run out of fuel, then start comparing what I see on the ground with the map until I recognise something. Once you know where you are it’s easy.
  3. Looking good - hard to believe it’s a last millennium game engine. A pitty there are no plans for vr though
  4. I think they did a great job with balancing the tie defender. While in lore just THE uber-fighter they managed to lock it‘s power behind a skillwall. I have a good idea how this ship could win it‘s fights but I lack the skill to execute
  5. Yes - highest difficulty is challenging wingmen fight effectively - orders are limited but followed. (You can assign a target to attack/protect to all simultaneously) and you can ask for assistance.
  6. Haha - screwing up my muscle memory for actual sims was one of the reasons I chose to do it differently 😄
  7. Didn’t play online but in campaign never missed any hud elements. I just turned all off - not sure wether you can pick single elements but I think yes. I don’t use pedals anymore. The yaw axis works so different compared to IL2 that I prefer it on joystick x-axis and roll on the rudder slider of my throttle. But you can map as you wish
  8. todays patch notes: 2 new ships and track ir support!
  9. While I basically like your ideas I think you seriously underestimate the workload of their implementation. And concerning 21st century rocket science - don’t forget that AAA game studios usually have several hundred employees. Jason’s team is quite small in comparison. And new planes/maps is where their wages come from. But most importantly - they constantly improve their old modules while creating new ones!
  10. Little auto aim - yes High rate of fire - yes But if you watch a new hope - during the dog fights for the Death Star you‘ll see both. so a little less old x- wing a little more old movies. if you want to fly the iconic Star Wars spacefighters in somehow current look this will propably be your best chance for a while And we‘ll be getting b-Wings and defenders next month 😄 PS The imperfect convergence of the old games was offset by all ships being pretty large hitboxes ^^ And in alliance the hud instead of interactive Cockpits was a little immersion killing... I really enjoy squadrons!
  11. Yep - quite sure trooper meant exactly this ^^
  12. In my opinion the easiest aircraft is 109 g2. Engine manages itself, can hold full throttle for 30 min, capable as bnz fighter while still a dangerous turner and very gentle stall...
  13. Currently reading Willi Heilmanns alert in the west. And while there might be much better books on the III/JG54 his description of their combat experience protecting Kommando Nowotny is an interesting read. according to him during the first 8 days of this duty missions went as follows: the doras went up, flew high cover for the starting jets and landed when the jets were gone. Then they went up again before the jets returned and landed after the jets were concealed in their boxes. While he claims they were successful in protecting the jets this way with nowotny only losing 3 aircraft in those 8 days he also states that he lost 70% of his squadron in these missions - especially as their fighters were quite vulnerable as well during takeoff and landing. Then they changed their tactics a little: now the jets would stay a little after reaching sufficient speed and altitude until his doras had landed and reached their boxes. Later he would only start after the jets returned so they could be his high cover during takeoffs. With this closer cooperation of jets and doras casualties could be reduced to sustainable level. This could be included into the III/54 and Kommando Nowotny mission templates. Benefits would be threefold: 1st much greater immersion as you would more feel part of a coordinated Air Force. 2nd one German unit in Bodenplatte with serious reduced marching times 3rd much more thrilling me262 missions as the fights around the airfield would be a very different challenge from blasting the bombers outing the sky...
  14. Furthermore as rigid as different claim systems might have been - allies and Germans overclaimed roughly 3:1. Assuming it was done in good faith still your brethren in arms would have a strong incentive to back your claims. I do as Patrick suggested: I claim what I would have claimed in real life: Burst on target, enemy spinning down into the clouds? I claim even though he might recover - if he dives away in controlled flight I don’t claim even though the game might give me a kill when goes down due to combat damage a little later...
  15. Air start then... But I like to take off, I just don’t like uneventful marching ^^
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