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  1. Hello, This was my latest project and I thought some of you might like it. Inspired by WWII guncam footage. Enjoy.
  2. Well he said," Start builing Japanese airplanes for it. Everyone seems to want it," implying work from the devs? And," make a big "Pacific Island Arena" map." This is what I refer to. I'm not against this player based initiative, but theatres of war with aircraft made by the devs seems a good option.
  3. I understand your desire for more theatres and aircraft, I think we all do, but I can't agree with having the developers consciously create "faux" theatres rather than real ones. It just doesn't make too much sense to me. Anyway, I saw this today and thought it would be apt to share in this thread. Made by CheckSix: And in lieu of a proper Mediterranean theatre and units/aircraft, etc, I decided to use the FMB to create the Crete airborne landings. I'm sure once mods on is introduced we will see more of what you speak of.
  4. If you couldn't tell by my name, the Typhoon is one of my favourites. I'm very happy with the list of planes for BOBP however, and the Tempest and Me262 are definitely my most anticipated aircraft.
  5. Just wondered... Also, super excited for BOBP, FC1 and Tank Crew. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. My bet is P-51 around October 25th. EDIT: changed my decision about which aircraft. P-51 is most similar in technologies currently (in-line engine, conventional fuselage, etc)
  7. Hi Panthercules, I fully agree with the 'high' and level of excitement gained from this announcement It'll be great to see RoF taken to the next level in terms of graphics and technologies. The planeset is, in my opinion, a very good choice to begin with and is sure to be expanded upon in future releases. I have to say I was surprised seeing the Dolphin in there, as it adds yet another fighter to the picture (which also wasn't used to the same extent as many other planes). The bombers (HP 400, etc) would be great to see flying again in this new sim and I expect they will take much lo
  8. Salute everyone, Just wanted to express my gratitude for the Battle of Bodenplatte, etc. Definitely investing at some point. Love the way this sim is developing and hats off to Jason and the developers, it really is astounding what you have accomplished! On another note, I cant believe how much people are already complaining in some threads. What more do you want? You're getting a highly requested theatre of war with a wide array of aircraft, an essentially revamped Rise of Flight and a tank sim, AND this will most likely be expanded upon in future releases. Anyhow, looking forwar
  9. I sort of understand what you mean, so thanks for saying you enjoyed it. Thankyou!
  10. My attempt at recreating WWII footage of aerial warfare. (Music is Clair de Lune if you were wondering) Hope you enjoy!
  11. Thanks. I know that as well as you, but how can I change that? I don't make the game I just use it
  12. Thanks for the support everyone!
  13. Thanks mate, much appreciated!
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