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  1. We'll be getting both C and E Wing armaments.
  2. The Hurricane is lovely! One problem though - on skins with the later roundels and fin flashes, the starboard fin flash is incorrectly flipped when the two should be mirrored copies of each other: Correct on the early skins (red part facing the nose) Incorrect here (blue facing nose)
  3. Such an implementation was never mentioned; all communications with the playerbase implied full release for today. Just a bit miffed so I may be overreacting, but their attempts at community relations need a big step up.
  4. The disingenuous approach ED have taken concerning the new WWII DM is utterly baffling.
  5. Just to add a few corrections, there is however no such Spitfire "IXb" variant. All Spit IXs either had C wings or E wings, and only E wing Spits had a suffix; the correct terms were IX and IXe respectively. What you're probably thinking of is "Mk IXB" which was a squadron-level designation in which their Merlin 66 engined Spit Mk IXs could be differentiated from those with Merlin 61 or 63 engines (or Mk IXA). These terms were superceded officially by the prefixes F, LF and HF denoting Merlins 61/63, 66 and 70 respectively. As for a C wing Mk IX with modifications for
  6. A few of the 'Series. 1' 8-gunned Mk IIs did; later renamed the IIA.
  7. Yep! You can feel it and hear it when you use them.
  8. This is probably a bit late, but the engine recording in that Tempest training film most certainly is a genuine Sabre recording. The idling sound at the start of the film is identical to (and probably taken from) this genuine Tempest recording that features in that 'Typhoon' video. The key feature is the unique 'growly' exhaust note heard after it has flown by the recording equipment - it's identical in both. I'd hazard a guess that the recording used in the film was made in the same manner if not on the same day as the other one. Edit: Another point to make is that,
  9. That's an excellent description. I don't know whether it's due to to the gas-blowback operation of the gun but the Hispano has a very specific sort of mechanical sound that I can't put my finger on. IL-2 Great Battles replicates it well I feel, not so much in CloD at the moment though:
  10. This is probably daft but how would you describe how Hispanos sound?
  11. This is something I've been working on as of late. WIP GMAX models of both a 1942 Spitfire F IX and a 1943 LF IX. I've tried to make sure they're as accurate in dimension and form as possible! I'm not sure what sim they'll be destined for. Ideally I'd like to implement them into CFS3, as recent modding developments have allowed for fully clickable cockpits and external scripts for a full systems, flight and damage model. That or IL-2 1946. It would also be nice to see them in FSX/P3D, or maybe even MSFS 2020 if FSX models really can be ported over. Anyways, here is how
  12. If the MTO is a possibility, does this give us a chance for carrier ops with Martlets and early Seafires?
  13. Was pretty shocked no-one has made these for the VA:
  14. An expansion of the Channel Front for 1942-1943: - Spitfires Mk Vc, VI, IX (F and LF) and Mk XII - Typhoon (coffin hood and tear-drop) - Fw 190 - Bf 109 G - Mosquito - Me 410
  15. I realised my mistake after trying it out in MP properly! Apologies for the ignorance.
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