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  1. I unfortunately know exactly what this is going to incite, but since the K-4 is receiving (operationally unused, I believe, i may be wrong) 1.98ata...any chance of the Spit getting +25lbs?
  2. Would be cool, but not til we see Spitfire XIV, Ar 234, Mosquito, B-26, Typhoon, Me 410.
  3. The structure is identical, but there are some differences with the landing gear selector, and as there is a fuel tank (and entirely different forward fuselage) fore of the cockpit there may be some differences there too. The control column in a Series II Tempest should be the later electric type.
  4. I had no idea USAAF pilots wore such comparatively modern kit!
  5. Does this suggest they’re implementing the update?? (considering other folk have reported the same!)
  6. It would be a most pleasant surprise if we found a cheeky Jug in our hangars
  7. I've been thinking about the sound we can expect from the Sabre engine. A few months ago I took that one known recording, some contemporary accounts and made a new sound from scratch. Based on the "high pitched fatiguing drone" commonly reported: A prize for anyone who can guess where I got the sample for the drone effect.
  8. I hope we get some RAF skins, it looks gooood in camo and roundels.
  9. It’s not too late, I’ve seen them as late as 8pm GMT.
  10. For me, it was the Spitfire at the old Glasgow Museum of Transport back in the early 2000s when i was three years old. It now resides in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery across the road, and it’s a stunner.
  11. When the mission loads and reaches the hanger, sometimes it'll load to a black screen when I click Start Mission. This hasn't happened before since the 3.006 update.
  12. Scottish (Glaswegian, not so thick), late teens, probably not so far from some of the younger Scot pilots (602 and 603 squadrons coming to mind). I have access to a fairly decent mic and pop filter, would be glad to help!
  13. An important detail that most get wrong is the control column. The Tempest V series one had pneumatically fired Hispano II cannon, whilst the series two model (the one we’re getting) possessed electric Hispano Vs. You all know that, but 3D modellers build their Tempest V S2s with the classic Hurricane/Typhoon (Dunlop AH2040) control column, which has a pneumatic pushbutton. But, an accurate Series II should feature a later electric Dunlop AH8400 grip (which has a three position gunbutton, which would allow for the seperate inner and outer pair firing that has been described)
  14. Everyone goes on about the Thunderbolt and Dora, but is anyone else really pining for the Tempest? 6 tonnes, 4 Hispanos and 2500HP of square-jawed Napier goodness. Nothing could outdive it.
  15. They call it released, but really it is an early access release as of now. There's plenty of content already, but all the AI planes (Spit, Stuka, 110, bombers, etc.) are to be flyable before Phase 2 begins. And it is a single purchase system, you receive all phases and updates into the future.
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