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  1. I am unable to host too and a lot of times I cannot join either. I tried hosting a coop with the Steam version and see which ports were active. There was traffic following ports: App Name: Il-2 tcp: 7534,9264,17997,28100,28000 udp: 49153-49154,64319 That's more than just 28000 and 28100. Why are the other ports being used and should we forward them too?
  2. There were no VVS ai at OKL target area. No ai waypoints perhaps?
  3. Hi! No one can connect when I host with the new cooperative game mode. Don't have a router. My outbound Windows Firewall out connections are all allowed, inbound has these rules for Il-2.exe: My server can be seen by others, but nothing happens when they try to join. Others in our squad have tried with the same results. Please advice: a bug, or what are we doing wrong? Thank you in advance.
  4. Seconded. Loadout information for "player plane entry" is necessary, please put it back in the next patch if possible. While you're at it a paradrop log would be useful too.
  5. I have waited three days for someone, anyone to stop by this thread to say those lovely words: Why, yes, YES indeed their team has started to work on a proper online war. Cooperative flying and none of that 400 simultaneous player dogfight nonsense I have come to hate so passionately. Possibly based on old code or principles of Bellum or any of the dynamic online wars, really. But there's been nothing. Surely they would have time to drop just one line. I'm afraid no one is busy at work making our dream come true.
  6. Could you please elaborate what these two issues are so we know whether we should post here or not. In the 1st post you only asked us to post "what you are experiencing". All sorts of problems of various severity are being reported here now.
  7. Excuse me, mr Williams? I'm talking c*** here when I say we are being ignored? Do you really use foul language in your company, when you talk to your customers? You must be doing quite well then, which I am actually glad to hear, because simulaton business is such a narrow section of the software market. Being subjected to profanity from a producer is something I have never experienced and frankly it seems completely unnecessary and must be unpleasant for all your customers who already have to browse Bug reports subforum instead of enjoying your amazing sim. Before your post, there has not been a single response from you or any other producer, developer or anyone that could be recognized as an official representative in any of the "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" threads. I now know all those posts have received due attention, because you told me. Thank you for that. You just chose not to drop a word or two in acknowledgement that you are aware of our reports - until today. Hence my repeated posts which apparently annoyed you (I'm referring to the "c***" part again). If this indeed was the case, I am sorry about that. My purpose was to receive an official response, not to annoy anyone or waste your time. I'm aware of a pinned Special thread #1 where project manager Han requests random crash reports but when that was created, I was fine. My crashes started with a later version, 2.010 VR-patch. So if that's how I am, as you said, not being ignored, I hope you can at least see why I (mistakenly) felt I was.
  8. 368.81 never solved the problem for me. I achieved 20 minutes at best with 368.81 (yes I've written down all results). I have tried a dozen other drivers too, which have been at least somewhat helpful for some. I don't have time to go through all of them, though. FWIW, I have achieved my best result with version 382.19, however, my worst result was produced by the very same driver.
  9. Latest driver + patch crashed after just 3 minutes of flight. So it's nowhere near solved. 35 minutes would not be "solved" either, if that's what you meant, Stacko.
  10. I will, but I'm not actively looking for a solution on my own any more. Upgrading one's video card is not a solution, because he developer has not published a list of hardware this bug affects. My list was just a collection of reports I've come across myself on this forum only.
  11. Thanks Tomcat. I updated BoS and driver myself today. Sim crashed after 3 minutes of flight. Unbelievable that they can keep ignoring us like this. I get that they chose to utilize some function(s) of the graphics driver which they had not needed before 2.010. I get that. But they can't just point to Nvidia now and say it's Nvidia's fault. What they should have done is work around the crashing problem themselves or wait for Nvidia to fix the driver (if indeed there is something to fix there) before they released 2.010. What they could do now is publicly acknowledge that they even know about a game breaking problem which prevents an unknown number of GTX 760, GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti, GTX 970, GTX Titan and GTX 1070 customers from using the product since 2.010 patch.
  12. GTX 760 / 780 / 780 Ti / 970 users: is "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED" still happening with version 2.011?
  13. 1CGS refused my request. Unfortunately, the cause of your problem is due to the interaction between your video card and its driver. Nvidia has recognized the problem and is working to resolve it. Steam also refused my request. We are unable to refund this purchase to your Steam Wallet at this time. Your playtime of an included product exceeds 2 hours (our refund policy maximum). Meanwhile, Nvidia isn't admitting to me they'd have recognized anything. They just make me hop through more and more elaborate hoops: If the issue occurs again after trying the steps above, Suggest you to create a new user account with admin access in windows OS and try playing the game. Okay that latest idea isn't even too much trouble, I might try it. But who has ever heard a corrupt user account making one game crash 30 minutes into the game? I feel I'm corresponding with a troubleshooting AI, not a real thinking techie.
  14. Is the error this? D3D Error DXBufferMan11::vb(..) DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED There are 5 other threads about it in this forum, most dealing with app crashes and GTX 780 card. Look for "DXGI" in the subject line. Some have been able to run the game with certain driver versions. I have not, though, but then I have a different card (GTX Titan). I hope this was useful to you.
  15. I requested a refund from 1CGS Support. What is their policy in these situations, do you know?
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