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  1. Where did you pick up that keypad from? Haha, I’ve got money to burn so I’ve been thinking about adding something like that to my setup.
  2. I apologize if this has been covered before, but after buying a brand new rig with the intention of eventually going VR this year, I’ve yet to make the jump. My biggest concern isn’t so much which VR headset to go with but rather how I’m going to manipulate the multitude of controls this sim has whilst wearing a VR headset. That said, can anyone give me any pointers as to what they do? I’m currently running an X52 Pro for my HOTAS.
  3. So I've debated doing this for a long time, but I figured I should make the jump and finally join either a squadron or group of like minded players in the wilds of multiplayer. I'm located in the eastern US (EST) and I can generally free up a few hours here and there. As for my background; I'm 33, I work part-time since I'm back in college for the second time training to be a professional aviator, so my schedule can be a bit wacky. I've got a good sense of humor and I enjoy working as a team - I'll happily jump in a gunner position or truck along in some transport craft to help get the mission accomplished. I have no preferences for side, as evidenced by my profile I do have everything except the recently released U-2VS and Tank Crew. I use both Discord and TeamSpeak and although my gaming interests are not limited purely to flight sims, they will always be my first love. I apologize if this seems out of whack as I know there are plenty of virtual squadrons, as I'm making this post to sift through those recruiting and would work with my schedule. Thank you for your time and consideration!
  4. Log 1000s of hours playing the Il2 series (many more if you include RB, RoF, MSFS, EAW, AoE and CFS2 and 1942:PAW), spend $40,000 on a college degree you don’t end up putting to much use. Two years after paying off your college loans and a few months before your 30th birthday, you decide to go back to school to become a professional aviator. $100k later and many, many hours of [actual] flight time, you still refer to unidentified aircraft as bandits. 😆
  5. Well now! I know Steuben thanks to my girlfriend taking me there. I actually was in Hannaford the other morning...if you ever see a lanky guy with a beard wearing an ivy cap, feel free to say hi! Haha
  6. A couple years back, I was driving with my windows down when I heard that unmistakable sound. I immediately pulled over and was greeted to the sight of a P-51, B-25, B-17 and B-24 all making a landing at the nearby airport. My GF of the time was quite confused as to why I was so excited, ha!
  7. Oh, if I may pry, what town? I'm in Topsham. Figured there had to be another Mainer around these parts, haha
  8. This is about an hour north of where I live! Great place to visit!
  9. I think it's because a lot of people have moved from TS to Discord. There's a thread here about the semi-official Discord, which is where I think a lot of players have gone. I don't fly multi much anymore as a result of limited time, but that Discord server seems to be fairly popular.
  10. I really wish this would be fixed. It seems that a lot of games are doing the same thing with this "zoomed" perspective instead of giving us multi monitor users true ultra wide support. Not criticizing the 1C team, it's just a mild annoyance that we can work around - the rest of the ultra wide support is top notch, IMO.
  11. Likely flew under this tag. Many fond memories...I recognize a lot of the name’s in here, but I don’t know if they remember me. I would’ve likely been one of their many kills, ha!
  12. While I agree a tutorial would be very nice to have - especially for new users - it’s Steam we’re talking about. I happen to think it’s a great platform, but a good chunk of its user base demand instaneous satisfaction and most are not willing to spend the time to learn something. They’re quick to say “this sucks, I’m not a god in it after 20 minutes of play” and rather than practice, they’re yelling at the developers like it’s the game’s fault. Give yourself a headache reading some game’s steam forums/comments seeing users saying a game sucks because they didn’t read the system requirements/they don’t understand that you must update certain driver’s to play, haha. It’s a simulator. It’s going to have a very steep learning curve! I don’t know how else to explain that to some users!
  13. Hahaha, this is great!! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Yes, thank you very much DD_Crash! Will have to try seeing if I can shoot an approach to it in one of my civil sims. Bonus round...any idea on the aircraft? Ha!
  15. Having finally made the jump to Windows 10 (yeah, yeah, I know I'm a late adopter), I was browsing some of the default background choices and spotted the attached picture. I wouldn't post something like this, but I'm at my wits end since Google reverse image search returns 25,270,000,000+ results and most of them are the same image uploaded with no credit or information . I'd love to know the origin of the photo, but more importantly which airfield this is.
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