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  1. Hi Pat, Please can you describe how to define default skin for squadron and for ace pilot? I tried edit file Jasta 16b.json for quick test: "skins": [ { "skinName": "pfalz_d3a_jasta_16b_oblt_friedrich_ritter_von_roth", "planeType": "pfalz", "startDate": "19170801", "endDate": "19181201", "squadId": -2, "country": "GERMANY", "category": "Squadron", "definedInGame": false } ], But when I started new campaign default jasta16b skin is still default game one. What I am doing wrong? What exactly is squadId ?
  2. My late war campaign stopped to work. Crashed on any new mission report. Files attached. PWCGFC_CAMP_ERROR.ZIP
  3. Encountered another strange thing. I was with Jasta 11 with Fokker Dr.I and I requested 30 day leave. After I returned Squadron info box at bottom right shows Fokker DVIIF and inventory has only Fokker Dr.I. I flew another mission in hope it will restock but nope. Also Transfer works strange. After selecting unit Request Transfer button do nothing. @Iceni_Queen: Strange, I never had mission without enemy contact in my German campaign so far. Even now I am always overnumbered late in war. Checked campaign advanced settings for limits?
  4. After numerous flights in my Albatros campaign I saw multiple times my flight mates sometime in middle of patrol sometime during returning home break formation and fly to closest airfield where they land. AI never reach home airfield.
  5. LOL I think there is big chance it was me in Pfalz, I overrevved engine in dive and wanted to shake off attacker between trees. Exactly how I remember it! It was very nice fight although doomed to be lost. Yup I think this was that sortie. I got balloon kill and then crashed. http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/sortie/24694/?tour=9 Very interesting to see it from other perspective in cinematic quality
  6. Hi Pat, got FC this weekend and tried PWCG and it is awesome! Just small note - none of modifications works. I selected Aldis sight and fuel gauge and plane shows as without modification in game. Also I set balloons to 10 but never saw any spawned.
  7. Seems I was just unlucky. I got enemy fighters generated now under 6.01.
  8. I got same. After I installed new version into existing 6.0 install and two missions so far and no enemy flights.
  9. Ahh I see, Anyway there is sale so Kuban is solved now BTW will be please possible to save selected mods for player plane (probably for each plane type) so I don't need reselect them every time?
  10. Great bunch of fixes. Thanks! BTW what will happen If I am missing one map? For example I doesn't have Kuban. Campaign generator will skip it?
  11. Problem is that if I am at Top Aces, pressing Pilots do nothing. There is no way to bring pilots list back via that button.
  12. After initial good mission I got mission where I am not able to keep up with AI leader. As you can see all waypoints are set to 440km/h. Also loading missions take so long now. When I opened this mission in editor it was very complex. A lot of objects and red links - a lot. http://www.prekladytextu.eu/Missions.zip
  13. Found small UI bug. Pilots button to bring squadron pilot list chalkboard do nothing.
  14. Just flew new version as 109F-4 campaign in Moscow and it was great! Cold starts add a lot of atmosphere and I finally has no problem to keep up with AI leader. Encountered Two Ishaks and shot them down. All well and smooth. Thanks for your work.
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