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  1. Hi, not a massive issue but is there a way to extend your death scene as I want to see what happens to other ships trains etc when I get killed and the death scene only runs for a few seconds. is this possible or is it only a hardwired scene from the devs? ton
  2. Yes I know this is a tank sim, we have the 88mm gun so why not the famous 88mm flak gun as a weapon, yes it's a bit of fun! I need to get out more?
  3. Hi All, latest patch is a great update still some work to do but now getting to the real tank sim experience, very impressed and now have tank v tank custom battles which I love playing. keep it up IC!
  4. Photos! BY JOVE! superb imagery in the cockpit!
  5. Hi, just came back to TC after a year out, it is better and more developed but still a way to go to live up to the il-stur legend, it does need some updated graphics and stuff, and would need a few more tanks even some French and English tanks would be welcome when they bring out BON as that would be more historically accurate? not a bad game but it should be better in future and they lower the cost and that would bring in more folks.
  6. Nice shot of panther round slicing thru a kv tank turret.
  7. whoops! I got caught up with a JU52, but I survived until I hit the ground with it. and a tempest in collision with a hs129 which exploded soon after.
  8. Yes, TC is just improving albeit with some minor issues, I leave TC for a month or so and then jump back in when an update comes around, but will be playing a bit more now.
  9. Hi, still only a newbie in TC but the latest tank pack is really rather good, the Sherman is quite a blast and as I found out difficult to place on the battlefield, it makes you think more about how vulnerable they are, I keep getting knocked out so soon, which is what did happen in real world? keep it up Devs. Ton
  10. Yes much better now, just need some different faces etc bespoke to german and Russian look for folks? much better game inside the tank now, keep it up devs. ton
  11. Hi All, totally unrealistic request I know, but any plans to introduce a "shell" x-ray kill cam in slow motion, like we see in the Sniper series from rebellion, so we can see the effect of a AP shell etc going through the tank and out the other side? not realistic but maybe good to see the effect of your gunnery? Ton
  12. You could be right, although I think barrage balloons were around in WW1? zeppelin attack could kind of fun tho? as a bomber and recon maybe?
  13. Hi, just searched but not much info on whether the zeppelin will be in FC, or has it been pulled?
  14. In arma 3 you can do a custom battle with red team and blue team with tanks and anything you want on the map and place it anywhere. as long as you have the map loaded, it takes a while to organise the battles but is good fun! unless they changed, it used to work like that but not played for years so. Ton
  15. Yes I hope so too, custom battle is just that to make the game play as you like it, ARMA type if that is the way to do it.Ton
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