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  1. This TAW format looks very interesting. Some of our squadron members eyes are not good enough to fly anymore, so to stay in the game they like to be gunners only. How do we get permission to allow human gunners to sit in back ? Currently if we try it kicks them out after a few minutes... Am I missing something ? Thanks .... Gonk
  2. These are for the PvP missons. 1. ability to add "kill" tags to your aircraft, that is if you are able to get it back to a friendly base.... if the plane is destroyed... you start again... This is to reward players for not being suicidal and act with a little more care. 2. Allow external view when at the base, parked and engine off option. Being able to check out the aircraft damage for those "I escaped!!" screenies would be nice. 3. Inbuilt VOIP with some radio channels... thanks for the hard work..
  3. I just keep getting wrong email or password.... tried after resetting... still no joy. The email/password work to get me here.
  4. yes premium...I hope I can turn off the highlight in the game that I am a premium buyer.... I just see big target on my back....
  5. Already using the dev kit. I hope the commercial version is above 1080... maybe 1440. But it needs to increase the current resolution above 1280x800. They are comfortable and I was lucky that the eye cup suited my prescription, so no eye strain. Currently they only use 3 degrees of freedom, so I hope they sort that out also. I did suffer from VR sickness, but after a little use it disappeared. I remember Descent use to make me sick too...but I powered through it. . It is not like looking at a floating screen or cinema, you are immersed in the VR world. It is like walking around with a hoody on. Still, even with only 3 DOF and the low res, I am keen to try it on BOS.
  6. Dynamic persistent Co-Op Campaign would be fantastic.
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