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  1. Omg man! You made my day! I'm so sad google didn't found me this thread earlier! After hours of searching and using the opentrack, trying to get it working as freetrack and failing. You saved me! I gonna make some key words here so google find it easier xD "how to enable/fix freetrack on IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, Make BoS run with freetrack, simple way to get free track working on BoS" Thank you a lot for your help!
  2. Welcome Pteradon. Thank you for the kind words =) We are still recruiting people. Join us on the airwar! =)
  3. Some times I just search on youtube "Epic Music" Done! But that it's rare. I have my hears open all the time. You never know when you gonna listen an engine on your six!
  4. Nice Server. I play there some times. It's on my recommendation list =)
  5. Guys if anyone is looking into a SEOW of the Winter War, aka battle of Finland, for IL-2 1946 HSFX. Check the www.jg54.org. Everyone and every squad is welcome to join the war =) There are no details yet but will be there soon! The Campaign may start at the beginning of the next year. Anyone looking for a squad, that want's some special training it's welcome =)
  6. Ju-52 It's a must in the game =) If they add all the other's, I will be not disappointed!
  7. LOl I bet he have enough money to buy a whole squadron of spits =) That would be awesome if he get in the remake of the Battle of Britain (if it ever happens), then no one could point at him anything because he own a spit! Hope that movie don't end up as the fiasco of the Red Tails if it ever happen...
  8. Does any one feel's like "I'm addicted to the 109 on BoS" ? Can't wait to get some ammo on that bird and bring hell to VVS =)
  9. Why don't you join someone's squad that is already running?
  10. Please don't cry! We have good wine here to make you happy! =)
  11. I, as a member of the 5./JG54 Can confirm this. From now on 5. staffel and 9. staffel work basically as one single force! Together we have the force needed to face the VVS! The Grunherz Jeagerschwader have as well a new link to find our homebase(website) easily, www.jg54.org Can't wait to fly along your's wing tip on the BoS!
  12. I was expecting some naked girls, or at least on bikini, now my earth is broken. Where Can I get my money back? Joking =) The digital box looks great =)
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