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  1. Ste_Smith

    beta testing???

    serious q...is it his game or is it ours???
  2. Ste_Smith

    beta testing???

    ouch...i think???not that i wanted to beta test ai as i only play mp and atag just have dumb bot ai bombers...but fair enough i guess u have enough customers buzzsaw u dont need my money either...
  3. Ste_Smith

    beta testing???

    same ones that didnt spot mp lag in blitz???or ones who didnt notice 20mm nukes in 4.3 iirc??? suuure
  4. Ste_Smith

    beta testing???

    did i mention fun???did i say i personally wanted to be part of the team??? no i didnt...dont make assumptions it will deffo make an ass of u...rofl..thx for not answering the q..have another go
  5. Ste_Smith

    beta testing???

    on locked thread buzzsaw from team f said that there was a beta test group for sp players??? i want to kno how to get on it coz i havnt seen any post here about it...assuming we allowed to talk about that anyway lots of locking going on at min rofl
  6. thought every1 hated storm of war lol...funny how only 1 group of ppl who slag it off...team f and atag???
  7. u said continue to rise sorry if that meant numbers are dropping across all servers but atag is rising so it's ok...i misunderstood...altho im not sure how u will measure sp players from atag???
  8. if you look at http://steamcharts.com/cmp/754530,223750,307960,63950#1m that kinda suggests the opposite...on 1yr view actually lower now on blitz than old clod...but bury ur head in the sand and only look at atag...smh
  9. regarding dlc who is it up to if not team f is it 1c??? surely some1 else could do pr job not modeller or some1 that has other tasks buzzsaw maybe??
  10. Ste_Smith

    Tobruk new planes

    lol...i was responding to the go play warthunder jibe...given team f have not released any actual missions i dont know what u are whining about it is a sim yes...it is also a game...i asked q coz i want to be able to do what ever i want with game i paid for if that makes me a brat so be it
  11. thx. dont really understand what u mean by approval...sounds misterious but i get that is all im getting lol...
  12. perhaps but thats not the way he made it out...it sounded like something prevents team f from giving update and i simply want to know what that thing is or that it has gone away and this is where they are with it...not difficult stuff really???
  13. spiritus - any answer on why u cant post new updates on martlet???keen to see what last year has changed...
  14. Ste_Smith

    Tobruk new planes

    understood thx...not sure why that guy is getting his pantys in a bunch...if you want realism join the air force and do it for real...pmsl
  15. Ste_Smith

    Tobruk new planes

    in that case dead shud be dead...die once and u cant fly ever again... and yes u can fly any plane on any map in great battles and clod is not gbs anyway??? im not talking about official missions anyway team f have never made any yet...