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  1. thanks a lot for your awesome skins! we really appreciate that
  2. i am dissaapointed about this issue because sourround gaming (tripple monitor) was an announced feature it would be desirable when a devolper tells us that they try to fix this issue or if we have to live with this issue for an indefinite time it seems BOS have generally a problem with high resolutions
  3. Selbstverständlich http://schlachtgeschwader2.de.vu/ Das Forum ist als Kasino gekennzeichnet und das sind unsere TS-Daten schlachtgeschwader2.ddns.net
  4. thanks a lot but I forgot which key I have used shame on me
  5. Habe soeben meinen Marschbefehl von unserem Kommodore SirAthlon erhalten. Werde am 15. November um 0700 an unserem Fliegerhorst nähe Stalingrad eintreffen. Horrido an alle Fliegerkameraden.
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