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  1. Hi, Still possible to join I hope? 1.JaVA_BlGGLES flying for entente Cheers, Biggles
  2. We had a nice evening! Flying YAK1B's Biggles,Bojackhorsefly, Jizzo and Doughboy Here are a few action screens😀 Best thing was: Nobody of my flight got killed! Hurray & cheers to all! Biggles
  3. Hi, thx for the tricks Guys, i change to 90hz and get around 90 fps, when I go to 120 or 144 it won’t run that high and jumps to 1/2 fps: 60 or 72. flying on low settings isn’t an option! i like to see Nice scenery as wel! So all settings to high and i use 90hz and when the fps Goes to 45 i go to 80hz. thx again cheers Biggles
  4. Hi there, I have the index now around three weeks and it is great! Only...…………….. For some reason my fps is halve of the 144hz, So I only get 72 fps! My system is powerfull enough with an I9 9900 processor and 2080ti card! Any ideas tips of settings you can share with me. I think I tried all I can think of...……………... even lowering all in game settings, but it sticks to 72 fps.. when I go to 120 hz it gives me 60 fps! Argh...….. Cheers, Biggles
  5. Hi Tip, Pilots change a little yak1b Biggles yak1b keben il2 Jumper il2 zeredbarron Il2 Bojack horsefly il2 jojo thx & cheers see you Friday Biggles
  6. Hi Tip, please for 1.Java yak1b Biggles yak1b changeless il2 Jumper il2 Keben Il2 Bojack horsefly il2 jojo thx & cheers Biggles
  7. Hi Tip, Can we fly : Spitfires: 1.jaVA_Biggles 1.JaVA_Keben 1.JaVA_Bojackhorsefly 1.JaVA_Captchangeless Thunderbolts: 1.JaVA_Jumper 1.JaVA_Reddevil Thx and cheers Biggles
  8. Hi Tip Good to see an upcoming mission! For 1.JaVa please 4xYak1b 1.JaVA_Biggles 1.JaVA_Reddevil 1.JaVA_Bojackhorsefly 1.JaVA_Keben and 2 x il2 for 1.JaVA_Jumper 1.JAVA_zeredbarron thx & cheers Biggles
  9. Hi Tip, Can we use the last 6 spits please? cheers Biggles
  10. Hi Tip, phase 2 please for us: fighter: Biggles 1x p47 Jumper 1x and 2x spit 1x p47 have to arrange pilots , see you tonight! Cheers Biggles
  11. Hi Tip, welcome back 😊 all settled? for 1.Java please: sherman 1.JaVA_Jumper sherman 1.JavA_Bojackhorsefly spitfire 1.JaVA_Changeless spitfire 1.JaVA_Redbaron For me: Holiday 😎 Hope to see you next week, Cheers Biggles
  12. Hi Tip, i assume there is no FNBN this friday? Just wondering if all is Ok? we kind of miss it when there is no mission! That’s a compliment! cheers Biggles
  13. Hi Tip please yaks for 1.Java Biggles Keben Jumper Captchanceless Reddevil zeredbaron Thx & cheers Biggles
  14. Bomber escorts Service One Lucky Guy Low on the deck Flying Circus! Too Low for the chute
  15. Hi there, Please for 1.JaVA: Biggles P47 Keben P47 sgtchanceless P47 Jumper P47 bojack_horsefly P47 Reddevil P47 thx & cheers
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