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  1. First FNBF in a while, so obviously my mother is coming to stay this weekend and I won't be available. You will have to communicate and synchronise plans with my mother in future @[DBS]Tx_Tip.
  2. Due to tech difficulties, I will skip this one, but considering I have hit a grand total of zero targets in the last two fnbf, I don't think my participation will be missed by the axis, although my sparkling personality will be. Hopefully next time, good luck all and have fun.
  3. After reading the review by a person who actually owns and flys a real DR1, I think I would rather keep it as it is modelled. Here for the Sim, not the arcade.
  4. I am seeing the 262 shape developing in the model without the chin scoop
  5. Wait a bit. I have only just got the original sounds working!
  6. The replies to this post serve to demonstrate how il2 is a simulator and not an arcade shoot-em-up game.
  7. Tracer colour is usually the first giveaway, and in my case, usually when an aircraft shoots your wing off it can be assumed that it is an enemy. (Not a 100% foolproof method)
  8. Solved went into steam, clicked "verify integrity of files", and hey presto, files were invalid, but the steam interface sorted it and now i have gun sounds. Thanks for the help
  9. This has been going on for at least a week, but thanks, all suggestions gratefully received.
  10. I have been shooting other aircraft down with them. Everything except the gun sounds works fine. I find it odd that engine sounds etc are ok, unless for some strange reason, the sound files have not downloaded? Is that likely?
  11. In that case, does anybody have an idea as to why my guns make no noise when flying the spad and the Fokker?
  12. Is this because the devs haven't got the correct sound files yet, or have I set something up wrong? Thought I would ask here first before I post it as a glitch.
  13. I will definitely take a look. Sounds like a very bomber-friendly server.
  14. The first He111 mission there were two of us, and I totally missed the fuel dumps, then my real-life high command decided I should stop flying for the night. So I am glad to read that the my mission was successfully completed by my wingman later. All good stuff, thanks to all who took part, and to [DBS]Tx_Tip for setting it all up.
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