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  1. For those curious about the P-38J engine limits the FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet lists max continuous power as 44" inches of mercury @ 2600 RPM, and takeoff/military power as 54" inches of mercury @ 3000 RPM for five minutes. Max horsepower at military power is 1,425.
  2. The light will be solid if the turbo is idle or over-speeding. If it is blinking you are good.
  3. Generally speaking you are going to leave the controls disconnected for taxiing, takeoff, and landing. Rule of thump is to have full rpm during taxiing, takeoff, and landing so the prop blade angle stays lower and improves throttle response. In combat it's just a matter of preference. With the controls disconnected you'll be able to fine tune you're engine for max performance, but your workload will be higher. With the controls disconnected you're workload is reduced but you will loose some performance, mostly in acceleration. Preator, the propeller RPM effects the propeller blade angle or pitch of the propeller blades. High RPM will put the propeller blades into a lower angle, while lower RPM will put the blades into a higher angle. high blade angles are used for high altitude cruising, and low blade angles are used for things like landing and takeoff. This is a short and simple answer to a very complicated topic.
  4. Yeah there are three gauges the instrument panel one is for the aux. fuel tank. the one on the floor to the left is the main tank/tanks and the smallest one on the floor to the right is your reserve tank. also the gauges read UK gallons not US gallons. I tend to set the P-40 fuel level to about 65% which leaves the aux. tank almost completely drained.
  5. The RAF bomber crews had a rather horrifying 44.4% KIA rate. I don't know what the numbers are for other countries.
  6. Face palm, you know Fink it never occurred to me that they were listing the True Airspeed it all makes sense now thanks.
  7. The E variant. P-40E_Operation_Instructions.jpg (1400×1060)
  8. I've been doing some research on the American aircraft used during world war 2 ever since the announcement of Bodenplatte to see what other aircraft can possibly be used from our current plane set and I keep seeing the P-40s top level speed listed as 360 MPH. However in game I've only been able to get the P-40 to 320 MPH. I don't think it is due to engine time limits either because the speed stabilized at about 320 MPH for about 30 seconds before engine failure at emergency power.
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