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  1. desert hurricane strafe the airfield.zip you need off-winters superb desert mod and my malta mod to play this mission,it uses the spring kuban map.fairly powerful pc needed hope you enjoy,i hope do more desert missions,my malta desert kuban retexture map is far from perfect [but i hope to try improve it in future ] i have done several improvements to my malta mod over the last few days but still would be alot work to do on it to get it anywhere near perfect,have fun
  2. Updated my tank effects,as you can see from the pics now more fragments from exploding objects. The smoke puffs on the hits from machine gun fire on the roads,trees,buildings are now more puffy and realistic. The video is from ww2 footage shows lots fragments flying from the exploded tiger tank,watch the last bit.
  3. As you will see with the photos the machine gun smoke on the road,building inns,tree are a more realistic smoke puffs. The tanks explosions you will see the debris flying in the air after the explosions As you can see by the video in the last bit,lots of tank fragments flying from the tank. my effects properly need more fragments flying from the explosion. things blow up in a hundred different ways in real life
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kp9xf2zgx934vcm/tank+war+effectsV2.zip/file now more flying debris when something explodes,plus better smoke for buildings and roads
  5. now the 4 skins you need for the missions are ready to download in Haluters superb skin downloader
  6. Changed all the effects for more desert feel,all explosions,ground etc and bullet hits on ground now more suitable for desert sand Plus the plane debris effect added from the tank effects,also better smoke for buildings and roads When you blow something up you get chunks flying up in the air,try blowing up a tank I will be hopefully do some more desert missions now we have all those new desert skins 🤑
  7. I think I have come to the limit of what I can do with the effects,only the devs can change as they are hardcoded
  8. yes i think a few more sparks from a tank hit would be better,i see what i can do
  9. In the ME now you have 2 versions of the smoke effects,I see no difference they still fade in and out.
  10. i wonder if some clever person could convert the rise of flight training campaign to flying circus?
  11. also in the mods section you will find my asia retexture also i put in a link to the skins https://www.mediafire.com/file/q0pncpwzqxd488a/asia_retexture.zip/file coral sea mod.zip also use the JSGME tool for these https://www.mediafire.com/file/9d8zq5ivmxgr4u7/Pacific_Skins.7z/file
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ievyuwumfrb3kx9/missions+pack+updated.zip/file i updated all my missions and resaved them in the ME,the desert missions are best played with off-winters tunisa mod and my malta mod,the asia missions with the asia retexture map in mods section,i think all my recent missions are in the pack,a few i have improved,the malta missions are not included as they are in the malta mod,all missions should load alot more quick now,have fun i have not included the 2 stuka mission packs as i have just recently uploaded them,please take out all my previous missions and rep
  13. mission10 stuka hawks surrender.zip mission 10 the final one the media files are inside hope you enjoyed this mission pack,i enjoyed making them
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