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  1. I suppose it depends how windy it is πŸ₯Ά
  2. Several sorties off AR-234b bombers flew too blow up the bridge. me262s flew top cover ( maybe the only time in the war that jet bombers and jet fighters were used in sorties together ) on the 17th the bridge finally collapsed, near misses of the arado bombers is what finally caused the bridge to break up. i think later variants were impossible to intercept as I think they maybe had pressureized cockpits and could fly at high altitudes
  3. hands up πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Who would buy it as a collector plane
  4. Yes 2 jet engines is enough, I do not think they will attempt 4 jet engines. ( imagine trying too start with 4 engines !! )
  5. Will the Ludendorff bridge feature in the new Bodenplatte map? would love too see the ARADO AR 234 blitz bomber as a future collector plane, as we are now getting jets. the arado 234 was nearly impossible too intercept,flew at 742kmh,they built 214 off these machines. they were used too bomb Ludendorff bridge repeatly, ( what a great mission scenario we could have here )
  6. I agree it’s going to take a lot too get the me262 AI too get it too fly too it’s advantages. a new big step to release jet aircraft, so yes maybe we are being a bit harsh on the devs. no need too fly against it yet. maybe later when implemented into a scripted campaign or something. must admit it’s a real fun plane too flyπŸ‚
  7. All we can do is be happy that the devs keep improving the AI. every plane has its strength and weaknesses and any sane pilot would fly to its advantages. The proof is in the pudding so too speak, so all we can do is keep nagging. you all love the game and want good combat, everything else can be wonderful, but at the end off the day this is a COMBAT flight sim. as Maggie thatcher said ( this lady is not for turning ) I just wish the AI would do the same!!
  8. Test2 v quick combat my flight me262s on ace level v 8 bombers. kills galore, yes on ace AI level seem perform very well. next test flew my ace AI flight up against 4 p47 and 4 p40s, disaster this time lost 4 off my flight crash landed somehow, very interesting
  9. Have just been test flying the new me262 in quick combat 8 me262v lagg 3 x 8 first with my me262 as rookie nearly all got shot down ,I got 2 kills guide easy,just keep my speed up. my surprise is the me262 turns better than I thought. next flight I put my me262s in ace mode they flew a lot better,I got 2 kills again and my fellow pilot got 1 kill , with none my flight shot down. ok you should always have your me262 flight on ace level, ( the luffewaffe only let ace pilots fly them ) no rookie pilots ever got the chance too fly them. they fly so quick really any pilot worth his salt can get plenty off kills in this machine, just do not fly with rookie pilots because they turn fight and lose their speed advantage and become easy meat. yes they have it realistic as only ace pilots flew me262s
  10. Yes trees are going too play a big part in the introduction off the me-262. why ( properly because most off the runways will be too short too take off from) 😩☠️
  11. Yes they were a feature off the British countryside, we had a huge one near where I lived as a kid. in my part of England ( Norfolk ) only three are known to exist. such a shame as such a beautiful tree. they are making a come back I have read.
  12. I do not know but I think elm trees might have been quite widespread. ok they are rare now only a few hundred mature elm trees left in the uk ( Dutch elm disease) anyway a few more tree types in the new map would be quite nice too crash into I think !!😧
  13. I never fly the HS-129, it’s just asking to hit some trees flying that thing 😱 I think it’s cliffs of Dover blitz, the tree damage profile you can hit the top off a tree and be ok,but if you hit lower down , things fly off your plane and crash is almost always fatal
  14. On the new Bodenplatte map, will there be any new tree types modeled. or will it be the same set off tree types as we have now. i know this maybe bit boring for some people, but I am a bit off a tree buff, πŸ€“
  15. Some more Palau island attack,quick mission builder
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