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  1. Yes a complicated area AI logic,I am sure they have nightmares over it,on the mission pop those goddamn balloons there are two,maybe your squad mates burst them before you
  2. spitfirevb defend airfield.zip bob theme.zip this is just experiment,replace your spitfirevb defend airfield with this new one,the bob theme zip put into your JSgMe mods folder,remember when you finish the mission to take it out again,its only works for this mission,or maybe you just want to play the mission without it,please use it with the new mission zip
  3. radio message from uboats asking for help.zip the three U-boats are moving in for the kill,the Russian ships are surrounded,you must get in quick before the Russian navy alerts the Russian airforce for help,also nearby is a Russian sub sink that as well if you can
  4. yes the bf110s are quite fast and they do not like to tangle with spits if they have any sense, glad you enjoyed the mission, I do like to get bombers or fighter bombers to get in fast drop their bombs and RTB, you can not always get the AI to do what you want. i find if you give them one set of bombs,they do not go back for a second bomb run,sometimes they do not bomb anything at all ( something to do with wind direction I have heard) I think if you have the wind turned up the bombers will fly around and linger to long over the target ( till they find the correct wind direction) so it may bea good idea if making bombing missions to have wind set on low, I may be wrong on this,but it seems to be the case . bombers flying over the target three or four times till they release their bombs would be dumb in reality. i quests the AI can be too clever for their own good sometimes in this sim
  5. another mission for slower computers, the challenge in this mission is to find and bomb the target also to get back to base and land in rainy conditions jet surprise attack.zip
  6. only one plane needed in this mission,another revamp on a more early mission inspecting the damage revamp.zip This next mission inspecting the damage should be ok ,I will be revamping some of my more early missions,so will be adding no more planes,so they should work on your pc ok
  7. yes you can put in any,but maybe not so realistic for flying circus effects
  8. another effect to add into any of your particles folders n_hitflame.zip
  9. been working on getting the trench,no mans land explosions better,replace these and overwrite in your ww1 effects mods folder particles n_bigexplosionsmoke.zip n_bigexplosionsmoke_su.zip n_whitesmoke8_su.zip
  10. not done a spad mission yet so here goes usa spad first sortie.zip
  11. lots of planes in this mission,get up early and defend the airfield,we are running out of planes and decent pilots to fly them ww1 raf get everything up cap our airfield.zip
  12. the battle from the raf side,sorry no hurricane or channel map,but a fun mission ,quite a busy mission so may need a fairly powerful pc,will be making some lighter missions peewit convoy raf side.zip go after the stukas,stop them bombing the ships,let your squad mates tangle with the bf109es
  13. the raf are outnumbered in this mission,they came in larger numbers later on,this was sort of the first day of the battle of britain convoy peewit.zip
  14. battle of britain defend convoy.zip the nearest I could get to a sort of battle of Britain experience,done on kuban map
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