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  1. I think it’s bad enough for people who play multiplayer too be shot down,without the added gore to make them feel worse. as a singe player mode.(not as bad but it still not make anyone’s day) conclusion no point too this at all,
  2. many thanks I think I will turn it off
  3. In the settings in game there is no way to change the bloom effect in the main bos folder in data in startup.cfg ( there is bloom-enable=1 is what mine is set to by default ) can anyone tell me more about bloom effect,what it does etc. can you turn it off ,will it save on FPS if you do,or can you increase it with no performance drop. sorry about my lack off knowledge,I just want to know what it’s for. many thanks
  4. Plane mechanic simulator,new game on the market on sale on steam. for me you spend enough time flying from a to b,without extra time spent on refueling etc
  5. Parachute nuns,ufos,flying tanks whatever next !!! 😱
  6. If you see a plane on your six it’s proberly too late ( you’re doomed already )
  7. war is really cruel😡
  8. Are combat dogs implemented in tank crew, soviet dogs fitted with timed bombs to run up to German panzers,release a cord and run back to their handlers. this was used ( no joke, just watching it on ww2 weird,on yesterday channel ) you can hear the howling dogs so they must be somewhere,dog solders beware
  9. Duxford is well worth a visit if you have time not far from stanstead airport,and not too far from Cambridge well worth a visit if you want try the best beer, a pint off ghost ship,wow that’s a great drop off the amber nectar if I ever knew one
  10. One like the old microphrose europeon air war would be super cool
  11. I just started flying in clod blitz and have downloaded some good campaigns. i flew 4 missions on Dunkirk campaign,I came back to this campaign again this morning,too carry on from where I left off to find I have too start again. any fix for this anyone ( no record off what I shot down no medals) really spoils a very good sim ( ai not perfect but much better than bos) wouldnt be great if we mixed all the best bits from all the flight sims over the years, by the way I have never flown DCS or war thunder,but just about everything else over the years. maybe a good thread would be people vote on the best parts on every individual flight sim. ie best FM great battles,best cockpits clod blitz ,best flak cfs1 or b-17,bestAI WOFF,best gameplay EAW etc etc
  12. If it keeps going on like this the Russian Air Force will run out off pilots. how can I get them too RTB so they can fight another day🤫 Every time before I fly fighter campaigns,this is my first fighter bomber campaign with a sturmovik. it shows up the AI behaviour really really bad. is a fix coming soon?
  13. As leader in campaign mode,I try order all other planes too RTB ,but they all kept flying around ground objects. all my planes got shot down I had too fly home alone very 😟
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