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  1. no someone else did those, I will continue with more missions when I get back from vacation,these will be German planes then Russian planes as I want to do a few missions for each plane. as I said before these are easy quick missions ( no long flying times to get from a to b )
  2. ju-52 important cargo.zip in this mission the challenge is to stay right behind the ju-52 in the dark so you can watch it drop off its important cargo,thats it just something different to do,besides I wanted to get the ju-52 into a mission,of course if you do not own the ju-52 it will not work
  3. tempest2.zip just a routine air patrol in snowy conditions, luffewaffe planes are in the area,they are more brave than expert pilots this is my last allied mission for a while,moving onto German planes bodenplatte map,try make more intercept missions as happened more often at that stage of the war. will have to think of some driefings the honorable major hiffenhous will make!
  4. tempest xmas mission.zip wishing you all a very merry xmas
  5. meplanes1969


    Many thanks,I have done some new single missions,you can check them out the best one is spitfire taxi to runway in missions pack. have fun and happy flying🤩 I forgot to mention you do need battle of bodenplatte to fly the missions
  6. awesome video,happy to have helped with some of my effects,really hope to see more vids like this one in the future. I have stopped working on effects at the moment,and have started to do some missions,you can check them out on the single missions page, try the spitfire taxi to runway one, try first on auto pilot,if not wait till the sirens go before starting your engine,you may get a nasty surprise! the spitfire is a real challenge to taxi. your videos are Hollywood style really great to watch
  7. spitfire2 revenge.zip because of the mess up on the last mission Leigh Mallory has sent Vera Lynn to play a private concert for you chaps,
  8. Many thanks feel free to add any of my missions and future missions as well,I will try to do 2 missions for every plane,these are just quick missions with a bit more excitement I hope ( I do not want any long missions and I want the FPS to be ok for lower end PCs ) when I get to the Russian planes my briefings maybe bit more basic as I do not know quite so much about the culture of that part of the war,also bomber missions may a bit same,same due to just bombing something,I will try make them interesting, as I said before these missions are for people after a long days work who just want a quick get in a plane and have some fun,by the way I have plenty of time because of injury to my shoulder I have had to rest from working for a few weeks,hope you all have happy flying,and yes we do need more modders out there😁
  9. I must admit this last spitfire pans out more like a Battle of Britain or battle of France mission ,when British aircraft were trying to leave their airfields under heavy attack
  10. spitfire taxi to runway.zip this is my most insane mission yet,took me ages to get the timings right, please first play this on autopilot you will see what I mean after the mission ends, after that try to taxi your spitfire to the runway and take off,it’s very hard to taxi the spitfire, hope you enjoy this mission and have a good day anyone got any good tips on how to taxi the spitfire I am ok with most other planes if you do fly this without autopilot please wait for the sirens to begin before you start
  11. I want to try to do some feasible market garden missions,I know I can use spitfires and tempests,so maybe some planes we not have maybe will need to be replaced by other planes that are currently in the game. some aerial reconnaissance pics just to start with. arnhem,Nijmegen and grave bridges I will have to get my thinking cap on to try to do any missions on this battle,maybe a bridge to far!!
  12. p-38 shaken but not stirred.zip tip for this mission stay right behind james in front of you do everything he does
  13. operation shaken but not stirred mission on its way,flying the p-38 lightning
  14. when I have finished making a couple of missions for each plane I will put them all in one pack,or you can go into your missions folder,make your own folder call it what you want eg I call my folder quickww2 , jade monkey has a really good mission pack for download, he has 4 different folders, fighter,bomber,attack and another I can not remember,so yes you can make an empty folder and call it what you want
  15. one interesting thing on this mission try to fly over the nearby airfield volkel, looks like it’s already taken a pounding
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