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  1. Just some general ww2 effects pics, what I can see in watching gun camera footage off ground attacks, ( I see the bouncing tracers which is very well done in the game ) what I do see is white puffs on impact with the ground and sparks when hitting objects ) By the way the middle one is not a meteor strike, it’s a ww2 plane crash
  2. Does anyone know the name of the effects file that creates the ground hits effects ( it’s in the particles,graphics ) I can not find the one that effects that anyone’s help would be much help,
  3. I really do not get stutters, I only have a 1050 ti graphics card. granted I get lag when busy situations but I would expect that with the hardware I have. background processes were the cause of my stutters and poor gaming experience before,ie windows updates running in the background plus many other things, I will not get into too much detail but there are many vids and forums out there that can help
  4. perhaps your stutters are nothing to do with the game, maybe a problem with your pc. i have a low grade system and I run the game lovely smooth with no stutters
  5. Hello I get the same issue and have been looking into what could be the cause. i do not know if this helps but it has seemed to fix my problem. first I reinstall my game from scratch ( I know it’s a pain, proberly you need not to ) I go into my computer bios and my fan settings are set to silent mode,I change to normal mode setting and hey presto it seems to fix my dwinderling FPS issue. i can now keep my FPS at the same level no matter how long I play ( I do know a lot PCs set fan speeds silent and I know you can set your fan speed curve in nvidia inspector but this did not seem too work for me ) it’s weird but I get this tip online somewhere and it does work for me, I hope this maybe help a few people
  6. even landed the thing!!
  7. it’s a logical enough question, when the map is finished in ( in timeframe say such and such a day cologne was bombed, as example, after that date will in look destroyed look, as before it was bombed it will look normal. just a simple question! I am talking campaign mode here,or even in quick combat ( Stalingrad map is damaged too fly over )
  8. already we saw in devs diary’s how bombed towns,cities would look. when bobenplatte is finished will the cities be bombed, as in historical timeframe in the campaign?
  9. It’s better than the DCS Normandy map, and it’s not even finished. medels all round for the two and a half guys, or 2.5 guys should I say
  10. yes I know it’s not the final work. its just a few questions for the map too have in the future. also I forgot will we have v1 and v2 rocket sites ( now I am really dreaming ) that would really be something, there is so many things that can be done with this map really great things too look forward to in the future. many thanks to the devs for all the hard work 😴🤝🥳
  11. Great update, love the new map. just a few questions ( I know it’s not finished ) 1. When I set my weather to windy, for the small amount off ocean I do not get waves as in Kuban map,will this be implemented at a later date? 2. Will we get those funny men or women that walk around the airfields,I like this very much as it gives atmosphere to airfields. 3. the trains are still Russian trains on the new map,also are we getting any new allied or axis ships? 4. also I drove a tank into a city, do we get any dogs barking,bells ringing or any general noise ( it seems a bit dead like a ghost town) maybe a few windmills in Holland ? i know as the saying goes ( you can please some of the people some off the time but you can not please all off the people all off the time ) 5. do we get river barges, I would love too see these at a later date,they made very important target as they ferried a lot goods around the country
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