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  1. meplanes1969

    oil sploosh

    oil sploosh.zip i have tested and works ok for me JSGME friendly
  2. This is looking good,I have the textures from maps I saved on my old pc,I also have some other textures,if you could find them useful maybe I can put on mediafire,it’s great to have more people who want to do more mods http://www.mediafire.com/file/34frgh7w7tucyg9/desert+type+textures.zip/file i hope you maybe can find use of these textures and i look forward to your project
  3. soviet barrage stalingrad revamp.zip another revamped mission,you have to wait for the stukas to bomb first then in your duck with your cannons attack the rocket launchers they work ok for me,maybe try just installing all files into your missions folder🎈 some times you have to keep clicking on your folders twice sometimes
  4. they work ok for me but here is the pack skuka hawks squadron.zip you have play them as seperate missions
  5. I will have a look later I think there are 7 missions
  6. Good mission this last one to practice your landing skills in the ju-52 the AI are much more better at shooting since the last update,but you should not come across any in this mission if your bf109f escort do their jobs. do make sure you clear the runway after you land if not the other ju-52s will not land with their supplies. do not land at the airfield,if you have markers turned on you will see the red markers to land between,if not a small fire and smoke to look out for
  7. defend the ju-52s revamp.zip another revamp mission this time take control in the ju-52 landing in stalingrad to resupply the sixth army
  8. Yes those armoured cars get a lot petrol fumes,it’s easy to get a high as a kite 😯
  9. last one sleeping on the job,must be a court martial offenc surely!! 🤕
  10. death bay bf110g revamp.zip full haze on,do not know if this effects fps. finish off the ships trapped in the bay this last mission best played with my latest set of effects in the mods section,have fun
  11. Is it me or since the new update everything seems to be brighter 😎 I stick to 4x AAA the 8x seems to slow me down
  12. in your effects particles folder overwrite the old one your main sturmovik folder then data-graphics-textures-particles
  13. the problem with the orginal stock effects alot of the smokes have a dual use, which makes it complicated to get everything 100 per cent correct. ie the rocket smoke
  14. yes the stock one is ok,but the one in my latest effects is to bright
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