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  1. asch y-29 revised.zip have revised this mission now p-51 have skin moonbeam mcswine,bill whisner,also now the fw190-8 have no bombs and have the in game jg11 skins,take off and defend your airfield from attack ,the hun will come from the sun,bodenplatte mission,with as much realism as I could manage if you have downloaded this mission before overwrite the old files,do not put them together they may well clash
  2. part four helgas bulge.zip you fly in the last ju-52 as your plane is to carry medical supplies,wait behind the other ju-52s only release your troopers after helga and her other planes have released their paratroopers stay tuned for more exciting adventures of gruffburgers war
  3. gruffburger m4.zip for this mission the war is at 29th sept 1944, the war is going badly for the allies,with mother gruffburgers wonder planes they are turning the tide of the war. Hermann goering is under house arrest and mother gruffburger and her sons have taken control of the Luftwaffe,will the allies be able to turn the war back into their favour? stay tuned for more exciting adventures of gruffburgers war
  4. helgas revenge.zip in this mission Helga and her son fly in bf110.they are immune from enemy fire and will survive, you will not if you do not keep out of the flak,you will fly in a ju88 the allies will have to find a way to defeat this secret weapon very soon or the germans will win the war, find out in the future missions if this can be done
  5. gruffburger2 james bonds help.zip will do mission 3 tomorrow, mother gruffburgers revenge,hope you enjoy these missions, they are just for fun,if you leave labels on you can see names of the pilots,try shoot head son down he has super powers
  6. first meeting with the gruffburger family.zip mother gruffburger who has 15 children 14 of them boys,all of which have joined the luftwaffe,six of them are already trained,the rest of her sons are in training,rumour has it mother gruffburger fought on the eastern front brings me back to the days of playing the first return to castle wolfenstein,the best story lines ever, a bit dated but still my fav game of all time, mother helga gruffburger is a elite flyer as well,but she has trouble fitting into a cramped cockpit herself these days, maybe they will convert a plane that she can fit into !!
  7. do not get what you are on about,I am not swapping out the Stalingrad winter textures,in fact I have only used very few , how can you get a full winter map with large areas of no snow,I have not even put it up for a mod yet !! its not even finished yet, can not do these things in a few hours , nothing is perfect if you do a mod,nobody is saying it has to be perfect,it is preference if somebody downloads it or not,if you use JSME you can just use it once then if you do not like it then it’s up to you, some mods on here I do not like but I do not comment. in fact I will forget this idea as it was not my idea in the first place
  8. I have done a bit of a rework of your winter map,I wanted a full winter scenery,I hope it would be ok for me to release these,with your permission, some screenshots so you can see, should the towns be more snow covered? or would they look like this in real life,if so I can just replace some from the winter Moscow or Stalingrad map, good idea by the way,I do not want to steal your credit, but I want to do a mission pack that suits the kuban map
  9. 23rd march wessel.zip part 2 of my attack wesel missions,again this will need quite powerful pc
  10. attack wesel p-47.zip this one is for more powerful pcs,played ok for me but get a few stutters over the town
  11. meplanes1969


    some screenshots in earlier pages maybe several changes to the last one released,had a white haze around exploding objects,now you get improved explosions,do a tank mission and you will see,also the large explosions a better blend of smoke,do a quick mission over stalingrad and you will see,also a few smoke improvements
  12. try fly this mission right back to base, I put more flak about so your journey home will not be so easy,I have updated my effects pack in the mods section,
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