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  1. Key sent Hurri, went through fine this time, enjoy!!
  2. all keys sent right away, pleas check again (under your profile/licenses) and let me know..
  3. just to add my 2 cents.. WOL ping usually 230-280. stutters like crazy w new maps/update Combat Box ping <50-100 No Stutters Ping/netcode/ or mission logic?
  4. srry Paco, Bodenplate all gone! will have to wait for the next sale/then giveaway..
  5. thx! i am pretty sure i read somewhere that French also had reverse throttles at one point; I researched pretty much all the period Italian planes and cannot find a similar quadrant..
  6. WW2/pre/post war, located in Czech, unknown hx, thx!! French/Italian? (reverse numbering?)
  7. will reserve one, send me his handle/forum name same here
  8. will reserve one for him, let me know his handle once set up
  9. srry no BON; have to wait for a sale p for PREMIUM
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