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  1. thx! works great with IL2BOX! additional question, Andre, will u be adding DCS support for Wings? or i have to buy/run SimShakers for Aviators.. srry, maybe I overlooked it, couldnt find how to make DCS work Wings
  2. Delete previous install or the update just overwrites with no problem?
  3. Same here, pls Also update install procedure? Thx
  4. I am happy to gift u BOKp. If not working well, u can keep until better hardware or u can re-gift...
  5. Turns out I did not not have to do anything in the Win settings! (super happy, b/c Win 10 sound control panel trick not possible w/o Voicemeeter or similar software, at least in my case..) Plugged in my BKs I to the audio out from my AsusRog monitor (Displayport) choose it as an output in the SimshakersWings set up and VOILÀ! IT IS AWESOME!!!!
  6. I just saw it myself on Berloga server 3 nights ago.
  7. The Mig has been for sale for a while....fiscally not sustainable.. I think they will continue to do well, just have to scale back some of their more ambitious projects. They better stay open for a long long time because I am planning on volunteering there when I retire
  8. thx! do I need another software (Voicemeeter) to have both the HDMI output to the BKs AND speakers at the same time or just manage through the Win?
  9. hopefully it will all work out... i would definitely delete all Target associated files for starters, also consider different USB port hope its not a hardware issue..
  10. this looks really interesting!!! i have 2 buttkickers (via split base output) is this software (with or w/o the bass shaker option) all i need? or some additional hardware interface? thx!
  11. so srry! uninstall TARGET! no need have had TMx3 for now seems like 100 years. NEVER used TARGET ( i know some people like it and use it) simple assignments are done from within the sim - just open controls, double click the field, etc, pretty easy once u get going! as long as the TM was recognized by Windows as a controller, it should work flawlessly!
  12. mostly flying fighter bombers, so admittedly my focus many times scattered between target localizing and looking for EA threats BUT still, at least for me, i wish the EAs in MY RELEVANT range could be little easier to see....
  13. I love my 4k monitor, eventho i am definitely dying more...to see someone first rarely happens.. i just can not give up the immersion eye candy Also; it is super easy to ID the contacts in 4k as i am going down in flames
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