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  1. Thx so much. I like the German accent, keep it!!
  2. anyone has the list of SRS German call signs? they are little hard for me to understand...
  3. It took me little while to sort it out initially but no harder than whisper function in TS... You seriously have to checkout Combat Box. The immersion it adds is amazing.. It has a description of the main two channels/function in the mission/server info
  4. This! Finnish super quiet. try CBox, its awesome!
  5. Almost the same set up! Luv it. 2nd Buttkicker on the chair post..
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Low-Level-Hell-Scout-Pilot-ebook/dp/B001QAP3JQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=low+level+hell&qid=1608246630&sr=8-1 Absolutely insane. I can not believe these guys lived through all that and some. One of my patients flew scouts. Was able to return to normal life, retired recently after working as a judge. Crazy shite.
  7. so srry about your experience.. just installed everything on my second rig... all smooth and good.. also, it is probably well known, no need for second sound card if u have a monitor w sound output and running DP cable..
  8. any movie with real ww2 crates is worth checking it out. even if u have to turn the sound off and skip through some silly CGI at times btw u gotta see Dark Blue World.. one of the best aviation related ww2 out there imho...
  9. just went from "open" straight to UPS tracking notification.. yeah! ordered 7.27
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