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  1. little off topic - anyone knows what the S and M stand for... really hard time finding out...
  2. i bet that is why.. found this, pretty cool hx http://vintageairphotos.blogspot.com/2013/09/an-american-messerschmitt.html
  3. We will definitely try to go there for its first flight. The rumor is that it will only fly once...then static... 2 rare just like their D-13..
  4. almost though about flying there for a day (live in AK) just visited there last week, that place is awesome had a back stage tour, witnessed fw-190 and p-51 engine check, and earl am il-2 flight... the level of dedication/attention to detail these guys have is unbelievable...
  5. i have an extra vol2 w/o jacket if anyone is interested, would let go for the price of shipping
  6. wierd my TrackIR was goofing up once, super frustrating until I realized i was wearing my running shirt. It had a couple of small reflective spots in the front logo design...
  7. or just bright light (even window/daylight) behind you...
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