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  1. just used twice today w Visa, np had trouble in past w Paypal
  2. have not flown 88 in a while but this might help - just try to keep tail on the ground (stick full back) until 100km/h or so ... u will need less brakes
  3. welcome! Track IR essential Decent joystick, throttle combo and rudder pedals crucial Can not go wrong with CH Pro combo and for rudders CH Pro or Logitech/Saitek G PRO for starters I love my TM Warthog and MFG rudders setup..
  4. I have a German patient that was in HJ, manning 37mm AAA. He told me several years ago they called them Turbos. 1st time i heard that then.
  5. little off topic - anyone knows what the S and M stand for... really hard time finding out...
  6. i bet that is why.. found this, pretty cool hx http://vintageairphotos.blogspot.com/2013/09/an-american-messerschmitt.html
  7. We will definitely try to go there for its first flight. The rumor is that it will only fly once...then static... 2 rare just like their D-13..
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