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  1. any movie with real ww2 crates is worth checking it out. even if u have to turn the sound off and skip through some silly CGI at times btw u gotta see Dark Blue World.. one of the best aviation related ww2 out there imho...
  2. just went from "open" straight to UPS tracking notification.. yeah! ordered 7.27
  3. as a fighter bomber/Jabo guy I absolutely love it, super stable, tons of punch, turns well and oh so docile...
  4. Guys, as much as I live and breathe box, gotta sleep sometimes. And work. And family. Hold your horses. Trying to keep up. Will send keys as soon as I can... 😀 Also, anyone asking for friends, need their forum handle.. If your name not on the list, you were late, srry...
  5. check you email under your profile/licenses click activate
  6. will send keys within 24-48 hrs srry if u were late...pls check what is still available..
  7. Srry all gone! Only few rules again. U have not gotten anything from me before. 1st come. If asking for a friend, he or she better be at least semi-serious about trying it.... Stay safe!! Found good homes: BOSp 5 zanzibar, LUIZ-MG, alexash689, darkfienddoku, njr2005BOMp 6 tioghost, SE.VH_dimu, 4ps_seasick, nielscnossen, falcao-br, captin_pelleyBOKp 5 zzzxxxxzzz, kitkat21, phill42phill42, nathaniel_, qorBOBp 4 pinguim, orbit, esel_kong, itaf_febaba,BONp 1 dogefighterIl2Tobruk 1 sirflappyIl2FC 1 =expend=cg_justinFw190a3 1 II./SG2-OssfossDora 3 lolrawr, se.vh_caputi36, gfunc U2 2 jamboman1512, palontrasG6 1 IV./JG51F_MullerHs129 1 SCG_gustav_hageJu52 1 thewarsimmerP38 5 SE.VH_shark_leaden, itaf_airone1989, tadotadochip, 41sqn_skipper, lord_stauffenberHurri 1 -=PHX=-superetenardYak1b 1 manstein16Yak9 1 40plusYak9T 1 leroy272La5s8 1 motivatedLa5fn 1 galm=leftenant_geraldP40 1 geoweb35Mc202 1 E69_qpassa_vrSpitV 1 SKG210_molders
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