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  1. make sure u deselect engine 2 before staring 1? i had little trouble initially, 2
  2. aahhh! the pic was a part of an error reporting discussion that lead to the sight being corrected during one of the official updates
  3. http://www.pumaszallas.hu/Private/VO101_Tom/DCS/DCS_Fw-190_D-9_Flight_Manual_EN.pdf 1. Windshield wash? 2. Yes
  4. The city damage looks great! Ty!!!!!
  5. That is simply not correct. You certainly can train and be more adapt to -Gs. But this is not the physiology. Any good Flight Surgery textbook/manual will explain.
  6. Faucon i agree with you 100% & I know you are a RL pilot. I should have have put redouts in quotation marks...Visual disturbance from negative Gs have been called redouts historically and for a reason..and the terminology most likely is here to stay. Blurred vision and sensory loss would be perfect Maybe with a little touch of red/reddish or pink if sustained/extreme.....
  7. I am not saying the sim is perfect - even tho it is pretty close 😉. The G effects could use some work, and the trim exploit is what it is. Btw, I know a little about Gs, i flunked the F-16 profile twice... :) I have read over the last 20-30 years anything and everything i could get my hands on in regard to WW2 air combat. I do recall quite few WW2 pilot descriptions of extreme maneuvers that saved their live when they had an EA on their 6... even the famous Hartmann's escape...and its no surprise those did not end up as gun camera footage... The -Gs need work for sure; one would think it should not be too hard to model the red-outs better... and u would not see the aggressive nose overs used as frequently As far as not wanting to die in the MP when you are cornered? Unless you truly cheating, I feel you can do whatever you want...and I also agree fully with Thad above. Anyway, my 2 cents..
  8. Have u checked Requiem's tutorials? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwV5RLX7mkaDy5gTIiuwGmg Also this and this:
  9. I have had couple personal email us from him within last few months, and it might be slightly delayed but overall it is on the right track. Most recent email was asking for addresses for aviation bookstores and hobby shops
  10. I just was dealing with that yesterday you have to reload/ reinstall the Windows Mixed Reality FROM Steam then it worked
  11. Pm me. W do u live? Have couple original sticks, and couple models, might be able to get 3d from a friend..
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