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  1. Excellent summary and suggestions Sonicapollo! One of the best concise mini write-ups i have seen! The only question I have is how well were regular pilot trained to prevent GLOC. In all my WW2 reading, i do not recall one mention of any official training/instruction, even though reportedly the development of the AGSM as we know it today dates back to WW2 days.. Now, if most pilots had at least some training/basic understanding of some variation of AGSM, then great, i agree with your proposal 100% On the other hand...it is super easy to black out at 6-7 Gs....- with no strain or even worse, with a deep exhale/briefly relaxing... btw, i had to go Holloman 3x... took me few tries to pass the f16 profile..................maybe the most strenuous physical thing i ever did..
  2. nice!!! would luv to get a ride in the back seat!
  3. by SCG_Limbo (thank you!)
  4. Super promising. High hopes for similar results in 4k...
  5. "You see who transmits on the radio overlay so not needed on the client connected list. (As long as it's enabled)" And it works great, I just wish that it would display little tiny bit longer...by the time I glance at the OL, often its gone...
  6. if lot of peeps on , might be too much... maybe callsign/handle displayed second or 2 longer... after they transmit..
  7. And so is untreated HTN; i bet lot would qualify here 😆
  8. it is incremental, u have to keep pushing "UP" button..
  9. i think i would just re-install the whole game...
  10. ??? There should be quite few... Corrupted or missing skin folder..?
  11. On a desk , about 1m/3ft This is my set up w my previous monitor, 4k 34 Predator, 60, gsync. It was great but the bigger the better (easier spotting sec. to pixel density..); I did not use to believe that 60 vs. 100 frequency makes a difference but...
  12. Srry! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084F3T553/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_--OsFb118XK0S
  13. pricey but awesome (in my sig) able to run at 90-120 most of the time all maxed out except mirrors, reflect and shadows 1 click below max
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