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  1. I think we can safely assume Rudel did not use the Russian Shpitalny Sh-37 on German armour. We may be comparing apples and oranges here.
  2. The dragons are over-modelled. There's no way a non-projectile flames can do that amount of damage to an airframe. Besides, the Brits had the better dragons!
  3. Another splendid story! One thing though, wouldn't the Russian speak of the planes as feminines?
  4. The ROF templates are works of art, I'm really looking forward to sinking my teeth into these ones!
  5. The damage model with the delayed collapse is amazing!
  6. In RoF they actually have pistols can be used in flight. I guess they have limited use in a WWII-setting.
  7. I'm afraid I can't help it, I hail from at least 3 generations of railroad people on my mother's side.
  8. Landmarks! Good landmarks! This map is going to be a joy to fly over!
  9. Spot on! I searched for "LaGG-3 sunny summer", and there she was. It's strictly speaking autumn, but it looked so nice and sunny, I thought it might help Trooper's mood.
  10. The flames functions as a substitute for the sun, releasing endorphins and make you want to eat and breed and all that.
  11. You do amazing work, Foobar! Should everything go south with BoS, there's always RailWorks. It's a bit short on auto canons and flight models though.
  12. There's not enough "like" options on this board to adequatly express my joy over this!
  13. Good point on the fun-aspect! As zoom-in-and-move-around function for placing objects is essential, as it also gives you a very good way to judging how this will look from the ground.
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