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  1. You are right about the terminology, but I can't agree with you it did everything contemporary fighters did. Temporary Allied fighters perhaps, but it was never put to heavy bomber interception like their Axis counterparts. Had it been, I'm sure it had been found lacking in the armament department very quickly.
  2. You can see gun-cam steam explosions here, at the 3:17 mark:
  3. Try to switch roles for the two, and and I think you'd see what I mean. An 109 would be useless in the long escort role. A Mustang would be useless in a heavy bomber interception role. Different planes, different roles. The "short blanket theorem" applies here to. The Mustang was an amazing machine, but what made it amazing was not it's dog-fighter capabilities, which were OK but hardly stellar. What made it amazing was that it was able to fly halfway across a continent (or sea) and still be a competent fighter. No other machine could match that. It sacrificed destruction power and manoeuvrability to achieve that goal, as a short range interceptor I'd put my money of any on the alternative designs mentioned in this thread (109, Spitfire, Yak). They would have had to turn back over Holland had the tried it out in the Mustangs role though. Short blanket again. And no, the Mustang was not an air superiority fighter. That concept did not even exist until well after the Mustang was out of service. It was billeted and used primarily as an escort fighter, and should be judged accordingly.
  4. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Remove the yellow/orange tint to exploding steam engines, make the explosion pure white. A steam engine blowing up does so due to the boiler rupturing and steam escaping. The cloud escaping is pure steam, not fire. The super heated water in a boiler can cause en explosion about 1/10th of the similar weight in TNT (e.g. 10 tons of superheated water will produce a blast equivalent to one ton of TNT). A steam engine will explode when the boiler fails, but it is a "cold" explosion (well, at least not glowing hot). Benefits: Immersion
  5. The train explosions look a bit off to me. There's no fuel that will explode in a steam engine with solid fuel (coal, wood), the big explosions you'll see on gun camera recordings from the war are high pressure steam explosions from the boiler failing. There should be no orange or yellow flame tint to the explosion, it is just water vapour condensating the moment the pressure falls and it hit cold air. I don't know how badly it would damage a plane flying over it. A breaking boiler do not produce a supersonic explosion, so there's shock-wave associated with it. It could throw up metal debris though.
  6. A jet fighter is put through quite a bit of stress, and the fuselage and engine will start to deteriorate beyond cost effectiveness at some point. Reading all this makes me wonder if it hadn't been better to restart the assembly line of some older machines (F16 for instance) woth updated electronics. It would be far, far cheaper, and the F16 can already fly, and fire it's gun.
  7. To some degree it is, but the white winter camo is meant to be washable with water. I used that stuff in the army. Come spring time, a water hose and a brush would take it off. Any polishing and scrubbing will weaken the paint and make it chip, even the aerolacks, but much, much slower. As a rule of thumb, the more glossy paints are the more resistant.
  8. It seems someone with the time and skill will have to sit down and go through the whole spectrum from black to white to see what shade does what.
  9. In addition to what Possumkiller wrote, all the little bits of ice and snow left on the engine housing would melt when the engine was warming up, and the water would wash away the paint. Unlike the proper German or Russian regulation aeroplane paint, the white wash was porous (in order to be as mat as possible), making all kind of dirt stick to it. If you tried to was off all the dirt, the white paint would come off too.
  10. Now, all we need is IL2skins.com version II, and we're all set!
  11. Mid-war is the most playable time-frame for on-line wars and co-ops in my view as well! East front is great with it's emphasis on ground operations, but I would not mind some Africa or Burma scenario to fly over either Oh, and I'm in the "take my money"-crowd. I don't think we'll get what we have here anywhere else for the foreseeable future.
  12. Wikipedia says it has twin ion engines, so I guess what we are see burning is the fuel from the axillary atmospheric engines.
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