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  1. Seems the change came with the F-model: http://www.aviation-history.com/curtiss/p40.html Quote: This was reduced slightly in the YP-40F, which, like later variants, had the Packard-built Merlin V-1650-1 and revised cooling, the air intake above the cowling being incorporated in the radiator scoop.
  2. Didn't the scope design also change with version? The E was a Kittihawk I with an Allison, the later Kittihawk II and Warhawks had Packard Merlins. I beieve they had somewhat larger intakes.
  3. It's horribly ugly, but if IL21046 is anything to go by it was an amazing machine. The cannon armament really let it shine though.
  4. Too bad at turning to be a dogfighter, to bad at climbing to be an energy fighter. The speed was OK though, and it worked well as an bomber destroyer.
  5. Quite. We hear about it from all fronts, but we also hear about this being prosecuted. Even the über-evil German SS or conducted their atrocities in small villages or in hidden camps. Their Soviet counterpart the NKVD hid away in the Katyn forest to execute the Polish officers, knowing full well how the regular army would react. The callous attitude to prisoners of war in Hollywood films is a fairly recent phenomenon, and not representative of what you would learn from reports from either side during the war, particularly not in Western Europe. Death rate among German POWs in American hands are estimated to 0,15%*. Most people dropping their guns and sticking their hands in the air in the ETO survived. Had the "Hollywood" treatment of prisoners been the norm, soldiers would have very little to gain by surrendering and would fight to their death. * From Ferguson, Niall (2004). "Prisoner Taking and Prisoner Killing in the Age of Total War: Towards a Political Economy of Military Defeat". War in History 11 (2): 148–92, see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allied_war_crimes_during_World_War_II
  6. I was something of a compulsory collector of I-16 skins for old IL2. It was a difficult plane to skin well, and good skins were hard to come by, the best ones were by a guy called Kamikuza (shameless fan-plug). There should be plenty of nice schemes to nick.
  7. It would have been interesting to see what it would be able to do if the table were turned. Imagine the RAF having really built up reserved in 1938-39 and gone on an all-out bombing offensive against the Luftwaffe-held bases in France. A sky black with Wellingtons and Hamptdens, eskorted by Hurries and Spitfires. The Fairey Battle and Beaufighter in the roles of Stukas and Bf 110s respectively. My prediction is the short-range Bf 109 E with their cannons would be a horribly effective adversary.
  8. All of these designs had their good and bad points. In a nerdy kind of way it is interesting to speculate how these machines match up, what condition would favour who etc. It's a matter of taste I presume.
  9. Man, I can't wait to fly that tubby little thing!
  10. Luckily, a lot of what goes on on-line is low-level furballs.
  11. I guess you could say the P-40 is the American's Hurricane, tough and dependable, but overshadowed by more modern designs. It's only real fault is not having a 4 x Hispano armament like the Hurri Mk. IIc. Yes, I admit it: I have a thing for Hurricanes.
  12. This is a wonderful addition to the hobby! Thanks to the site admins for providing such a service to us! I have a small suggestion: When the number of skins on the site start to increase, would it be possible to group them by categories like "historical", "semi-historical" and "just for fun" or a similar grading? This was done on old IL2.skins, and was a very practical tool.
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