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  1. Take a look at the polls as to where people want the next theatre to be... hands down winner is Africa and the Med. That's why you will see these type of skins constantly.



    Ad to that quite a few of the African schemes are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Also with the TIFF tells me that the RAM is insufficient and

    do not open, nor can I save it in PSD...

    But because only with the P40?!?! I don't understand. :wacko:

    Really thanks for your help!


    Jason wrote in the post when he posted it that he had left all the layers in an un-collapsed state. The others have their layers largely merged. Perhaps the P40 template is a tad lager than the others?

  3. Nope.


    The Pe-3 is the Pe-3. It's quite a different machine. For one thing it's only got a crew of 2. It's got different armour, a generally lighter built and slightly higher performance than contemporary Pe-2s.


    AFAIK no Pe-2 ever carried autocannon.


    Oh yes, I remember that one. I used to have it as a faux Bf 110 againt my I-16 before we got an actual 110 (and a realistic I-16).

  4. @Heliopause; what a very interesting article.  The Soviets had approx. a thousand planes for the defence of Moscow - the majority of which were Hurricanes?  Didn't know that.  Hmmm.....so the next expansion is BoM but we won't have the Hurricane.


    He state that "some 400 Hurricanes took part in the defence of the North".


    Murmansk map, just sayin'...

  5. Just to keep on the original topic, here's a nice shot of a field modified Hurricane, having had the Hispanos ripped out and replaces with a single ShVAK 20 mm auto-cannon in each wing. 




    The Russians complained that the Hurricane was too slow, and judging by the picture it isn't hard to see why. This one is weighted down with rocket rails and winter paint, and the torn engine housing plates and layers of soot must have mate it exceptionally draggy.

  6. The 110 was also in use with 13.(Z)/JG5, and had some success as a fighter in the early stages.


    The sea was patrolled by long range aircrafts. I envision some very interesting fights between heavy fighters like P-3 and Bf 110s over the grey sea.


    5 most common leand-lease aircrafts received by the Soviets by number:


    Aircobra:       4 747

    Hurricane:     2 952

    Boston:         2 908

    King Cobra:  2 400

    P-40:            2 097


    The reason I mention Hurricane specificity is that a lot of Hurricanes was delivered by ship to Murmansk from the UK, while the Aircobras were often flown in via Alaska. Thus Hurricanes were typically flown a lot up North, at their entry point.

  7. Lots of things to be added there.  There were more Handley Page Hampdens serving in Murmansk with the Royal Australian Air Force than there were MC.202s at Stalingrad for example.   


    Now that would be cool!


    A lot of the almost 3 thousand Hurricanes the VVS received served there too.




    Seriously though, the Hurricane is a serious contender for a Murmansk map, having both a colourful story up North and serving in large numbers both with the Soviet airforce  and the naval aviation.

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