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  1. Amazing screenshot! Those fires really look hot.
  2. I suppose "revers Mistel" would be the proper term?
  3. There differently painted cowling is really cool, but there's something funny going on with the camp pattern, It don't line up.
  4. Ad to that quite a few of the African schemes are absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Oh, heavy fighter on heavy fighter action! Great video!
  6. Jason wrote in the post when he posted it that he had left all the layers in an un-collapsed state. The others have their layers largely merged. Perhaps the P40 template is a tad lager than the others?
  7. Oh yes, I remember that one. I used to have it as a faux Bf 110 againt my I-16 before we got an actual 110 (and a realistic I-16).
  8. He state that "some 400 Hurricanes took part in the defence of the North". Murmansk map, just sayin'...
  9. Looks like the RoF-type damage models would do quite well on them.
  10. I guess we should be pleased they even know it's a plane...
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