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  1. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    HE-111 Burning

    Amazing screenshot! Those fires really look hot.
  2. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    F2 and Pe2 Series 35 testflights

    I suppose "revers Mistel" would be the proper term?
  3. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    P-40 E Skins

    There differently painted cowling is really cool, but there's something funny going on with the camp pattern, It don't line up.
  4. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Mig-3 Series 24 Skins

    I love those "halfway" camo's!
  5. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Bf-109 E7 Skins

    Ad to that quite a few of the African schemes are absolutely gorgeous!
  6. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    The Pe-2, flying it russian style

    Oh, heavy fighter on heavy fighter action! Great video!
  7. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Bf-109 F4 skins

    Amazingly nice multi-layered paint!
  8. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Skinning - Quick and Dirty for absolute beginners

    Jason wrote in the post when he posted it that he had left all the layers in an un-collapsed state. The others have their layers largely merged. Perhaps the P40 template is a tad lager than the others?
  9. Nice find! Thanks for the heads up!
  10. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Difference between Pe-2 series 35 and 87?

    Oh yes, I remember that one. I used to have it as a faux Bf 110 againt my I-16 before we got an actual 110 (and a realistic I-16).
  11. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    9. April (April 9th) - movie

  12. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    Hurricane Aircraft used by Russia during WW2

    He state that "some 400 Hurricanes took part in the defence of the North". Murmansk map, just sayin'...
  13. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    please do a civilian sim with you physics !!!!

    Looks like the RoF-type damage models would do quite well on them.
  14. 79_vRAF_Friendly_flyer

    WW ll Crashed Soviet Fighter-Bomber

    I guess we should be pleased they even know it's a plane...