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  1. The simulator looks beautiful and goes very fast. But the AI is still quite poor and in the campaign the planes of your side fllying in formation continue to collide against each other, etc ...
  2. Hi. I am finding some strange behaviors in the artificial intelligence of the flights of the airplanes in the campaign of the Battle of Stalingrad, mainly with the E7. I have had cases in which they are going to make a bombing pass and they crash with the ground. On other occasions when trying to fly in formation they collide with each other in the air, or with the F4 that give them an escort, for example. I suppose the AI will improve over time. A greeting.
  3. I have to say that you have done an outstanding job with this version 3. The campaign mode is immersive and it is very good. The changes in the graphics are spectacular. I have an i7 3770K overclocked at 4'1 Ghz and a 960GTX and everything is going pretty well. A question about campaign mode. What you get in the missions is reflected dynamically in the rest, or has nothing to do? For example, enemy fighters diminish over time if I shoot down many of them? Another question. The BodenPlate operation can be very good, and this I imagine will also open the door for the campaign of the 8th Air Force in 1943 and 1944 on the Reich (B17's, etc ...). You would have thought later to go to the Pacific and make the campaigns of aircraft carriers or New Guinea, Guadalcanal, etc ...? Surely there are many people who would buy that like me without hesitation. A great job guys. I take my hat off for you.
  4. I see that you have taken the simulator to high graphics and good flight characteristics of the aircrafts. That's great, but I think you should invest more efforts in the realization of a good dynamic campaign for a single player. I do not know if it would interest many people, but I prefer to fly alone in a campaign than the multiplayer, and I think there will be enough people who think the same. The graphic part I agree is important, but there are more things that are equally important or more that I think have been left a little behind.
  5. Wonderful update.But I thought it included the campaign mode. For when is going to leave the campaign mode ?? Anyway great job
  6. Hello. The career mode will work for Battle of Stalingrad too, or only for Battle of Kuban??
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