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  1. OMG!!! so much awesomeness in one picture!! IAR80/81 one of my favourites in 1946 also mc200
  2. There was a server in hyperlobby for 1946 that hosted coops that you could choose it was great and easy fun
  3. Forget about the badge Got a fast response from support, they told me to do the "Get BOS on Steam" procedure and it worked! Thanks
  4. Same problem, not in Germany. Trying reinstall. I hope you are not giving some false cheating BAn. Hey my new BOM badge isn{t showing but in my profile it says key activated
  5. All that are following this topic, and that really want to look for solutions to this matter with an open impartial mind look here : http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25504-lets-put-together-new-report-fw-190a-3-han/
  6. Thank you! great idea! Just a few days ago Han posted this on the question for developers thread: As I've said many times before, rule is: in my PM box should be a message where will be: 1. Claim detailed decription, which explain all aspects of the claim 2. Supporting historical technical sources like flight manuals, flight test reports and so on, with strict pointing page and line where we should look for proofs 3. Strict flight tests in game, which shows significant difference between game and historical source. If it is - we start to investigate the claim. Two finals are possible: 1. We provide "our FM is ok" proofs 2. We fix the issue I'm hope it's clear. And, actualy, it works. I share the feelings of many that there is something to fix with the way the FW behaves, but for me is just a feeling, I don´t know anything about aerodinamics and have no proof. And i´m open to be proven wrong. But there are ppl that seams to know what they talk about but the way they conduct themselves makes me question their intentions and partiality. In the other thread I asked them to share their reports and responses from the Devs but noone will do, so either they didn´t report anything, or they got a response they are not willing to make public. If we could make a report put together by the communitty it will be great!
  7. Hairy, Kwiatek, Wulf, Manu, please post the reports you sent by PM to Han and also the response you got.
  8. Ok so make the report and responde public, and then the comunity can ask the devs to explain the "you got wrong logic" response... Or maybe we come to the conclusion that Devs are right.
  9. So, Han posted that they have wind tunnel data backing up the lift coefficients we have in game, but also said that they will be happy to make necessary changes y someone will report the FM issue by PM to him, with a certain format, and data. It will be great that those who say they have sufficient proof of an FM problem would PM Han, with the exact format he asked for, and then post the report AND the answer. Else all I see are forum members just showing off. At least I know who the Devs are.
  10. Nice move Grendel!!! Hi Super nice to see the PLR is still around! Really hope I can join you guys the 11th. It´s been months since the last time I fired up BOS
  11. Yak 1b one of my favourite planes in 1946. In that sim it was a perfect dogfight match against 109 F4
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