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  1. If you are looking for a more hands on tank experience then I hope I am Ok to post info about another tanksim in early alpha. SteelGearsimulator. It is how all tank sims should be (for me) with regards to control and interaction. Being developed by one guy, it truly is impressive what Beral has achieved. Check it out, I will not put up a link, just in case it is not allowed. Google the name.
  2. If it is in your area and you have the bandwidth, I use shadowPC on my 8 year old rig and it plays without issue. I have 50mbit connection and choose 30mbits, IL2 tanks runs maxed out, looks and feels superb. If you do want to try shadowPC send me a pm and you and I will get a £$10 discount.
  3. They still are and seem to be going well, though when asked, Andre said they are not going to make a tank sim again. Going to stick with the RTS simulations.
  4. Would it be possible to have some of the tank features from Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front, it is a strategy game from the creator of Steel Fury and Steel Armour Blaze of War. There are many tank features in this simulation that would be very welcome in Tank Crew Infantry Support and tank riders Weathering and impact on the grass after the shot. Smoke, AT and ATR attacks Shot venting system. Weather effects the tank skin, wet when raining. A simple mud system with bogging. Terrain deformation.
  5. What a great screen grab, well done.
  6. Maybe a lower level of detail (LOD) even a billboard LOD for the bushed and grasses where tankers are going to ambush from, the edges of woods/forest and hedge rows. I understand the reason to LOD out the grasses and bushes but as a tanker trying to ambush, you think you are concealed when in actuality, at a distance you are not.
  7. I have also noticed, that the skins of tanks get lighter the farther away you are from them, so Balrog was easy'ish to spot hiding in the tree line. He though he was in the grass and bushed in the tree line but those LOD out at distance and him being lighter then the surrounding area made him spotable.
  8. Hi Thad, it actually was outstanding and you soon realise as a tanker, you are as good as dead without protection from you pilot friends. Server had some lag issues when we got to 20 and above players, other than that all good.
  9. From last nights MP session, Tanks Normal DED, if I recall correctly. It was such a great experience. We had top cover for our attacks and I will say it was not an easy task taking the enemy positions. It was very atmospheric and I am looking forward to tonight's foray.
  10. I found the answer here, so if any more noobs come along, they will have an answer.
  11. Hi, I am new to the editor and have just started following the guide, sadly I have fallen at the first attempt. I get an error when I try to load Velikiye Luki template.Mission "Error reading mission file" Any idea how to fix this. jeff
  12. Balrog and I hunting each other, he is in the KV-1 just visible off the right of the Tiger.
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