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  1. If it's such a major asset, why don't they support it?
  2. Hello, I'm a Rise of Flight newbie. I understand that the devs have moved over to IL-2. But my opinion is that as long as 1C/777 doesn't go bankrupt or sell Rise of Flight to another company that has a passion for WW1 flight sims, Rise of Flight is their game and their responsabillity. Therefore, I strongly suggest that they take a look back at Rise of Flight after BOK is released. An update would have very positive results. And if you're not going to keep supporting Rise of Flight like IL-2 CloD/1946, at least make it completely free. Why would any company want to make profit out of a product that they've lost interest in? Or even better, you could share the source code with some of the community modders. then the community can keep the game alive.
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