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  1. Has anyone managed to restart the U-2 engine in flight? I haven't and I'm pretty sure it was possible. Other than that, I'm loving it.
  2. At the moment FC doesn't have its own map etc so it exists as an add-on to IL-2 Stalingrad. You'll need that installed first then FC will install too and you can play it. Additional content (planes, maps etc) will be released shortly.
  3. Looks fantastic, can't wait!
  4. Had a top experience in it last night, up high at 4600m with three Messers over me. Managed to hold them off for a long time thanks to the stability and then shot one of them down. Held off the other two for a bit then flew home. Very nice to fly defence in as the Messers didn't fancy head to head. Really enjoying this plane.
  5. Just flew it online for the first time and was TOTALLY dominated over 3000m by an F4. Turns out the boost only works while the supercharger is set to low altitude. Had no chance. On the plus side, in the cold (Moscow map) I got her up to 601 at low level.
  6. Happened to me too but then I changed the USB slots I was plugged in to (now 1 controller per row) and hasn't happened since.
  7. VERSION 3.001 1) Shooting down a Ju-88 Bomber gets me a Kill Transport medal, not Kill Bomber 2) Mission Successful is displayed in French, not English
  8. Clearly I need to give it more of a try because at the moment I'd far rather fly the Yak-7, which I really enjoy. Having said that, I ran across some Ju-88's in a campaign and the P-39 absolutely murders them with the big gun.
  9. Cheers Jason. I don't know if this is right or not but my guess is that the new clouds are 4k and changing them to 2k on the fly is a problem. But I don't know. Anyway, the cloud improvement with 4k is massive, planes flying in front of them aren't a complete mess anymore.
  10. No idea but things are much better. I'm guessing there's a 4K cloud graphic too.
  11. Following Jason's advice in another thread to tick V-Sync and the 4K box (even though it may seem counter-intuitive) I tried this and not only are the micro-stutters gone but the cloud issue is 95% fixed and is barely noticeable now. FANTASTIC!!
  12. FIX For the Cloud issues - change to 4K textures ticked.
  13. I thik the G6 is a really nice plane (and looks great too). Not a match for the La-5FN in a dogfight but then not much will be.
  14. EDIT: This bug turns up with 4K textures NOT ticked. Ticking it in settings solves 95% of it. When a plane is in clear sky but against a background of clouds you should be able to see him perfectly clearly. However I get this - see screenshots. It looks terrible. Anyone else?
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