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  1. I got a question about cities. Are cities a bombing target, i.e. do they contain objects which one has to destroy?
  2. There are three german level bombers: the He 111 H6, the He 111 H16 and the Ju 88. In regard to engine management they are pretty much the same. Just watch your revs and temps. The Heinkel has water and oil radiators while the Ju 88 has just outlet cowling shutters. The Heinkel water radiator can be put on a lever while it's oil radiator requires button or key commands. I find the engine mangement quite easy. The most critical phase in flight is the take off where you want to change from take off to climb settings quickly. You also have to take care not to overcool your engines while you are decending from a high level. The Heinkels are easier to handle on the take off run and do climb better during take off than the 88. The 88 has to pick up speed before you begin to climb. Since He 111 H 16 has stronger engines and carries a heavier bombload, I would recommend it. The He 111 H6 is also nice and it's instruments are a little bit easier to check since they are arranged closer to each other. If you like you can join us on fridays (19:00 utc) and sundays (18:00 utc) we fly bombers and ground attack airplanes of all nationalities. DBS Discord
  3. You can get the ground elevation from the mission editor at least. Just put an object on the map, align it to the ground and move it across the map. The y-coordinate shows the elevation. The finnish virtual pilots server provides recon photos with height data for their bombing targets on their stats page : http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/de/faq/ There is a catalogue of the airfields on the stalingrad map which also contains height data:
  4. Some more Info regarding Kirchhellen: From: https://www.geschichtsspuren.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=3753 In the same Forum about Bracht: https://www.geschichtsspuren.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=19615 https://www.op-marburg.de/Landkreis/Ostkreis/Alliierte-verschonten-den-Flugplatz-bei-Bracht
  5. If the undercarriage of the U2 was not that fragile I could imagine it to be used as some kind of helicopter or bush plane. It would be capable to sneek up on enemy tanks, vehicles and installations flying low level just landing and hiding in between trees and houses. Perhaps we get there one day.
  6. I think Kirchhellen should also be known as "Schwarze Heide". The wikipedia article states the field was founded post war, but I am sure I read the name in conjunction with a Luftwaffe airfield before. The same would be true for Lohmuehle near Marl as the wiki also does not contain info abour wwii.
  7. Reminds me of the beetles I watched in the garden yesterday.
  8. Use your fighter plane to defend your airfield. There is nothing more satisfying than taking out a whole flight lined up on the runway for take off.
  9. I am in favour of adding the navigator/ bomber position to the A20. Thank you for posting.
  10. Sound is dropping of and on, Especially engine sounds in a plane on the new tank map,
  11. +1 I really like the depiction of the individual cities, but Geleitzug really has a point here. A lot of cities in Europe were heavily damaged in 1945 and I see how much work it will be to apply the damage in the correct areas. In case it is not already in BOX mission builder sth. like the destruction brush of the 1946 mission builder might be handy for this purpose. But still, I really appreciate the work the Team is doing on this map.
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