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  1. [DBS]El_Marta

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    I am still waiting for an A20 bomber station. I know there are no guns, but when it comes to navigating a glass nose is very useful. In this regard the A20 is an unfinished product. The glass nose is a prominent feature of this variant. If one wants to skip the nose station, a strafing version with guns instead of the glass nose would have been more convincing. Nevertheless I am still hoping, that once when there are spare ressources the bomber station of the glass nosed version will be released finally.
  2. [DBS]El_Marta

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

  3. [DBS]El_Marta

    Dedicated Server Download & Anforderungen

    Wie Du an den Dedicated Server kommst wird nach der Liste beschrieben.
  4. [DBS]El_Marta

    v3.009 LOD short distance rendering?

    I tested on ultra settings with no AA and no clouds, A20 "suddenly" appear/ disappear at a distance of 9.5 kilometers. Which looks odd, because they are big and thus very well visible at this distance. A workaround for the cloud issue for me is to disable anti-alialising and use downsampling to get rid of the jaggies.
  5. [DBS]El_Marta

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    I think the easiest way to set up controlls is to start flying a plane and assign needed controlls on the fly by hitting escape and open the key settings menu. Since we are flying in expert mode everything concerning manual engine management should be respected. At first it seems to be a huge task, but once you have the basics set up it is just adding the one or the other new command when a new plane is introduced. Just make sure you do not have interfeering double assignements marked by orange squares. The way you set up your controlls very much on the type and number of additional controll devices available to you.
  6. [DBS]El_Marta

    Map Tools

    IInformation about terrain height when moving the mouse over a specific point wouldn also be great for setting up the bombsight.
  7. [DBS]El_Marta

    Dedicated Bomber Squadron

    These are two guides dealing with engine settings aso.
  8. [DBS]El_Marta

    Level bombing help

    I went to the mountains and it seems you are right.
  9. [DBS]El_Marta

    Level bombing help

    Tested with the Pe2 100kg and 250kg with height above sea level as shown in bombsight. 100kg is dead on aiming point while 250s fall long. Aiming with 10° mark just above the central mark instead of central mark 250s hit. I still have to test with "nearest airfield". Will report later. If altitude is actual lower than dialed in the bombsight should bombs not fall short instead of long? @Nocke BTW we are flying tonight.
  10. [DBS]El_Marta

    Level bombing help

    Just did a test with a He 111/6 on the Kuban map. I took 16 50kg bombs and subsequently bombed points at different ground levels i.e. on hills and valleys. When I dialed in the values given in the bomb sight's upper left I got the highest precision. My conclusion from this is that the true altitude conversion and also the true airspeed conversion is not shown on the bombsights dials, but nevertheless is actually done in the background. This of course is very confusing and does not make sence since one expects the bombardier to feed in the already converted values. In respect to the wind calculation it is consistent though. "Set altimeter to nearest friendly airfield" is for landing purposes only. For setting up the bombsight just use the altitude above sea level and indicated airspeed shown on the left hand side of the bombsight GUI.
  11. [DBS]El_Marta

    Developer Diary 212 - Discussion

    The cavalary / tank troop skull with three bones without mandibula should not be censored, It is not the SS Skull with two bones and mandibula. I recently found out that the "Panzer / Cavalary" emblem was also used by the SS on caps of f.g. the lower ranks. Still it was also used on the collars of non SS regular tank troops.