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  1. Yes, of course. Destroyed ground targets are rendered intact from a farther distance:
  2. Air Combat at 20 feet Selected Missions from a Strafer Pilot's Diary by Garrett Middlebrook B25 strafer Pilot over new guinea
  3. Quick and dirty solution: use the center view key with your head turned to the left in order to check your six clockwise and vice versa.
  4. And they should finally give us the A20's bombadier station. Even if it is only the mod version for recon and navigation purposes. The detailed fusing options of the late il2 46 4.11.
  5. In my opinion this is even a bug. A skilled interceptor can exploit this AI behaviour.
  6. Me and my Squadmates experience the same. You may want to repost your report in the "Graphics, models and maps" thread.
  7. Yes, making beacons selectable would really enhance this feature. Requiem's video did a good job of showing it's potential.
  8. Tra to shoot at the engine cowling or the rads. You are shooting into the fuselage.
  9. I flew on the Combat Box Server. The mission was Battle_of_the_Scheldt_Sep_1944. I uploaded the track, a screenshot of my settings and my startup.cfg. You want to watch from 12:30 minutes into the mission. It shows the bombrun on the Antwerp harbor installations (Rheinland map grid1707) from the bombsight view. I will send you the download link in a PM. PM was sent.
  10. Damaged or destroyed building are rendered undamaged when viewed from a distance.
  11. I am also getting the Server Error 500 Message. But I cannot find my ststs with the search Function omn the stats page.
  12. I tried the Ju 87 and the Ju 88. LCtl + D starts the dive and the recovering. As I understood it it should switch the whole system on or off. What is the purpose of this redundant LCtl + D command? I do not always want to recover from the dive as soon as my first bomb is dropped. Apart from that I hope this is a step forward to the implementation of the StuVi for the 88 and the 87.
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