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  1. I see that the Project R server has replaced the Combat Box Dogfight and Training server. Is this a permanent move of will the Dogfight and Training server return at some point? TIA Charlie.
  2. Many thanks for gifting me BoM Tzigy. You are a very generous person and an asset to the community. You have made 2019 a great year for me already. Respect Sir S! Charlie
  3. Thank You Tzigy and Happy New Year. Bodenpatte or BOM please if any left S!
  4. I quite like the new interface sounds but really...the beep beep beep!!- whats with that?? Can these beeps be turned off seperately without having to turn off all the new interface sounds?
  5. Good job SYN. I flew a couple of missions yesterday and they were fine. Only suggestion?...same as jsags. I too was bombing the forward airfields but unsure where exactly to put the bombs, so I alternated between runway and parked aircraft. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.
  6. I can vouch for what Crump posted...Elevator for airspeed and throttle for rate of descent. For a good example of this (for those who still have IL2 1946) just do circuits and bumps with a C47 or any other heavy. (I say C47 as it is mostly the same as a B17...but easier to manage) And one last thing...If you are accustomed to using manual Prop Pitch..remember to reset it to 100% (fully fine) on approach. Hope this helps.
  7. Hurrah! Many thanks H_T S! Emptying the updates folder did the trick.
  8. Let me try and clarify H_T. I use the same email address and password for both this forum and the game launcher. I can enter the forum with these details but when I use the same details to launch the game I get error message #4- Wrong email or password. EDIT- Off to empty updates folder
  9. Cheers for the fast response H_T. Odd thing is my email and pw for the game are the same for this forum; I can log out from here, retype email & pw and get back in the forum ok but the game keeps shutting me out.- same error message #4- wrong email or password.
  10. Hi guys. After today's server maintenance schedule I am no longer able to launch the game, I get error message #4-Wrong email or username. Is this commonplace or just at my end? Cheers.
  11. Good morning Devs,Admins & Mods. I was wondering if would it be possible for the forum to have a dedicated aircraft section that has sub sections for each aircraft type in the game? I know that for me,personally it would save a lot of time if I could go straight to the appropriate section and either find an answer of post a question about a specific aircraft type rather than search the forum in general.I also think that having something like this available would aid people in not having to make repeat posts/answers/redirects etc and help keep the forum a tidy place to work. Also it would be great to meet like minded pilots (fighters,pounders & bombers) in the appropriate section and get to know them better and share ideas and knowledge about your favourite aircraft. Many thanks. Charlie.
  12. Protocol stick with Cliffs. This game isn't going anywhere quickly, as you have already noticed. That is if it goes anywhere at all. The points that you have already mentioned as a new player are the same points that irritate most of us..unlocks,graphics etc. The dev team are solely responsible for this for reasons only they understand. The same dev team that needs revenue to continue has put in place systems that deter revenue... make of that what you want.
  13. Hi Flash. Welcome to the forum m8
  14. A fair and honest review IMO. I hope the devs enjoyed reading it to.
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