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  1. Raptorattacker


    Sorry my friend! I'll put 'em in now! THERE y'go... done! Thanks for pointing it out mate! It's been a long day skinning!!
  2. Raptorattacker


    Messershmitt Bf109's Bf109 G14 7./JG52 out of Veszprem, Hungary in March 1945 THIS is the censored version and THIS the uncensored. Big thanks to @RaFiGer for the template, it's good! Enjoy and shoot straight mates Rap XX * Bf109 G2 of Gunther Rall from the Russian Front in August 1942 The censored version can be downloaded HERE and the uncensored HERE Thanks to @Boomerang for the template
  3. Raptorattacker


    Thank YOU Yankee! It was, as always, a pleeeasure!!
  4. Raptorattacker

    Spitfire Face Shot

    Well, that's DEFINITELY a trip to the burns unit when he gets home...
  5. Raptorattacker

    Patrol at Dawn - Spitfire IX cinematic

    I enjoyed watching it MORE than you enjoyed making it JM!!
  6. Raptorattacker


    Here's a remake of a couple of P-39's that I did (again) but with ICDP's fantastic template... The first is Gieorgij Dolnikov's P39N The skin can be downloaded HERE and the second is based on a P 400 unit, 'Red 60' 2GSAP Winter 1942 43. The pilot is unfortunately not known to me. This skin can be got HERE Enjoy them both and please be careful with the paintjob!!
  7. Raptorattacker


    I mayyyyyyy be.... what've you got in mind?
  8. Raptorattacker

    FW190 A8 template observation

    I think you'll find that the actual blades are part of the games built - in .gtp files which ergo means that there's little you can do about them. You CAN extract the files and edit them but then you need to have 'Mods On' checked to see your edit. I did the same thing with the tyres on the Sturmovik and quite honestly came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the effort. To find out which parts are editable/not editable then just put a red layer over the entire file and save it and the ones that aren't red in the Viewer are the .gtp files. Not much help I know but I hope it clears it up for you. Rap
  9. Raptorattacker

    how to land off-field

    If you're going to do an off - field landing then it's normally safer (strangely) to land wheels - up. Get the speed down as low as possible as you come to ground - level and then pitch yer nose up and keep the stick right in yer stomach until you grind to a noisy stop. I know it's a challenge but it really makes no difference wether you're wheels up OR down with a forced landing. It's not as if someone's going to come out and fix you up is it? It just means a long virtual walk home!!
  10. Raptorattacker

    4K Bf109 G-6 Skins - HERE

    Twas a pleasure! Good luck with the Career, I hope it's a long and fruitful one...
  11. Raptorattacker

    4K Bf109 G-6 Skins - HERE

    Messerschmitt Bf109 G6. Werks Number 411 777 of 5./JG 52. The pilot was Lt. Walter Wolfrum. Grammatikovo airfield, Crimea in April 1944. @sevenless Here you go mate. I hope it does the trick. The censored skin can be downloaded HERE and the UNcensored one HERE Thanks to @RaFiGer for the Template.
  12. Raptorattacker

    bf109 in ground attack role

    Well no, not necessarily but the more control you HAVE got then surely the less likely you are to lose control? It was just a thing I noticed is all.
  13. Raptorattacker

    bf109 in ground attack role

    Ha! Ha! Hey, one thing that I notice in this vid is that mostly all your manouvers end up with a right - handed turn in the exits (when you're at your lowest airspeed) and the 109's were renowned for having a torque - pull to the left. Just a thought...
  14. Raptorattacker

    ACG Campaign #16 - The Bloody Struggle for Naro-Fominsk

    As watchable and engrossing as ever Master D. Rifter! Thanks
  15. Raptorattacker

    4K Bf109 G-6 Skins - HERE

    Lovely, just what the doctor ordered!!