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  1. It WAS where we found it, after all!! A little bit of patching and a couple of gallons of not-too-used oil and the old girl'll be as right as rain!! ps Great picture by the way. You can almost smell the mould from here!! Cheers Pete! Rap
  2. Here you go! Go get it at Rap's Skinhouse in all it's tatty and threadbare glory!! At the bottom of page 10, for those interested...
  3. Polikarpov U2VS 'Po2' Po2 'Barnfind' Here we find a sad example of a fine fine air plane that was found languishing in a shed in the backend of this particular airfield. The question was, "Would it start?". Well, it did but the evidence shows that it DID run a little rich but hey, it GOES!! The file can be downloaded HERE and the ever-familiar thanks to @ICDP for putting together the template!! I WOULD say not to scratch the paint but in this case it would be more appropriate to say PAINT IT!! *
  4. It DOES say that it aint finished. 'Threadbare' is I think the terminology? To be fair, it really DOES look messy up close, trust me. Also the only actual rusty bits would be the exhausts as they're the only actual metal bits. Ye of little faith, hold thy horses and all shall be revealed!! Rap
  5. Right... WHO wants a Barnfind? If it's a "Yes" then I'll put it up in the Skinhouse... If it's an affirmative then I've just got a wee bit more 'distressing' to do on it. A couple of threadbare bits and such!!
  6. If I can get at least ONE person jazzed for the day then my job here is done!!
  7. ... or 'Practice makes Perfect'! @=FEW=ayamoth89 Premiere is one of those things that kinda falls into place the more you use it. The downside to that is that it's a big program so the more you use it the better you get. You don't look to be doing so bad to me mate!
  8. Premiere's pretty good for sound mixing anyways innit?
  9. Yep. Good innit? To be fair, if the game looked and sounded like that then we'd ALL have to be running HUGE rigs but also, to be fair, it couldn't have been made without the game to make it from in the first place!!
  10. Polikarpov I-153 or (and even!), as mentioned above, a Bearcat.
  11. Yeah, that'd be good. Maybe mix them up a bit with live comms and then a sort of commentary over the top like, "And then we were down to 2 so we split and one of us acted as bait..." sort of thing?
  12. 1 Like and a lot more 'involvement with the commentary!!
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