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  1. Fantastic look that. It's great innit? Almost real... ps As far as the skin goes, I would put the video under 'Hidden Content' banner if I were you. Not because of me but because of the visible swastika. I'm not bothered about it meself but some can get a little touchy. The video looks fantastic though and a good choice of music to complement!!
  2. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... the fun REALLY begins!!
  3. @E69_julian57 I've run out of 'likes' for today so please accept THIS as one!
  4. I've one on the boiler at the moment and then I'll see what I can do. How's that sound?
  5. Another classic. Pesky 109's!!!!!
  6. A VERY common mistake, often done and rarely admitted to!!
  7. Don't keep me in suspense!! WHAT is wrong with it? Ohhhhhh, I see. A JOKE!! You had me there for a short while!! ... and yes, I can have a look at those for you. I tell you what, can you PM them to me? It would be far more practical, just to avoid the possibility of them being pulled! EDIT Don't worry, I've got the pictures! @Yankee_One See above for the first instalment, ENJOY!!
  8. Messerschmitt Me 262 A1 A Messerschmitt Me 262 A1, captured by Allied forces at Schleswig-Jagel in 1945. It may have been the plane of Maj. Erich Rudorffer who was Gruppenkommandeur of 1./JG7. All the German markings were painted over apart from the Werknummer on the tail and the yellow 6 tactical number on the fuselage, which appears to have been altered at some point to a smaller than usual size. The audio contains part of an interview with Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown, talking about test - flying a 262 at Farnborough. "Erich Rudorffer earned his nickname the “Fighter of Libau” on October 28, 1944, near the Latvian city of Libau. As he and his wingman, Kurt Tangermann, were preparing to land, he spotted a Soviet task force of sixty close air support aircraft (mostly IL-2 Sturmoviks) approaching the German airfields. He aborted the landing despite being low on fuel and engaged the enemy singlehandedly. Without any aerial support, he shot down nine enemy aircraft within ten minutes, and the Soviets aborted the bombing mission." (from Colin D. Heaton 'The Me 262 Stormbird') The bottom picture depicts German markings on the wings but it is seriously doubtful if this was the actual case. The skin can be downloaded HERE and the customary HUGE thanks to @ICDP who once again provided the template!! * A Messerschmitt Me 262 A1, serial Yellow 7, W. Nr. 500491 piloted by Obfw. Heinz Arnold of II./JG7 - Prague-Ruyzn, April 1945. The skin, both censored and uncensored can be downloaded HERE @ICDP Thanks! * Messerschmitt Me 262 A1 'Weiss 3' Werknummer 500071 III./JG7 The exact circumstances regarding the final flight of 500071 on 25 April 1945 to Dubendorf are still not fully understood. The pilot, Oberfahnrich (Leading Cadet) Hans-Guido Mutke, told Swiss interrogators he had to lift off from Furstenfeldbruck airfield during an attack by about 20 Martin B-26 Marauders. His Me 262 was only half refuelled when the American bombers approached over the airfield and he had to scramble from a runway covered with bomb craters. However, records indicate no B-26 Group belonging to the USAAF or Royal Air Force flew a raid to Furstenfeldbruck airfield that day. 500071 was assembled from components manufactured at the Obertraubling plant, which was a subsidiary of the Messerschmitt GmbH at Regensburg, Bavaria, and made its first flight to Erding on 20 January 1945. It was still at Erding for its final acceptance flight on 25 March 1945, exactly a month before its landing at Dubendorf. The plane carried a very thin coat of paint when it landed in Switzerland. The aperture for the BSK16 gun camera was faired over by tape when the plane touched down on Swiss soil as it had never had one fitted. The Swiss Government donated 500071 to the Deutsches Museum in 1957. Hans-Guido Mutke The skin, both censored and uncensored can be downloaded HERE Cheers @ICDP!! *
  9. Is it permissible to actually post up new ones prior to the 'official' release then Martin?
  10. @=621=Samikatz Oh yeah but trust me, I've got low in it!!
  11. It's weird though... when you're actually IN it it doesn't feel like you're going all that fast and then, before you know it, you're at something above 600 kph!! (I use MPH meself but then I AM old enough to warrant it!!).
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