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  1. A bit of 'Evil MoFo' action going on there Darbz?!!
  2. It's a fantastic little Rat! Twitchy but great to fly...
  3. I-153? Can you IMAGINE the g-force effects if you were flying that little imp?!!! Mmmmmmm...... You're right though, it would be great to have one o' them to hop into wouldn't it?
  4. I don't usually step in on ongoing differing points of view but I GOTTA say that, if you think custom skins are 'an unfortunate waste of time' then, in my humble opinion, you really ARE out of the immersion loop. If that is the case for you then why on EARTH have any opinion on the rendering process at ALL? What appears on MY screen is fairly up on my list of priorities and skins of any description, be they custom or default, add an enormous amount to that media and it's aesthetics. Just take a look at some of the fantastic videos and screenshots that many many people post up, that in itself is a testament to the whole brilliant 'look' of this fantastic product. Not only that but also look at the background scenery in some of the comparison shots posted above and just the difference to the grass/ground effect is enough to allow for far better spotting of ground targets alone, surely? To each their own, horses for courses... Rap (Custom Skinner).
  5. A BIT harsh!... I would've just 'liked' but I've run out for today! Well said anyway JM!
  6. I bet it wasn't when the plane got back (if it did, that is)! They all used to clean the planes to give the slightest advantage they could in speed/reduced resistance. There's some late 109's that had been cleaned SO much that the paint (of which they were becoming short) was almost worn off!!
  7. Now that WOULD be interesting! The thing is with the 'new' process there is FAR more scope for realism. By a country mile, in fact! Those who are griping about the loss of the mirror-effect, especially for post-war 'concourse' aircraft will surely be able to achieve SOMETHING like that by cranking the Alpha above and beyond, no? That said, it IS a WW2 sim after all and the onus for development has got to be on authenticity and so there would be a lot less hassle to incorporate 'genuine'-looking custom (and default) skins (of which there are FAR more, of that there's no doubt) than the creators of post-war renovated or 'hangar fresh' skins of the same machines (and I myself have done a few 'from the factory to the squadron' paintjobs) to be lumbered with having to boost their Alphas to regain the polish they are after? Does that make sense?... Martin, could you test if it would be possible for these folk to still get their desired 'high-polish' effect, should they so desire please, just to lay their minds to rest? Personally I'm a massive fan of 'the dirtier the better' but that just applies to not only my skins but my life in general as well (ask our household)!! Thanks Rap
  8. Great experiment! Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say and you've pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one given, as you say, the game's limitations!!
  9. Halfway down page 3 of this VERY SKINHOUSE my friend... under the Bf 110 section, funnily enough!
  10. A pleasure my friend! Glad you liked it. I hope you're doing okay in 'the plague' as well? Sorry, but hey, everyone's happy eh? Stay fit and healthy my friend!
  11. Ha! Ha! I never thought of that but you're right!!
  12. They're false teeth actually and they got trodden on during a family row!!
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