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  1. Alternatively you could stop flying Bombers?!! Oh yeah, a quick tip. When you use the F11 key for the camera, especially when you're on the ground', try hitting R Shift+F8 and it'll do the tracking FOR you. It's a lot smoother.
  2. I just watched this, it's REALLY engrossing. Great historical treasure trove on one of the most beautiful planes EVER... https://youtu.be/TPrOJm_--_I
  3. I don't know if this is up but it is now...
  4. I've almost forgotten how to forget!
  5. I still can't get over how bloody accurate that drop is/was! I'll do you a deal. If I put a pickle barrel outside my back door (just up the road from that drop) and you get BOTH bombs into it I'll skin ALL your planes for you!! Just as a condition, you'll have to disarm the bombs because it'll not only scare the dog (he doesn't like fireworks) but it will also compromise the result as I won't know if both of the bombs actually landed in the barrel!! Rap
  6. HELLuva landing (for someone who's almost forgotten how to do it)!
  7. I would suggest the 'upper' vehicle would be male and the 'lower' would be the recipient/female, purely from the practicalities of the mating process resulting in any success whatsoever. Hasn't David Attenborough done an episode on this very subject (but involving South American vehicles)? It would be incredibly interesting to see the product of such a union or even if the offspring came in the singular or multiple litters. Hmmm...
  8. @MarcoPegase44 You see? This forum is pretty much the best one around! As for your English, absolutely NO problems whatsoever... Totalement compréhensible!!
  9. That could also be due to the Alpha as well. Unfortunately I don't use GIMP so I can't give you any tips there but it's DEFINITELY possible to manipulate the Alpha in there. I meant no offence though, be sure! Cheers Rap
  10. It's VERY matte... have you thought of manipulating the Alpha channel a little? It really does wonders for the end product. Please don't take this the wrong way. I'm not being critical, I'm just trying to help. Rap
  11. What he said but also a little lighter on the trigger. Shorter bursts? ... oh yeah, keep an eye on altitude!!
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