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  1. @Jmo @sevenless The Choo Choo has arrived in the station chaps! Just sayin'... Rap
  2. Bear in mind that there were several 'Le Grand Charles', he just took to putting this on his mounts sort of later on in the war. I can't actually remember what the story was behind the name offhand but it's the sign of a man with a sense of humour anyway!
  3. I don't mind at all. She IS a very sweet little thing after all. I always say 'beautiful but deadly' and yes, that goes for both the plane AND Mrs Rap!!
  4. Love it Darbz! I was clicking my fingers whilst thoughtfully and meaningfully smoking my pipe throughout!!
  5. GREAT run(s) there boys! Thoroughly entertaining watch indeedy!!
  6. That's it then. In game it shall be!! Give me a couple of days chaps... Rap
  7. @JG4_Kruger I can only say... fair PLAY to ya!!! What can only be described as a MAMMOTH task!!! I hope you get at least a few days leave after painting all those skins!! I salute you Sir!! Rap
  8. I would hide the first one under a spoiler if I were you @Megalax. The swastikas will get you in trouble... just sayin'... Rap
  9. It's an absolute pleasure my friend! The way I look at it is that it's better than doing Airfix kits (which my eyes are pretty much past doing these days anyway!) and you can FLY them after you've finished and if they give other people pleasure then that's an added and very welcome bonus! When you saw 'Weiss 3' I myself would have been around 3 or 4 so I PROBABLY wouldn't have been there! 'Josephine', as with pretty much all of these planes at this time, was configured like this. You had me panicking for a moment there!! Anyway, enjoy and I'm glad you like them. Rap So d'you think it's worth doing Chattanooga Choo Choo then? I saw your post last night and ended up going down the predictable 'rabbit warren' of searching!! Thankfully I came out of it with some pretty good stuff so... Rap
  10. Your penchant for wearing women's underwear WHILE playing Flying Circus!!
  11. What a beautiful skin you've got on there!!
  12. The more you black out, the more you WILL black out. It's the physiology of it. It's 'wear and tear' on the pilot. As far as names go, have you visited the Welsh faction yet? I have it on good authority that there are a few members of the clan Brenged who demonstrated exceptional valour in the conflict. Captain Bryn Gedd was a MORE than capable pilot in his day I'm told... just putting it out there.. . There's Bryn standing proudly at the back with his brothers and Old Ma Gedd in front of him...
  13. Hawker Tempest MkV ser.II Tempest MkV 'Le Grand Charles' One of the several MkV Tempests flown by Flt. Lt. Pierre Clostermann titled 'Le Grand Charles'. This one was from No3. Squadron RAF flying out of Volkel in Holland in April 1945. Download HERE GREAT template from @ICDP so thanks mate!! *
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