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  1. @Yankee_One Did you ever GET a copy of Eagleston's Mustang? I tried PM'ing you but it won't let me. You've either been naughty or your inbox is full (or you've blocked me?) Rap
  2. Ha! Ha! I thought you might! Rap ps Like I say, can you send 'em to me PM so's I don't have to trawl for 'em? Cheers. pps Looks very similar to this Hellcat...
  3. You just leave it to ol' Rap matey! I tell you what, if you pm this stuff to me, t'll be easier? ... as soon as the Template is up and running, of course.
  4. A British one it is then... page 7 I think, bottom of the Mustangs.
  5. I'm WELL aware of the 'perils' of the Black Stuff!! I love it and my record is 12 pints at a sitting (I was much younger!!). It definitely reminds you it was there on the day after...
  6. I know a VERY funny story about something along those lines!...
  7. That's not a collision, that's how 110's mate to produce tiny little 109's!
  8. Send me a piccie if you want. Another Brit one would be good to do, to be honest. To be honest I'd find 'Glamorous Gal' a little too clean for my own tastes. I CAN do it but it'll have to be DIRTY!! You choose, another Brit or a Dirty Gal? PM me, it's a little more, mmmm, 'less public'!!
  9. @Tatata_TimeThey're not directly editable. You have to go into the .gtp files to get to them which then requires that you have the 'Mods On' checked in your game settings for you (or anyone else who wants) to see them. It CAN be done but personally I never really go there for the tiny amount of benefit that it provides. That's not to say that I'm lazy (I'm NOT) but it is an awful lot of hassle for relatively scant reward, really.
  10. @Wanganui_Wildcat yet another brilliant and entertaining episode mate. Some HOT shootin' going on there boys?!!
  11. Sorry, I just couldn't resist it. I know, I KNOW... https://youtu.be/U7WPI4TJImo Killing Joke - Requiem - 1980 - STILL one of my favourite bits of music.
  12. Sadly now that you've taken to the 'dark side' of high-performance on your machine front the likes of me can't indulge in your missions without invariably slowing down OUR machines to a snails pace. It's like playing in ultra-slo-mo, never mind ultra HD!! Ah well, it was great while you were still in the realms of us mere mortals!!
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