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  1. He obviously hasn't seen the cockpits in VR....
  2. Regarding spotting, in real life you rarely saw planes per se only movement and especially shadows on the ground, planes are painted to make them harder to spot remember. There has been many instances where people have joined up with what they thought was their buddies only to find they're tail-end charlie to a gaggle of enemy planes. Spotting in real life was extremely difficult, needed to be learned and most pilots never had the opportunity to progress past their first few missions as they'd get shot down. In real life the only time I've ever noticed other planes is when I'm above them and their whiteness makes them stand out. Paint the same plane in camo and you'd have no hope trust me. Either way this is a simulation and Jason and the team want people to have fun and enjoy themselves as that pays their bills, so chill and I'm sure some tweaking will be along shortly that satisfies even the most dedicated whiner..
  3. Funnily enough I wondered that as well, dropped the gear for my first landing and had no idea if it was down or not.
  4. Big thumbs up to the P-38....🤙 In VR the cockpit and view out of the window is absolutely superb. Loving the way it flies and that firepower is something else. I like the feeling of weight this has really feels like flying a twin engine...🤣
  5. Love the career mode, really gets across the daily grind and short lifespan of a typical WW2 pilot on the Eastern front. I just wish it were possible to really ramp up the amount of units you come across, I mean the reality was that at any one time there were thousands of sorties going on, ground assaults plus all the endless supply columns feeding the front. I know that a mass of units would cause some PC's to really grind, but the majority of gamers these days have killer rigs, so a slider option 'skirmish', 'pitched battle' 'all out carnage' to really flesh out the war would be nice.
  6. I used to know someone who was blown off his feet by a v2 in October 1944. It landed about two hundred yards from him just to the West of Southend Pier as he was walking along the top deck of the pier. He said he had zero warning, literally one minute he's strolling along and the next he's blown twenty feet, knocked out and when he comes to he's totally deaf. The crater the V2 caused is now a sunken children's theme park to the side of the pier.
  7. The feeling of flying over a sun kissed landscape admiring the fluffy clouds, then a few cannon rounds tear my wing off...
  8. Look at Rudel, shot down & evaded capture and got back across his lines a few times including once barefoot...
  9. Has to be the Pacific. This theatre hasn't been visited (properly) since BoP back in the 90's and I suspect there would be an eager market for WW2 carrier operations.
  10. Is that the new hit song, 'Hey Dude'?
  11. F4 campaign seems to be able to handle a ton of assets and that was how many decades ago. Really in this day and age we should be able to generate a believable multi-layered battlefield where there's 'stuff' happening from ground to space. If it can be done for the fight scenes in Lord of the Rings and the gaming industry is supposedly worth more then it's time to buy in the expertise to make it happen.
  12. You're probably right as the P-47 feels like a pig ingame and if I'm not wrong the the Tempest will be even worse if Clostermann is anything to go by.
  13. Now that is a pity as I like reading factual accounts of war and I thought that books events were based on reality. Ah well, back to the Sven Hassel then I guess...
  14. CV1 Rift user here with Warthog hotas and very happy even with an 'older' headset. I built my VR PC from scratch last year which is really the only way to go as you can select the best components. Off the shelf PC's always have a compromise in order to satisfy the price point.
  15. Even though VR visuals are undoubtedly not in the same league as a quality monitor, the immersion of actually sitting within a cockpit environment more than makes up for that as your perception adapts and learns to accept the new 'real'. You'd be surprised just how bad glass in WW2 birds was but pilots still managed to spot bogeys at distance once they'd got combat savvy. A good analogy I've give for VR vs monitor is that the former is having a night with your dream girl, the latter being watching it all from outside on a balcony...
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