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  1. Georgio

    P-39 Airacobra vs Two FW-190's: Rolley Polley Baby!

    Great flying, love the P39 a very under-rated plane imo.
  2. Tried the 110 last night and with a bomb load it's a wild ride. It's like the bombs are modelled on the wing tips.... Glad it's not just me then....🤙
  3. Maybe Ze Tiger ist like Ze Tommykooker mit ein hit?
  4. Georgio

    Favorite ground attack aircraft?

    Loving the A20, tough bird with a huge bomb load and flies like a fighter once the 'eggs' are laid. More than capable of holding it's own against opposing fighters, even the rear gunner can hit stuff and best of all if you lose an engine it flies quite happily on one....
  5. Applied the patch yesterday after also updating to the newest NVidia drivers. In VR I was pleasantly surprised by the new clarity of the hanger menus which are much easier to read and also seemed a lot sharper. The biggest surprise however was ingame as everything was a lot smoother and more fluid than I'm used to. I always get maxxed framerates with my setup but now even flight inputs seems a lot more responsive. I only had chance to try a quick career mission so nothing online. The other thing I noticed was that the aircraft trim was quicker and smoother than before; it had always been a bit stuttery to adjust and now it's as smooth as butter.
  6. I'd go for the Mossie as well, opens up all kinds of wonderful opportunities for new mission, i.e. pathfinder, PR and precision bombing, especially with Boddenplate coming soon.
  7. Georgio

    Crikey, it’s come a long way!

    Enjoy it while you are on a monitor, but wait until you really experience it in VR....
  8. Georgio

    A20 Bomber.

    I was going to say that being able to get home on one engine is a massive bonus. I've only touched on the Pe2 and while it's nice every mission where I lose an engine means I'm going down....
  9. Georgio

    I'm blown away.

    If you haven't tried it then you are missing out on the party. Something like flying circus where digital readouts aren't needed is ideal. Quite simply if you don't sit there for the first five minutes with a slack jaw repeating 'F*ck me', over and over then you're not alive.
  10. Just bought this as I'm loving the A20 so much and these days I'm more into single player so anything with a historical slant gets my vote. I'll give it a whirl tonight in VR and see how it goes. Thanks Gambit for your time and effort in enhancing this great sim even further.
  11. Georgio

    A20 Bomber.

    I've tried both and personally the A20 'feels' better.
  12. Georgio

    A20 Bomber.

    I must try that thank you. My favourite exercise so far in Kuban is to go quick mission and take out the enemy flak ships with bombs. They're tough but half a dozen 100kg or 4x 250kg sorts them out.
  13. Wiley E. Coyote my favourite cartoon character as he just refuses to give up...
  14. Georgio

    A20 Bomber.

    What a plane, if it was like this IRL then it's no wonder the Soviets loved it. Flies like a fighter and yet can carry a decent bomb load for ground targets. It has the best VR cockpit so far as well, looks fantastic.
  15. Georgio

    VR Wow

    If you have a half decent modern computer then now IS a good time to get into VR as the headsets are relatively cheap and the experience is a game-changer. You could wait until the resolution is the same as a current 2D monitor but it will be a long wait as VR is in it's infancy much the same as when the first Voodoo graphics 'accelerators' started appearing to boost 2D gameplay. My advice would be to buy either a Rift or Vive as a first headset, purely because they are so cheap but more importantly because they are matured products with reasonable resolution and superb tracking. You could go with the latest 5k/8k headset but from what I've seen the increase in resolution isn't as pronounced as advertised and the tracking isn't as good and if there's one thing you need as a VR virgin is perfect tracking otherwise you'll be puking all over your lap.