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  1. Did this over Christmas to my Tempest career pilot, I was 4 months in and had just got bombs. Flying to the target I was in formation at about 3500' and in x4 time when an AAA shot hit and killed my pilot. I was so stunned I just sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds then accidently clicked finish instead of restart. Not a happy bunny.
  2. That ‘cookie’ bomb certainly looks like it would spoil someone’s day. Were these the devices designed to strip roof slates allowing clouds of incendiaries to burn cities to a cinder?
  3. Mossie should be an excellent add on, hopefully we'll get a few different variations; would be great to get some mission variety i.e. pathfinder, photo recce and precision skip bombing...🤙
  4. Strange as I’m sure I read that the P39 was designed purely with ground attack in mind primarily to combat any Japanese sea borne landings, think A-10 light. The whole plane certainly seems better suited in that role than as an interceptor, except maybe for knocking down low flying bombers.
  5. I was being flippant, their main dislike was that it simply couldn't fight at altitude as it was designed primarily for ground attack. Pilots who tried it found it a delight to fly at low to medium alts it just couldn't compete at the higher altitudes in Europe.
  6. I don't think the RAF liked the rear engine or tricycle undercarriage much.
  7. Even keeping low below the tail, I've never managed to sneak up on an enemy plane, though saying that I always prefer them to break as a quick cannon burst then folds the wings efficiently...
  8. I'm deep into a Tempest career in the Rhineland map and have been routinely shooting down 6-7 enemy planes per sortie. The only limit is the ammo count. After the update I'm lucky if I get a brace and usually I'm heading home dragging my prop through the grass with a gaggle of very angry huns behind me. I've also noticed that enemy planes will attempt to drag you plus use the vertical more. This is a welcome change as it's now forced me to be a lot more cautious about jumping into the melee...
  9. I suspect you have some corruption from an update as those clouds are more Secret weapons of the Luftwaffe than IL-2. Flying at dawn or dusk in VR and the way that the sunlight plays on the cloud layers is simply stunning, it feels as close to what I remember from real flight than anything else. The only issue and I mean singular is that when at height looking down at the cloud fringe you get a strange rotation effect on some clouds but it's certainly not a deal breaker.
  10. Same, you have a problem with your cloud rendering, that's not how they look ingame for me, what GPU are you using?
  11. What's the issue with four engined planes in the sim, surely it's not insurmountable? Normandy wouldn't be credible without some B17 & Lancaster action softening up the wall...
  12. In VR this is an awesome bomber masher, probably better than anything else as long as you have a height advantage.
  13. All things come in time and I'm sure the Rhineland map tweaking will be part of that. Personally with extreme clouds I find the landscape very good for the limited time I spend looking at it between dodging swarms of bandits. I've flown above it for real a couple of times and certainly through broken cloud it looks very similar to what I remember.
  14. I saw this excellent image in a camera forum and thought it interesting that the tail symbol was exactly the same as in IL-2. I'm pretty sure when I've seen axis warbirds in the UK they have the full symbol.
  15. As above, getting a 1:1 head swivel experience is key with immersion in VR. Forget about mods that give you more movement, I'd imagine all they will do is induce VR sickness as your eyes/ears go out of sync.
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