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  1. It is pretty scary, ok it's terrifying purely because this thing is relentless and you can't kill it. The tension as it homes in on you and you just manage to get through an air-lock to delay it is palpable. Going into a dark area where the only light is from your flashlight and then you suddenly notice it standing motionless at the back of the room....😳 I know it's only in your head, but VR makes the experience 1000 times worse than watching any film.
  2. For those starting to enjoy IL-2 in VR there are a couple of things you can explore which I've found help with performance & clarity. Try OpenComposite: It's a very efficient alternative to SteamVR. Also worth trying Oculus Tray Tool if you have something like a Rift S as again I've found that helps with my Rift S. I've enjoyed IL-2 VR for some years and still rate it as the best for immersion. Next month hopefully my reverb G2 will be arriving to replace the Rift, the G2 offers much higher resolution and far better audio so it will be interesting to see how everything works out.
  3. Well, hopefully only a few more weeks of waiting until the G2's ship in Europe. Even though the Rift has been a great headset for IL-2, DCS, Elite D etc, I'm really looking forwards to having both better visuals and audio. I added my own Koss speaker units after I realsied just how bad the Rift audio was, they're not pretty but they work well certainly as good as my CV1.
  4. I have a Reverb G2 arriving next month to replace my Rift S. Are there any issues running WMR with IL-2, I saw the thread about scaling a few years ago, assuming this got sorted in a patch? Can you still use Open Composite with WMR, I only use SteamVR for native steam titles?
  5. Is this problem still an issue in IL-2 with WMR headsets? Asking because I'm jumping ship from a Rift S to a Reverb G2 next month.
  6. Reverb G2 in conjunction with NVidia 3080 when they arrive are probably the best VR solution that doesn't break the bank. I have the G2 on Pre-order hopefully for an early October release and intially I'll be keeping my 1080Ti and seeing how it copes with the increased resolution from my current Rift S. The thing with the new NVidia cards is that they will actually be cheaper than the current slew of RTX cards so it's pointless to get say an 2080Ti and over-clock it, just buy a 3080 and be done with it.
  7. Regarding the G2, remember that you can always run it on half resolution initially and it will still visually blow away every other headset out there. This is what I intend to do until the 3000 series are at an affordable price without having to sell my gran...πŸ˜ƒ I currently have an i7 8700k / 1080Ti / Rift S setup.
  8. Most of the issues i've seen with people's experiences in VR over the past 5 years is purely rig based. It usually goes like this 'OMG bought X headset for VR and it's utter rubbish'. Then when you start drilling down you find that they're trying to run X headset on a crap PC but are blaming VR/ the headset. Even then there are some people who are simply VR intolerant. Usually they are also prone to travel / air / motion sickness and their brain goes into meltdown at the overload in VR. Some people are never destined for VR, it's as simple as that, they have an excessive primeval reaction where the eye/brain mis-match triggers extreme nausea assuming that the body has been poisoned. Everyone gets this reaction early on in VR to a lesser or greater effect, but once your brain acclimatises to the new 'reality' you're good to go....πŸ˜„
  9. Also running the 8700k and it laughs at everything VR I throw at it. I'm looking at upgrading to the G2 from a Rift S but in the UK there only seems to be SystemActive, are they legit as they look like a small operation especially as it looks like they want the full amount for the G2 upfront with no details on delivery?
  10. Ideally with tracers you want your guys to see it clearly for target marking etc. but the bad guys not to see where it's coming from. In reality the glow is so intense that they're seen from all sides but most visible from the rear. Interesting that long range artillery shells actually base-bleed with a material that fills the parasitic void behind the shell so adding extra range. Makes you wonder if this was because of trying to add tracer to artillery.
  11. The copper is the driving band for the round and has nothing to do with the tracer material which is located in the base. This is recessed to try and minimise visibility to the front/sides.
  12. Funnily enough it was a well-concealed Firefly (main gun poking through a wall) that probably finished Whitman off, though apparently a Typhoon driver also claimed hitting a Tiger in the same area.
  13. Just tried it and certainly in VR it's definitely smoother. Looking at my frame rates getting a solid 80 on my Rift S When I get a chance I'll try DCS as that is the usual killer...πŸ˜„
  14. Pass, I don't worry about external views. My preferred view is the gunsight so I can shoot stuff that wants to shoot me.
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