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  1. I sussed the cockpit dials in 30 seconds, it's obvious....
  2. Regarding the piggyback, rather that than hang onto a stringbag's wing in WW1 as was recounted in one report I read from Palestine....
  3. Regarding flak, just let the rest of your flight to dive in and then take out the flak from the back while it's shooting at other planes in your flight. Once the flak is neutralised ground attack is a lot easier until air assets get vectored in to take you on. I love taking out flak as your flight will generally ignore it and suffer the consequences if you don't do anything.
  4. One thing is for sure and that is the VR market isn't dying on it's feet like some people will have you believe. I think the next 5 years will be very interesting personally.
  5. You were lucky, IRL you'd probably end up with a bullet between the ears...
  6. I like the career missions but I wish there was an option to really rack up the enemy density. I know you can choose 'sparse or dense' but I'm talking about a slider with 'none' at one end and 'Holy moses' at the other and let me find the right density for my rig. Hell, maybe even have another slider that goes from 'cannon fodder' to 'psychotic kamikaze' at the other so I can set my mood...
  7. Personally I think we're better off waiting until it's all properly finished instead of opening all the Christmas presents in November...
  8. I know you probably think you don't need it but for sheer immersion, i.e. feeling of flight, terror at tracers flashing over your canopy and sweats hedge-hopping back to base with a posse of fighters after you, there is nothing, but nothing that beats VR...
  9. Love the idea of running around in the Werbilwind...🤙
  10. Taking the Tempest thing further it would be great (at some time) to get a remake of 'Secret weapons of the Lufwaffe' and some 'funnies' that could be flown. After the Med and Pacific of course...🤙
  11. Great flying, love the P39 a very under-rated plane imo.
  12. Tried the 110 last night and with a bomb load it's a wild ride. It's like the bombs are modelled on the wing tips.... Glad it's not just me then....🤙
  13. Maybe Ze Tiger ist like Ze Tommykooker mit ein hit?
  14. Loving the A20, tough bird with a huge bomb load and flies like a fighter once the 'eggs' are laid. More than capable of holding it's own against opposing fighters, even the rear gunner can hit stuff and best of all if you lose an engine it flies quite happily on one....
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