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  1. I wish I could get the HOTAS trim to actually work, it only wants to function on a slider for me, even the keyboard trim doesn't work.
  2. Btw I can thoroughly recommend this add-on to MS2020: https://secure.simmarket.com/taburet-eu-dem-pack-1-uk-terrain-msfs.phtml Basically adds a 20m resolution to terrain, sorts out the coastlines and overall wow factor. There is also an Alps pack as well which transforms sight-seeing around the mountains. MS have almost limitless resources and obviously set out to recapture the flightsim crown which they have done and then some. The smaller software houses like 777, 1c and ED don't have anything like the same resources, so unless they can find a
  3. If you want to help your streaming overheads and like flying in a particular area like around your home area (you have found your house right...:D) make a manual cache of the area, that way it doesn't keep downloading the same area over and over. I can't help thinking that the Normandy and Channel maps would be awesome to fight over if the detail was as good as this. I know this is a flight sim but Normandy in particular was a ground-pounders heaven, so higher details especially in the Bocage would be incredible.
  4. Make sure you have the bing scenery streaming turned on, pretty sure it defaults to off from installation. Then you will get proper visuals. This is phone video I took through the Reverb G2 of the standard scenery above Hong Kong, so this is totally stock with no add ons. I know HK pretty well and trust me this is perfect: Hong Kong Reverb G2 through the lens video.
  5. Wrong. Head size and shape has everything to do with it purely as it varies where your eyes are positioned in the Z axis as it were. This changes your perception of the central clarity and if you do the simple exercise of pushing the headset tighter or less tighter to your face you'll see it in action. This is why we're seeing so many different opinions on if the 'sweet' spot is big small or indifferent. As I've also said, you already have a natural sweet spot with your eyes, so the headset is designed to try and mimic this albeit without eye-tracking. Maybe if thi
  6. That is my conclusion as well. The reason why we are seeing so many differences of opinion regarding the sweet spot is purely the variation of headsize and shape. The IPD slider can accomodate the eye difference but the padding can't do the same with head shape unfortunately.
  7. I thought I was the same; it there's no shooting I'm not interested, but damn MS2020 looks so fine in VR, the landscape detailing, the clouds; I've done a fair amount of RL flying and this in VR is pretty close. The only thing missing is the 'feedback' you get in real flight from inertia when you bank, dive etc. Flying around somewhere like the Alps or the Lake District is just jaw dropping...😀 You should try it yourself and see what you find with your setup as you have a good VR system...👍
  8. Is it definitely only 4k texture skins or is it all 4k textures ingame? I have no idea one way or the other but definitely the landscape looks worse for me with 4k turned off. Performance wise it also runs noticeably smoother in VR especially when I'm bandit chasing at low level.
  9. I notice a big visual difference between 4K on and off looking at the landscape in VR. Off just looks too cartoony for me, much prefer on as it looks very realistic, though that top accolade must go to MS2020 using the Bing data as that looks absolutely superb.
  10. I went from the Rift S to the Reverb G2 and the difference is night and day. Don't get me wrong, the Rift S is a great headset for the money but the G2 is just so much better in every regard starting with resolution. You don't need labels as enemies are perfectly visible even ground units.
  11. Unfortunately it is a bit of a one way door and once down the rabbit hole there is no return. I used TrackIR for 20 years prior to getting a VR setup 5 years ago. I was perfectly happy with the TIR setup with a large monitor but once I tried VR and IL-2 in particular it was obvious there was no going back. Last year while I was inbetween headsets with the Rift S sold and waiting for the Reverb G2 to turn up I fired up my TIR 5 again and even with a 34" curved Predator monitor the experience was awful and I lasted 5 minutes before turning it off. What I don't u
  12. Tbh I'd spend the money on a VR setup now; either a Rift S or ideally Reverb G2 and wonder why you didn't do it earlier. I have an i7 8700k / 1080ti /SSD setup and get stellar performance in VR with the G2...😎
  13. You monitor being on or off makes zero difference to what the GPU is having to do, it renders the 2D scene on the monitor regardless. However if you have the 2D scene at a high res., windowed etc then that gives the GPU extra workload or at least that's my understanding of it.
  14. Bear in mind that when it says 40fps that is per eye so the correct fps is actually 80fps which is exactly where the rift S should be in IL-2. Make sure that your 2D resolution is as low as bearable for your monitor to reduce the overhead on the GPU.
  15. If you want a real treat fly round the lake district, for some reason it seems more detailed than anywhere else.
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