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  1. Funnily enough it was a well-concealed Firefly (main gun poking through a wall) that probably finished Whitman off, though apparently a Typhoon driver also claimed hitting a Tiger in the same area.
  2. Just tried it and certainly in VR it's definitely smoother. Looking at my frame rates getting a solid 80 on my Rift S When I get a chance I'll try DCS as that is the usual killer...😄
  3. Pass, I don't worry about external views. My preferred view is the gunsight so I can shoot stuff that wants to shoot me.
  4. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Whittman's only worry on the battlefield was small, well-concealed AT guns not other tanks.
  5. Wat? I've been playing in tanks for ages, they're perfectly usable in VR, it's my preferred flavour. Have you actually tried tanks in VR or just relying on a mate of a mate who says it's broken?
  6. Hahaha, well, I've seen some very strange things over 40 years of chucking bits of lead around but common sense tells me that sheltering behind a wooden table will just give you some nasty splinters....to go with the obvious even nastier holes where flesh tried to defeat physics and failed miserably...🤣
  7. I'm surprised to be honest. If you have a reasonable rig which I'm sure you will have, pick up a Rift S from Argos for £400 and wonder why you didn't get into it earlier. Remember what I said about the searching for something, well that something for me was to get as close to sitting in a cockpit, flying and fighting i.e. total immersion and VR gives you that 100 times more than any 2D monitor can even with TIR and 4K resolution. I was just going to add that one flyer who I always loved going co-op with on HL was Crop-Duster, anyone know what happened to him?
  8. So you feel confident sheltering behind a sheet of (let's be generous 5mm) aluminium at say 400m while someone uses a .30 cal against it? Trust me you're going to lose that argument...🤣
  9. Currently also running SSAO and FXAA and even though the VR view seems clearer since the last update, the colours are more washed out. However, I would also add that this actually looks more realistic as this is generally the view you get with atmospherics muting the colours.
  10. Are you using Virpil's sofware as well? I have the warthog grip on a WarBrd base and everything works perfectly.
  11. By the time you get back to it VR will have matured to the point of where you left off in 2D monitors. Forget about TIR just jump straight into VR and be amazed. Remember the part in Matrix where Morpheus is talking to Neo saying that all his life he'd been searching for something, well VR is it.
  12. Get a better GPU, minimum for decent VR is a good 1080Ti or RTX equivalent otherwise you're going to try it and find it puke city. Too many people try VR with a crap setup and then complain the VR itself is crap, makes me laugh.
  13. Looks a lot better in VR now, even the enemy AI seems to have perked up a bit.
  14. Best way to set head position is to have a HOTAS bind for it (F10 key press), then simply move your head ingame to the best position and hit the HOTAS or F10. I have it set to my leftmost Warthog Throttle button, the red one; with the stick modifier out it's VR reset, with modifier in it's head reset.
  15. I must admit that I don't find the IL-2 Spit a problem but the DCS one is a work in progress. I can just about run down the runway but invariably claw into the air to one side or the other and it can hardly be called elegant flying.
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