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  1. After rearming in a service area the guns are ready to fire immediately without pressing reload key; wait what!? I didn’t know you were able to rearm?
  2. If they ever do Pacific theater, plz get the right to use a truly flyable TBF Avenger!
  3. Would love to see how the new Arras map compare to Rise of Flight version.
  4. Will the commander interface be available in multiplayers?
  5. Hi, I don't know if it's a bug or it was supposed to be like that, but if you die in one mission, stats are still counting. So if you die and got 2 planes destroyed, you will get 2 planes destroyed in your stats instead of counting for 0 (because you never returned to base). Is it correct or not? Thank you
  6. Hi, I’m playing scripted campaign right now and I don’t understand why I have the kill when I’m not the one shooting down the enemy aircraft. I did like 40% damages on one aircraft and didn’t have ammo left. My allies shot down the plane and I got the kill. Is it normal? Thx
  7. Most people use Discord or TeamSpeak, but I would prefer an in-game voice chat. Would be awesome!
  8. +1 Also would love the pilot to actually take cover like in 1946 instead of just sitting there after landing. Jumping out of the planes when on the ground.
  9. Nic727

    Crash site

    Just a little bump (Am I allowed to do that or I need to create a new thread everytime?). Still annoying to fight over a clean dogfight area. It need more terror, smoke, fire, etc. Some planes are crashing and I don't even know where since there are no clues.
  10. Hi, The communication in the game seem broken with AI. Here are some exemple of what's wrong : 1. Most of the time, your allies are not answering or you don't even hear what you are requesting, so you don't really know if the communication work. 2. Asking for cover (help?) seem to work 50% of the time or your allies are too slow to react. 3. Allies continue fighting even out of ammos. They should have a dialog saying "I'm out of ammo I'm returning to base" or something like that. 4. Most of the times, when enemies are all destroyed, allies just go away in different direction instead of joining the formation automatically. 5. There is no way to just ask allies to join the formation without choosing a formation type. 6. There is no way to ask something to only wingman 1 like in Il2 1946 or to the team asking for more support from the base. 7. Would love to see better airfield tower communication like in IL2 1946 (vector to the base, vector to objective, runway light, asking for takeoff yourself, asking for landing yourself, asking support - planes spawn and takeoff to help you). 8. For some reasons, when asking your allies to return to base, it act like a "request to land" and some flares are dropped automatically from your plane. 9. In combat, some allies almost collided with me when following a plane. In 1946 communications are more dynamic and you actually hear people enjoying combat like "Great job number 2 you killed one!" or "I need help there is someone on my six!" Thank you
  11. Would be nice to add some rain or snow.
  12. Would love to see countries like Finland with Buffalo and France with Dewoitine aircraft. Sweden had some cool aircrafts too.
  13. Nic727

    Crash site

    Just found that : you can see fire and smoke from the crash. Right now battlefield look a bit empty. No fire, no smoke, no crater... need to be more epic!
  14. La description du pilote au début de la campagne est seulement en anglais. Je ne sais pas s’il serait possible de traduire cela.
  15. Hi, Good news at E3 2019. Microsoft announced a new civilian flight simulator. I'm really happy about that, because FSX engine was a mess. Flight Sim World was a step in the good direction, but like I said, the engine make it lag a lot and they ran out of money doing the game. X-plane 11 looked good, but wasn't for me since you need other softwares for weather, flight plan, etc. P3D is just an expansive version of FSX with some updates. It's nice to see a real new Flight Simulator and I hope they will not fail. Il2 for a combat... New FS for civilian flight.
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