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  1. Lol. The only thing my AI are doing is not following my orders and going out of range for 30 minutes and come back. They got 20 sorties and 0-1 kill.
  2. I created multiple threads about that, but I think the only two things that need to change is the grass which need to be smaller and crash site smokes that need to stay for a couple of minutes to make it looks more like a battlefield. Otherwise I think IL2 is awesome. I hope they will not create a new game. I actually think it would split the player base into different games and it will finish like IL2 1946 with only 20 players online for the whole week.
  3. I'm very scared right now about the minimum specs. Actually I have a 4 years old gaming laptop with GTX 960m and core i5 7th gen. I'm not making minimum specs for Il2 and DCS World, but I still run them at high setting 1080p at 30fps. Now I saw some comparisons with low settings to ultra settings for Flight Simulator and at low it looks very bad. Maybe better than FSX in some ways, but building just popping up or clouds that looks unrealistic... Even Il2 and DCS look better. I'm not sure what to do. Option 1 : Try it with Gamepass and see if I can run at medium-high 30fps
  4. Hi, I’m trying to understand how switching from one plane to another works in the game. I thought it was closest plane first in the list, which is mostly the case, but sometimes it’s a bit random when you do second, third, fourth... plane. It’s very hard to view your wingman aircraft when he is far away. You don’t know who is who... also are enemy planes despawning when too far? Sometimes you just can’t see them anymore. Thank you
  5. I’m just sad the AI is making the scripted campaign ridiculous. they were 4 vs me... They just ignored me when they pass by me. I starred shooting one. They all start doing circle and my allies are just turning around not shooting at anybody. Enemies bombers keeping formation even if they are 90% destroyed. EDIT: I added solutions in the main post.
  6. Is there mods or a way to make fire and smoke effect of destroyed vehicles or crash site last longer? Currently the battlefield is too clean.
  7. Nic727

    Better grass

    That’s some great mods, but I think we need different grasses for different areas. 1. Smaller grass and closer from each other for airfield and cities 2. Long grass and other types of plants/flower for different area of the map depending of the surface color.
  8. Should I get Cliffs of Dover Blitz? I have IL2 1946 and GB, but I'm not sure if I should get Blitz. 1. How well does it run? 2. Is there people online? 3. How difficult it is compared to flying in IL2 GB? Thank you
  9. lol the little truck going to the front. 😆
  10. Hi, In mission report, I can see all my kills into a blue circle, but other planes it's just showing "Type of plane, killed" and it's not showing which plane killed it. The only way I can see who shot down the plane is when it's Flak or AA gun. Also, is there shared kill in the game? I ask because sometimes my allies kill enemies I shot before and I get the kill. In IL2 1946 it was showing as "shared", but not in Il2 GB. Thank you
  11. Hi, Could it be possible to get numbers on aircraft like this : It's mostly when looking for friendlies and you want to know in which squadron or which wing number they are. Also, the fact that external view is not ordering the other planes by numbers, but by nearest plane, would be better when trying to view a specific plane. Would be simple to add into the game by adding an area on the plane where you can get numbers automatically and in multiplayers use your own number between 1 and 99. And why not add kills marker too in career mode.
  12. Thank you and I understand what you mean. I know last month there was some events created by Stormbird. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, but I think we need more events
  13. Hi, Maybe not a top priority, but since now we have tank battle and Flying Circus, I feel like the grass in Il2 is not making justice to ground warfare. I mentioned Flying Circus here because in Rise of Flight, the grass was smaller and more diverse with a bit of flower here and there. However, in IL2, the grass is big and 2D with lot of space between them. ROF IL2 Is there a way we could get improved ground texture that could make ground battle more epic? Thank you
  14. Hi, I’m normally playing in Wings of Liberty servers and have lot of fun, but yesterday I discovered this video of War Thunder: Even if War Thunder is an arcade game, I find it interesting to see large scale battles like that with nice communication between players. Is there similar events in IL2 community? Thank you
  15. Nic727

    Maps repaints

    Man, this is gorgeous! Wish it could be a new official re-texture patch.
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