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  1. Would be nice to add some rain or snow.
  2. Would love to see countries like Finland with Buffalo and France with Dewoitine aircraft. Sweden had some cool aircrafts too.
  3. Nic727

    Crash site

    Just found that : you can see fire and smoke from the crash. Right now battlefield look a bit empty. No fire, no smoke, no crater... need to be more epic!
  4. La description du pilote au début de la campagne est seulement en anglais. Je ne sais pas s’il serait possible de traduire cela.
  5. Hi, it could be nice to have the option, like in IL2 1946, to call allies for help when enemy is in your six. I’m not really sure how AI work in combat in IL2 Great Battles... but if they are not busy or followed, they could try to shoot at your enemy? Also, another point about communication in the game, would be nice to call the base for vectors or requesting to taxi/takeoff/land. thx
  6. Hi, Good news at E3 2019. Microsoft announced a new civilian flight simulator. I'm really happy about that, because FSX engine was a mess. Flight Sim World was a step in the good direction, but like I said, the engine make it lag a lot and they ran out of money doing the game. X-plane 11 looked good, but wasn't for me since you need other softwares for weather, flight plan, etc. P3D is just an expansive version of FSX with some updates. It's nice to see a real new Flight Simulator and I hope they will not fail. Il2 for a combat... New FS for civilian flight.
  7. Thx for the tips. Not really explained like that in the in-game description. I only know that with other planes, opened radiator make you go slower, so I’m always keeping it minimal.
  8. I agree that P39 is a very difficult aircraft. first of all, is there a real takeoff mode in the game? I only get continuous, combat and emergency mode. I’m taking off in combat mode. finally, it’s a very slow plane. Can’t keep up other planes, so I think it’s an aircraft good for surprise attack on bombers, but as a fighter against BF109 or FW190, it’s very difficult. I was able to go at 16k ft with the P39, but climbing after that is almost impossible since you are going too slow. To resume my experience: + Good against bombers + Good to climb to cloud level + Great view + Good control + Good canons - Fighter vs Fighter - Slow aircraft
  9. For the P39 how to figure which manifold pressure do we need? i found a good mix of 70% RPM and 77% throttles for flight for ~4000 MP, but at takeoff and a bit after I am in emergency mode at 2000 MP with 50% RPM and 80% throttles. edit: One thing I learned. Don’t go above 15k ft with the P39. You need RPM at 80-90% and max throttles and can’t keep up FW190 at high speed. I guess P39 is better between 5k and 12k ft.
  10. Hi, I’m having some difficulties understanding manifold pressure. I know it’s a mix of RPM and throttles, but other than that, I’m having difficulties keeping my plan at a good speed. P40: To get a good cruise speed I need 70% RPM and 70% throttles. But it’s still slow and not good in combat. If I go higher RPM or throttles, I’m in combat mode... P39: The worst... even at 40% RPM and 40% throttles I’m in combat mode and very slow... For both planes it say to keep oil mixture at 66% to be optimal. It also say to put mixture at 90% for takeoff mode... which I didn’t find yet. Always in emergency mode... Can you help me understanding how to be fast without blowing your engine?
  11. Hi, Just want to jump in, because I know where OP want to go because he is comparing to other AAA games out there, but Il2 is a very particular game. 1. The team is really small 2. They are updating the game for free (graphic update, features update, fixes, etc.) 3. They are creating new very big maps, new planes, etc. It takes a lot of research from historians, books, etc. to know the maps and the physics of new planes. 4. They are not selling millions of copy of the game like AAA, so they need every $ they can to live and buy new tools for development. I know your topic was about why are we paying a full release game each time instead of a king of DLC price? It's about the work they put into that. Thank you
  12. Saw your post, logged in, entered server and it went down again after 2 minutes of playing…
  13. I played Il2 1946 online and after this long in Il2 GB, I don't know my controls anymore in 1946... Was fun, but a bit frustrating since I have to change all my controls to match the one I have in GB since I'm a noob in 1946 with my old controls. Also, look like my old pre-made chat text disappeared for some reasons and some of my controls were reset...
  14. It was okay this afternoon, but now the list is empty.
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