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  1. Hi, I would love some changes to the radio communication with AI and in multiplayer. With AI : Completely remove automatic communication from the player. It's very disturbing. New communication options (with added voice from the player) : - Airbase communication : - Request to takeoff - Request to land - Request air support to my position (some allies will spawn and will go to your location) - Direction to objective/waypoint - Direction to airbase - Need runway light - Wingmen communication : - Join the formation (join the default formation) - Need help (Currently the "cover me" option doesn't really do the job when there is someone on your six) - Attack enemy bombers - Attack enemy fighters - Attack my objective Like in IL2 1946, if you are #2, you should be able to give orders to #3, #4, etc. If you are #1 from multiple squadrons, you should be able to give order to all squadrons separately. Better radio chatter : Right now, most of the time you give orders, there is no voice from you and no answers from allies. Would be great to have better radio chatter for more dynamism. Right now it's too quiet. Allies should congratulate each other when getting a kill or destroy ground objectives In Multiplayer : I would love some basic communication with radio voice in multiplayer. Airbase communication : - Request to takeoff - Request to land - Direction to airbase - Need runway light Player communication : - Join my position in square [XXXX.Y] ---> Radio voice will not say square number because too complicated I guess, but the voice could say something like "Join my position". - Enemy spotted in square [XXXX] --> Enemy spotted - I need help in square [XXXX.Y] --> I need help - I'm flying to objective in [XXXX] (depend of what objective you selected in sub-menu) --> I'm flying to objective - I'm starting my ground attack - I'm returning to base - I don't have ammo
  2. I was discussing the AI here There are lot of problems with AI in the game. The most annoying ones are that most orders are automatic so you don’t even know what’s going on and why you asked your wingmen to do X when you wanted them to do Y. They also seem to ignore you in and after combat. In 1946 there were more dynamism with all the radio chatter, coordination and everyone on the same enemy lol.
  3. Bonjour, je ne suis pas expert, mais quelle est la différence entre le turbo et la suralimentation en général? Le P47 a les deux et je ne sais pas trop quand les utiliser. merci
  4. Hi, Where can I find guides about engine management for each planes like : - What RPM to use at what altitude? - How much do you need to open oil or water radiator? - etc. I think I'm good with the LaGG-3 which is kind of easy and the BF109 where everything is automatic, but I have lot of difficulty with the P47 or other more complicated planes. Thank you
  5. Lol. I’m in Canada and we have bad internet here 😂 EDIT : I feel bad for my favorite server WOL... tonight was around 150 ping. Combat box around 50, but was full...
  6. Nic727

    Smoke effect

    I'm sure they could create a kind of low quality smoke for crash site, destroyed factory, etc. Team Fusion is currently adding great smoke effects for this kind of thing and you can see it's not the best smoke effect in the world, but it's doing the job really well. Right now everything look empty. You attack cities, factories, trains, tanks, planes, etc. and there is no clues there was a battle there.
  7. I'm in for better communication, but I would love to see crash crater with smoke to get a better sense of battlefield. Also smoke shadow like in Il2 1946.
  8. Hi, The only popular servers right now are Europeans and I have more than 200 pings.
  9. Another stupid flight with AI tonight. I was doing a scripted campaign. I took off from the airbase with my 109 and one wingman. He was following me no problem. I finally saw a group of Il2 bellow me and I said to my allie "attack the closed aircraft" or something like that and well... He was just gone. After a while, a I-16 started attacking me. I asked for cover and my wingmate finally came to attack him. Look like he missed some shot, but I was finally in the back of the I-16 trying to kill it. My wingman was gone another time. I was out of ammo before killing the I-16, but he finally crashed out of fuel. Whatever, I asked my wingman to return to base... And he went to the wrong base to land... Something is wrong with the AI in this game. I don't even hear answers from wingman when I ask something. It's silent radio. I miss in Il2 1946 when there were around 3 allies on one enemies and vice-versa. Also when I was attacking the Il2, they were just following their route like if I wasn't there.
  10. Hi, In multiplayer you can add people as friends. I there a way to find out who is currently playing and in which server? Maybe I missed something? Thank you
  11. Is there a possibility to get different time of day and/or weather in WOL? I think it would be great to add more dynamism to the missions/settings.
  12. Hi, I never saw this flak in the game. Is it in future plan? Thank you
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