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  1. I am fed up to always see a reason to forget France (even if she is good) because French never fogot what did all of the other countries. There is surely a lot of good reasons, but it demoralizes. Howerver, we must admit that they did a good job in Rise of Flight. It is pity that it is far away...
  2. The moment before, shooting fiercely at this target like a madman, I waited impatiently for the second when it would crash into flames to finally register a victory to my credit. And this one escaped me ... Well, what did it matter after all? he was no longer an enemy, but an aviator like me, who was in a deadlock and struggled desperately to escape. A driver who had certainly embraced a sports career to rise above the daily routine. [...] A few kilometers ahead of us, the relief of the ground appeared less hilly. But La Chiers drew a sharp curve, very steep, and to reach the flat ground, it was necessary to cross a higher hill, to gain thirty meters. the Dornier was flying at a speed close to the loss of speed. I read mine in the joke: 170 kilometers per hour. Without stopping, I had to play with the throttle to avoid the injured plane. His pilot could not deviate an inch from his course if he did not want to trigger in auto-rotation. The slightest maneuver of slippage would unbalance it. He surely shifted the overpower as a jet of black smoke flew behind the engine. the result was insignificant and the Dornier didn't climb a meter. I moved away to not interfere with my opponent. I imagined it, the muscles bandaged to the extreme to hold his helpless plane which weighed terribly heavy in his arms. the eddies caused by the woody relief did not make it easy for him. His outstretched gaze was to be hypnotized by this ridge, which was fast approaching. With all his will, he thought he could jump it. Would he manage to cross it? I really wanted him to do it. the Dornier approached the summit of the slope in a very upward position. He gave me the impression of sinking. A swell lifted him. Phew! ... It was won for him. He was going ... But suddenly, a series of glowing gleams springs under the engine spindle. A sheaf of smoke enveloped him. He let go at the last tenth of a second, refusing to his crew the chance he thought he had to hold ... The plane lifted off to the right, the left plane standing vertically to the sky. He made a quick half-roll, stayed on his back and struck in that position among the trees where he exploded. A bitter smell came to my lips, as I turned around its base, covered with flames and smoke ... I regained Toul economic regime ... END! What do you think ? The first time I read this story, it hurt my heart for the Dornier crew. I find that the last engine that has let go at the worst moment is the most painful and tragic moment in history. In addition, we see that the pilot of the Curtiss was attached to this aircraft, not attached as an enemy that had to be shot down but as an aviator who had to do everything to live and to save the others.
  3. Suddenly, the Dornier's right gear lowered. Unbalanced, the device skidded to the left, as I made a new pass. I avoided the collision in extremis, arranging myself in a brutal, very tight turn, during which my Curtiss marked a certain inclination to escape to my hand. I did not care too much and squeezed again to find myself in a good shooting position. I leaned on the bowden. My bonnet machine guns spit out a few bullets, then went silent. Those of wings had remained silent. I rearmed feverishly, without result. I did not have ammunition anymore. I had used them generously on the Heinkels ... I turned around, looking for the Czech: he was no longer there. Rather unhappy to have to break the fight against an opponent at our mercy, I approached the Dornier, sparkling in the sun, beautiful aircraft with very pure lines. The pilot, with his only left engine, his gear out, appeared to have serious difficulties to hold his aircraft in flight line. The gunner had been hit. I could see his motionless figure, crumbling to his post. I was on a patrol flight with him a few yards to his right. The navigator, sitting next to the pilot, turned in my direction. His glasses were lifted on his leather-covered headgear and he had unhooked his oxygen mask. I could see him, sometimes in profile, sometimes in front, because he kept turning his head towards me. He was a very young boy who, behind the glass of his cockpit, raised his hand for a sort of quick salute, accompanied by a slightly tense, almost friendly smile. Perhaps he was grateful to me for sparing them the coup de grace? They could not have guessed, his pilot and him, that they owed this chance to my weapons without supply. their gunner, he had had his account. I thought suddenly of the strangeness of this situation. A few meters from my wing, a drama was playing, which I felt somehow solidarity, after being one of the leaders. the Germans were far from being out of the woods ... At this altitude, barely 100 meters, there was no question of them parachuting themselves. Their valid engine, which was running at full power, did not allow them to regain the necessary height. And the train that was hanging, unlocked, was going to cause them big trouble during the landing. If, however, the plane managed to reach his ground ...
  4. I want to present here a history. She is like the famous history when a German Fighter escort an Amercian bomber in many details but more tragic... I will write all the flight, from takeoff to landing, with all the details mentioned by the author. But it was at dawn on May 18, 1940 that I discovered all the absurdity of the war, and that day marked for me the most moving memory of this short and dramatic six-week campaign. Short, it may have been for those who, in retrospect, have written the course. it certainly was not so for those who, for forty days, were plunged into a murderous action, as on the ground. Eleven Curtiss of the group II / 5 had taken off at dawn of Toul-Croix-de-Metz, under the orders of the commander Hugues. their mission: general destruction on the sector Longwy-Dun-sur-Meuse, altitude 5000 meters. At this early hour, we would not miss game. We were not disappointed. A quarter of an hour after our arrival on the sector, we intercepted over Conflans a formation of eighteen heinkel 111, without close protection of hunting. All of Curtiss's device went to the parish, but the Heinkel's rear gunners, who were flying in very close patrols, began to weave a barrage of fire which disassociated our attacks. After a clearance, I saw a plane coming up. behind me. I faced. It was Svetlik, a Czech of the group, who had lost his patrol during the engagement. He comes a few meters away from me and, with his cabin open, he makes a friendly gesture. I inspected the sky around us and I did not discover the others. The Heinkels had trained them. Lightning fights where we crossed 8 kilometers in one minute. The sun had risen above the horizon and was now blazing in the limpid azure. the visibility was excellent. I consulted my measurer. I still had three quarters of an hour of gas. I decided to stay in the Svetlik sector, a confident teammate despite his youth, and very brawling. My eyes went down to the ground. At 1500 meters below, the Chiers snaked through a narrow corridor, dominated by wooded rumps. A light mist covered Luguyon. Suddenly, my attention was fixed. Lower than us, a plane was returning to enemy territory. A Dornier 17 who, after a reconnaissance towards the end of the night, far inside our lines, returned quietly home, at very low altitude. He had not noticed us, for he did not deviate from his path. I pointed it out to Svetlik, who nodded. We dropped into a deep dive, engines at full throttle. The Dornier did not flinch. the three men were probably drowsing. It was not until my first gust, fired less than 100 meters away, that the pilot seemed to be concerned, as he tilted his plane to the left, straightened it and, after a very sharp bend to the right, to the ground. I went after him. At the water's edge, the German is recovering. My balls lapping on the smooth surface of the river. Svetlik, who was also attacking, stopped his right engine. In spite of this handicap, the German still approached the ground, and at a few meters altitude, obediently married the curves of the valley, while the machine gunner laughed at full flow. I tried to avoid as far as possible his range and I placed myself 30 meters behind him, sending him short bursts. One of them seemed to crush the glassmaker's dome, which stopped shooting. On the right, on the left, dominating us, the wooded hills were moving at great speed. I write the following later ;D
  5. I am totally agree with you and the reasons you exposed. Firstly, the developpers had surely many reasons to prefer a battle of Normandy 44, and I understand them, so we're not going to have a BoF now. Secondly, after finishing what they did BOBP, BOK,... they are surely going to begin (if it isn't already began) a Pacific campaign, and THIS is going to take a long time, several years. Thirdly, A BoF isn't in their mind actually (and I said it again : I understand them). Finishly, I am sure, convinced that, if a lot of people talk about this project, we can modify their plans or we can accelerate the developping of a BoF (maybe, who know?). I know that if a lot of people are really convinced and talk of lot of this (usefully) they can see that there is a big potential in this.
  6. I like you : we all have a favourite plane, because of his look, because of his power, or simply because of his history... That's my case and that's one of my many reasons who do that I want a BOF. Yes, and I love strange aircrafts (from all countries).
  7. Sorry, 🤐I didn't understand but now, I see, it was my point of view of what said the majority that I met in some other games at this moment.
  8. Yes, and I regret it now. But I don't delete it to be honest (because I am don't going to said "i never said it..."). Yes, and you have maybe reason. It was just to ask the question "focused history" or "focused balanced" beacause we're not putting the same aircrafts in the two modes.
  9. Of course, in the real BoF, Germans had a better system then Frenchs, they had some aircrafts with more good points and more powerfull than France, and if wa want to do a BoF, I think it is good to do according the history than according to equilibration. We have to accept that there were a lot of old aircrafts in real BoF and who fought during the invasion, and it is good to add some old aircrafts because "NEW" aircrafts weren't the most popular in all areas. We can't just add an aicraft to say "he is also afficient than ennemies" because in a lot of cases, it wasn't this in the real fights. But we can still add a few "NEW" aircrafts. In premium is the best way because it isn't everybody who buy Premiums aicrafts (even if they are a lot). After, if the aircrafts is really pleasant, of course, a lot of people are going to buy it.
  10. Yes, me and a lot of people think like you. But I think that, a day, the developpers are goiung to do a game like this !
  11. It is sure that if the devs try to maintain a balance, we are going to have aircrafts who were not very present (powerfull aircrafts) because they were all in developpement and german aircrafts were the best compared to aircrafts like MS 406 and H 75.
  12. I think we can do something like : -Curtiss H.75 -MS 406 -Ltécoère 298 but if it is too hard Breguet 693 / LN 411 -LeO451 premium : - D520 or MB 152
  13. Yes, you have reason, but the D 520 fought against the Italy and the Germans and they were not only 7 against the Italians at least.
  14. There were french aircrafts in this battle?
  15. yes, MS 406 and D 520 are better to add than MS 410. they were more used during the Battle of France
  16. After, what about add just 1 old plane of this period (like Amiot 143, farman F222.2, LeO H257 bis...) just to represent all of the old aircrafts of this period, because if you take just 1 type of aircraft (Like Amiot 143), they weren't a lot. But if you take all of the old aircrafts (during the battle) they was a lot !
  17. It exists : -Dewoitine D.520 -Caudron CR.714 -Morane Saulnier MS.406 -Curtiss Hawn 75 -Potez 63.11 -A bloch 152 is being manufactured by DASSAULT (not finish) -Potez 25 Maybe I fogot some aircrafts? I think we can hope that A BOF can coming in the future (not now of course). We can saw that a lot of people is interrested currently (like in this forum) and sureley more with the time.
  18. What I can see is that a lot of people like and want to play Dewoitine D.520. Of more, I think that they fought enough during the BOF and even after to be add in a campain or game like this one. Yes, they did some missions after 1940, to defend differents parts of France, in the Aviation of Vichy or in FAFL. Next to a BOF and It can't be realised, a addition with the FAFl is an idea too to add some French's aircrafts. I think it can be a good news to some people here and to some people who not discovered team now.
  19. The D.520 was really a good plane at his time, espacially against Italians. It is a cool aircraft with speed and armament ! me too i want it 😄 but it wasn't the most popular plane during BOF (if we want that the game paste on the history) so not in the game base After... in Premium... I am not against XD Yes, and they aren't especially snipers ;D I want to ask a question so : who write the suggestion ? Because we need someone to do it.
  20. French Pilots (and maybe others after) called this plane "the bus". XD An other plane were called the flying coffin XD No, put a Bf 110 in French skin and you have Potez 631 more powerfull 😛
  21. Yes, it is the MS 406. For the italians, the most popular during this battle was Fiat CR 42 but it wasn't very effecive. I don't know if it is amusing fot the others (I said others because I know that me I want to play it because of history an challenge). I don't know if it was the 631 or the 633 who were more used (in Greece or Roumania, it was the 633). To the side of the germans, There are lots of possibilities and they can use aircrafts already designed. Unfortunately, yes. For now, they tried to touch a bigger public (and they have reason). Maybe, after having some solid bases, they can try something like this, it is sad to say (that they can't do it now). A battle well known for the Amiot 143 is the bombing of SEDAN. But they did a lot of missions during the war (1939 to 1940 at least) He is strange and that's why I love it.
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