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  1. MarderIV

    SP Career Appreciation

    Ah, the Red Baron Career. I still remember reading flavor text about how some other Ace wanted to duel 1v1 over the front. Except he brought two other fighters when I got there. Bloody turnip.
  2. MarderIV

    SP Career Appreciation

    There was an interview where the developer detailed just how difficult and costly it was. Not sure if I can post links here; but the gist of it was apparently there was only one guy building the campaign and the effort was his first job in the industry. I think he went something along the lines of "I'm never doing this again" or thereabouts. In any case I don't think Microprose had the last 'modern' dynamic campaign included in a commercial release. I believe Battle of Britain also had it (the A2A one). Though I never got my hands on it; apparently it was marketed as something that could be played both as a simulator and as a strategy game much along the lines of Falcon 4.0. Though looking at the videos on Youtube regarding BoB, it looked like the FMs of the planes took a bit of a hit as a result.
  3. MarderIV

    SP Career Appreciation

    I just find the Career's leniency with regards to reinforcement very entertaining. I'm sure this might not be realistic; but if I can zerg rush Russian half-wooden wonders like the MiG-3 and the Yaks I'd be very happy. Really lends credence to the whole "we always have reserves" notion; and the results are almost always spectacular. Seeing five MiGs harrassing a single 109 is always going to be hilarious. Benny Hill theme every single time. Though for all the stuff there is (or isn't) in the Career, the only thing I'm really grateful for is the fact that it allows me to avoid having to build missions on my own. God knows I've spent a thousand hours in DCS and I'm sure half that was spent on the editor. I'm just happy I can log in and fly nigh instantaneously. Hardly any time to play these days, really. Growing old and all.
  4. MarderIV

    SP Career Appreciation

    I just started to fly in Expert mode... What route? 🤣
  5. This is what worries me about the Yank planes in BoBP. I don't understand all this talk of timers and recharging, sure. But I do understand that feeling in the back of my mind that I might be gimped while fighting. Maybe it's accurate or inaccurate, I'm not well-read enough to have an opinion. But regardless, I can't imagine how real pilots dealt with these supposed engine limits on their manuals. What happened to them when they reached the engine limits? Did they turn tail and run or stay and try to fight under 'nominal' engine power? I'm having a hard time surviving while trying to do the latter, myself. That's why I don't understand any of it.
  6. MarderIV

    Any map in current Bodenplatte?

    Harddrive space is the kind of issue you'd need to make concessions for by clearing more space. I don't want to sound insensitive to the concern or anything, but some slack is needed because there are certain instances where patches come in blocks of at least 1 or 2 gigs in size, sometimes more depending on whether or not the patch adds in more content like planes or tanks (I think the most I encountered was 4 gigs). I've made a mistake of running Il-2 on a harddrive that only had 2 gigs left at one time and the update could not install; so I did a full reinstall because I couldn't move Il-2 elsewhere. So that's something to think about as well. Either way this sim is really worth the harddrive space. Compared to DCS' 60gb (based on my installed modules), this is a godsend for memory-poor folks like me. And on the subject of Stalingrad - its planeset is very competitive on both sides. It's more or less the recommended starting point because of how well composed its plane set is. I ran 400 hours on Stalingrad via steam alone before I narrowly bankrupted myself by buying everything save for FC and TC.
  7. Complex engine management really opens up so much more of this sim. It's like a whole new experience once you fly with this option enabled and take the time to learn a particular aircraft. Hope OP considers this bit. Even the Yak series aren't at all that much of a handful considering they'll only need to monitor oil/rad temps to keep the engine from going bust. In either case CEM really links pilot and plane together as far as 'flight feel' goes; and that's what Il-2 does so well.
  8. MarderIV

    P47 dogfighter ?

    Can't agree more on this. I remember the first time I got on the P-40; took a really long while for me to get any good with it. I tend towards USAF/USSR planes these days. Busier cockpits seem to make things a lot more interesting. I think the biggest issue I have with the P-47 is not knowing best practices for it. I've gone over the manual, albeit for the P-47N; and went by the book for engine management at least. But fighting in it is an entirely different matter. I mostly fly SP these days due to three digit ping (350+), so the AI's hyper awareness is rather challenging. I can't pounce or surprise anything, and even if the fights start at a high altitude; in the middle of it we're almost always at >3500 meters give or take. Kinda begs the question if Bodenplatte's fights will be at higher altitudes. The AI seem to be keen on hitting the deck and maintaining lower alts as time goes on.
  9. MarderIV

    P47 dogfighter ?

    I'm in the same boat, honestly. Currently playing it with your mod (which is a godsend), but I can't seem to crack it right. Granted I'm the kind of guy who's flown the La-5 Ser. 8 for eight months without ever learning of the proper way to use it's boost which is a travesty, which is why I keep thinking that there must be something I'm missing here with the engine settings or tactics and such. I've used it more than the Spitfire IX despite having less overall claims; so it's a personal favorite. I'm just wondering where else should I be looking in terms of best practices for this plane because I feel gimped most of the time; specifically since whether or not I try to fight at altitude, I'm hard-pressed trying to maintain an effective pace against enemies.
  10. Deep learning stuff is pretty expensive. In the last place I worked where I had to help implement this kind of tech (for Finance), the vendors we were working with were charging six figures. And the tech doesn't even have that 'wow' factor you'd expect. It just read and decided on context for financial data and reporting. Billings are probably different in other industries, but this is some really expensive stuff. And it didn't appear like something that could be done in-house unless you had significant latent talent. We tried to build our own implementation for years until we ended up scuttling it and went with external vendors. And this was at a Fortune 500 company. It's not as easy as it looks.
  11. MarderIV

    T-34 2018 Movie

    I just realized seeing this that a movie solely focusing on tank battles would be stupid expensive. Like if just 15% of the movie was exposition and the rest was filled with so much combat you'd thought the sky was on fire. I wish someone was dumb brave enough to bankrupt himself to make such a movie. It'd be glorious.
  12. MarderIV

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    Red Baron 3D. Too young to understand what was going on. But young enough to understand that a rocket to a Handley Page was heavenly.
  13. MarderIV

    Limited to Scripted Campaigns?

    Yeah I suspected as much. QMB and user-generated missions might be the only means of replayability for the foreseeable future. I'd love to have a go at it, but the biggest draw with Career right now is being able to just jump into a sortie with a mission on hand and unknown enemy assets to fight. I'm curious how TC would approach QMB. The biggest draw Il-2 has over me is the way it could generate interesting missions to play with. It's very quick, no-fuss, and the missions are interesting enough to keep me on my toes every time I go out on a sortie. It's this "jump in and fly, no questions asked" thing is my favorite concept with Il-2 since I don't often have the time to make up missions on my own. Fighting for real estate is the usual theme. Steel Armor ran into this problem while trying to simulate a dynamic campaign. The design was pretty simple with the two side's role either being attacking (or recon) and defending, with units being plopped down on a grid to go do either particular mission. I don't know what approach 1C would be doing, or if a Career mode is even planned at all. This is what worries me a bit. Not too much of a deal-breaker since I love tanks about as much as I love planes. But I'm just afraid I'd be hitting on the same problems I have with DCS: That once the missions dry out, all that's left would be the mission editor and once I'm building new content, I know exactly what's gonna happen every time. You're probably right. Just trying to see what people know so far, not really trying to rock the boat or anything. Just curious enough to have a discussion on what might be; I'm excited to see what comes out of TC.
  14. Wondering about whether or not TC will be limited to Scripted Campaigns throughout it's life. I've read it will be shipped with a scripted campaign, but I haven't come across any mention yet (or perhaps I missed it) of Tank Crew utilizing the Career Mode. It's pretty much what's keeping me from buying TC at the moment. I'm not really a multiplayer kind of guy since because of my internet and time zone, so single player is where majority of my play-time goes to. Has there been any word on Tank Crew Career Mode so far?
  15. So I happened on this by accident. I went ahead and ran the game through Logitech Gaming Software accidentally before Steam opened up. I closed the game down very quickly and waited for Steam to log in. Once Steam was up and running, Il-2 suddenly greys out and I have to reinstall it again, despite the fact that the game files is in my hard drive. Process: 1. PC log in, startup apps initiate. Steam not yet finished logging in. 2. Start Logitech Gaming Software. 3. Start Il-2 from Logitech Gaming Software. (Accident) 4. Quickly close down Il-2. Wait for Steam to finish. 5. Steam completes log-in and initiates. 6. Attempt to run Il-2 from Steam, but it is now considered uninstalled. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else, and what I might be able to do to get around this issue? Or can I play Il-2 as is without Steam considering it "installed"? I ran through the account link when that last patch hit, so I'm pretty confused at what I should be doing now.