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  1. The new PWCG version 6.3.0 ought to have it under the U.S. Campaign, at least at 01/09/1944 the 363rd Fighter Group would have them by default at the earliest. They're under "Role:Fighter". Curious about why it might not be appearing on your end though. What have you got so far?
  2. Quick question, did this happen under take-off on runway conditions or ramp starts? Or even air starts? I can't quite nail down how this is happening or how to correct it, as going through a runway or air-start the issue doesn't occur. I doubt it's a random occurrence, something definitely should be causing this. Last night I encountered a Spitfire IX (AI) on QMB windmilling and ditching despite having no visible signs of battle damage. Going to try and document these better when I start on the game again. It was pretty weird seeing an AI Spit quit. I could hardly get guns on it in my Dora so I'm sure I did not hit her.
  3. Regarding the P-38, recently I've started losing my Number 2 engine during transit in continuous power. This is after taking off from parked in PWCG alongside other flights. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, the rest of the flight seems fine. In fact I'm often lagging behind them trying to conserve power. What could be causing this? I'm at 70% mixture, less than 40" manifold, yet some ten minutes into the flight; No 2 manifold pressure starts to lag before eventually breaking. Could it be the engine wasn't warmed up properly? But wouldn't that also mean some of the AI in my flight would succumb to it too? (I followed the rest of them to Taxi). I'm in a bit of a loss, I'm certain I haven't broken any timer rules. I even lag behind the rest of the flight for fear of using up timers outside of combat.
  4. This is something I always wanted to see (hear?), but I can imagine these sound changes might stir up a bit of an argument over what should be realistic and what should remain a tiny bit abstracted for want of feedback (i.e. rounds hitting the plane, engine power level, etc.) even though real life pilot accounts were pretty clear that some sounds were just difficult to hear. I think I read somewhere on here of an account regarding a real pilot who couldn't hear rounds landing on his plane, only realizing he was getting hit for some other reason. If anything, at least for me, I'd have loved to hear gun sounds more as a violent, bass-like mechanical rattle over clear and highly audible muzzle report. I think I've read somewhere from an actual pilot that gunfire was less heard and more felt. But it seems like the direction sounds are going isn't something that some people are going to like, and would rather choose a balance of utility over total realism. Not to mention utility in MP. I hope there could be a compromise that would still allow the devs to continue towards full audio realism such as sliders because I really want to see the Devs continue on the path of full audio realism. Flying these birds is one thing; hearing them the way you would had you been in one is another, and that's one factor that I feel really bumps the experience up.
  5. This is wonderful. I'm really glad to see A20s finally doing their thing past level bombing. Watching some eight of these birds swoop in tight and down low is really something.This is great stuff!
  6. I've observed A-20s on the Kuban map with this mod installed performing tasks other than level bombing, i.e. strafing attacks. Is this intended or are these flights finally able to do things other than level bombing now? Doubtful if they had bombs on; they were only attacking with guns. I'm not entirely sure if this is a product of the Career or the mod. But it is certainly nice to see these planes in roles besides level bombing. Example as attached.
  7. Missions in the default campaigns can get predictable enough that it often feels like you could see the puppet strings being pulled. Or recognizing a TV Trope as it happens. Kinda takes away the magic once you know what the triggers are. Like that thing with the mission where you provide cover for ground troops. Back then I remember I always flew with absolute certainty that once I finish time on station, only then will the enemy strike package come to interdict. I don't know if this was fixed recently; I've learned to always reassign these missions. You're probably just starting to see how the missions are built. Choosing PWCG for a breath of fresh air was a good idea. I only ever come back to default campaigns when I'm starved for time and need missions in as little clicks as possible.
  8. I get this frequently, sure. But I'm less irked about "stealing kills" in it's entirety than I am about having three quarters of my flight shoot behind me. I wouldn't mind if a squadmate takes down a plane that broke away from me or flanked it somehow, but I'd certainly mind if my whole flight dangerously flies close and behind me; firing at the target without ever acknowledging my presence in front of him. Having to break away to give the interloping AI can be frustrating. Specially when there are other targets around worthy of higher priority. Right now I feel it's really up to the player to adjust to this deficiency. Probably not the best solution, but it's the only one until this gets addressed. In any case, I've seen War Thunder players do it with alarming frequency. Seems there is no escape thus far. Think I've grown rather used to it. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Absolutely. I remember when it first came out I tried to take it out with a 109. Thought I'd get to bully it easy. It wasn't having any. As far as ground attack goes; last time I used it in the Career the whole flight would default to level bombing. Either that or go around in circles (not sure I was patient enough to observe if they actually went into attack - I landed before I could find out). I don't know if this has anything to do with Russian bases only having missions for level bombing or if it's the loadout. But every time I go out it's usually just level bombing stuff. Kinda sad I couldn't take advantage of that power and maneuverability that much unless I leave the flight to do it's thing and break off to do my own. Shame, a lot of Kuban's scenery is absolutely worth hugging the ground.
  10. A little out of topic, but are A-20s able to conduct ground attack instead of level-bombing now? Pretty interested in taking them for a spin in the Kuban campaign; their locations in the map are interesting to me. I figure they would work with outer wing bombs but I'm not so certain. Haven't had a chance to try messing with the settings yet.
  11. Setting up A-20's in non 1v1 QMB missions actually make them behave more like bombers. They still turn in formation, but only after a while of flying straight and level. This was only recent and I was pretty surprised by it.
  12. That'll actually be very fun having confirmed targets going out. I don't know much about the doctrine for the 262; when it comes to intercepts are they specifically going to be after just bombers or were there instances they went for ground attack aircraft or other spotted combat patrols as well?
  13. my aim and my luck lead me to pepper A20s with it to little effect ๐Ÿ˜„ I am a bad shot, and the slow 30mm does not help that fact, but yes, in skilled hands she will be my peshka's worst nightmare Nah, I'm not skilled. Just very stupid. I get so close that something from the death cloud of detritus eventually knocks me out. Kinda curious about that too, actually. Wonder if the engines actually suck up FOD on their own.
  14. Good lord, the guns on this thing are absolutely terrifying. I'm very much used to pelting bombers, yes. But thrashing them around? It's like I'm juggling Pe-2s and A-20s in the air with the cannons. I love destruction as much as the next guy, but mercy, these cannons are horrifying. This must be the first time I've physically cringed at the barrage of explosions and tearing metal at close range. Just turning entire bombers into confetti like some kind of party balloon blowing up. I can't say I've ever been terrified by something in a flight simulator. This is a true first. It's like the planes themselves are screaming in agony.
  15. When looking at large formations of aircraft in IRL footage, I suddenly expect everything to go slo-mo. Or expect my PC to overheat any moment. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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