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  1. Thanks for the heads up guys, much appreciated!
  2. Just hoping for some clarification. Earlier I attempted to use a promo code to buy Flying Circus. On check out confirmation with xsolla my bank sent out it's OTP code to authorize the payment. Unfortunately the number it sent the code to was no longer in use (I forgot to change it out with the bank). I had to cancel the order as a result. Checking the promo code again it's tagged as used up despite no actual purchase. Is this final?
  3. Fingers crossed for more ways to generate SP mission content, the new QMB features for Tank Crew would be a god-send. Haven't quite logged as many hours on TC after going through the campaign, and the mission editor is rather difficult and quite time consuming. MP for me and my internet is impossible, so more SP stuff is good news. I would absolutely love to get more mileage out of TC, not enough like it out there really. Great work, looking forward to what's in store in the future!
  4. MarderIV + BoN Good lord the heart on this one. Massive. Good luck, folks!
  5. I saw this video recently - looks like a pilot of an actual P-51, going over differences between the real aircraft and it's simulated counterparts. It's pretty long, but I'm curious what folks thoughts are on the points this person raises. And please, I'm not here to start anything with anyone. I'm very interested to learn about this aircraft's performance, as much as anybody else.
  6. Air start + manually setting Waypoint 2 on the map offers just a tad bit of flexibility. But the time it takes to egress out of enemy territory is unavoidable. PWCG is a good alternative. Not that it could make flight times less, but that what happens during flight is a bit more dynamic. I usually don't mind longer flight duration as long as I risk getting jumped and would have to be on my toes the entire time. With the official Career, you kinda expect where and when you'll get interdicted or at least find some action along the way, so you often end up feeling like you're flying somewhere to trigger something. Those longer transit times are going to feel a hell of a lot more interesting when you know a whole lot more could happen outside of setting off mission variables.
  7. This might need the dev's attention, if you have a mission file that may be of some good use. It might be a problem with mission triggers. How many times has this happened to you?
  8. I've seen this outside of BoBP as well, just a couple days ago flying Ishaks on escort oddly enough. Not 15 minutes later the wing called BINGO and RTB all of the sudden. Are your flight's fuel load okay or was it auto adjusted to 67%?
  9. Just do as most would probably do - get it "early" when at least a number of the planes are available already. Usually PWCG puts them on other maps before the official ones get released, not to mention other " Plane Y over X Map" mods and MP. I think I'm kind of like you on this, since money today is worth more than money tomorrow, but you're also missing the collector plane discount. And besides, it's so early into the cycle you could probably put some tranches in savings towards the inevitable trickle of content down the line. I didn't get BoBP until well over a couple planes came out, and I still got the Collector Planes in. It's a hell of a lot better deal than, *ahem*, it's other competitors. But don't let me sell it to you just on that, it's your money of course. Just laying out the value there is, and how this series fares a lot better in giving it than others.
  10. That Boulton Paul Defiant. I just . . . *snort*. Give it the Pe-2 gunner and I think it just might work.
  11. Folks really need to understand the distinction between "Good to have features" and "Critical must-develop features". Not egging on you or anything, absolutely not. But as cool as this sounds, there are still a lot of other areas that must be homed in on first.
  12. Delete everyone from the flight save yourself, customize your loadout including the skin, then re-add the squad. Only works if your the lead though. I usually start careers as lead and only assign myself as wingman if I want to be a wingman. Gives a lot of flexibility in that regard.
  13. This is likely one of my core arguments for this title. I can see the Devs going about it as more of an experiment, since every time I look at it a lot of what makes tank sims tenable seem to be missing. Apart from the inclusion of a string of single missions and it's utility in Multiplayer, there doesn't seem to be a lot going for it actually. When you look at titles like SABOW, Panzer Elite, and probably even Steel Beasts (though the latter still requires some input from the player to generate content streams), they all have something in common from a ground ops perspective: a fluid process for sustaining replayability. In the case of SABOW, generating content is about as simple as placing your intended OOB on a tile on the map and playing from there, with the AI taking over friendly and enemy ground units decision making in dynamic ways to make for replayable content. Obviously Tank Crew doesn't have that capability, so something else must be put in place. Tank Crew isn't like any of the current standing products Il-2 has at the moment. Key in point, we don't exactly operate out of airfields and whatever mission content that's to be generated ought to follow either a moving front-line, or do away with that concept and go to a highly extended QMB route which, if it's still stuck to certain areas, would end up feeling limited still. As far as mission generation go, I think something of the sort that's similar to Armored Brigade (a wargame) would probably be best. Even if it just comes as a mod. In that title, you can pretty much generate your own campaign by selecting consecutive map areas and having the engine generate consecutive missions based on user input that declares the OOB of friendly and enemy assets. That way, with a couple clicks, you get fully-formed content streams without having to go through the Il-2 mission editor and suffer DCS content syndrome. Just an idea. There's a lot of ideas out there the Devs can pull from IMO. I can't argue against facts, it's pretty obvious this was the case. But I feel like this could just end up being used as a crutch or an excuse to not pursue development work on extending gameplay elements. I get it's important for the Devs to create content in line with historical records, yes. We have the current run of missions for that. But what happens after is where my concern pretty much lies. @sevenless made a wonderful point about trying to emulate what Panzer Elite had done in that regard. I really don't want these titles to end up like DCS where would always have to put in time with editors instead of actually playing the tanks. The fact Il-2 Career modes can make content without hardly any input from me is one of the reasons why I've pretty much abandoned DCS. I don't know what everybody else is going through, but I sincerely doubt there's enough time floating around to tinker with editors for an hour and actually play for half. I get most folks will say just hop into MP. But for some, MP might end up being a gate they can't quite go through for their own reasons.
  14. I think I remember an interview with Jason where he specifically said sequels and further development on these projects (including Tank Crew) would be highly dependent on sales from those specific projects. IIRC not so much the whole portfolio itself, but these products exclusively. So we'll really just have to see where this goes.
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