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  1. Absolutely. I remember when it first came out I tried to take it out with a 109. Thought I'd get to bully it easy. It wasn't having any. As far as ground attack goes; last time I used it in the Career the whole flight would default to level bombing. Either that or go around in circles (not sure I was patient enough to observe if they actually went into attack - I landed before I could find out). I don't know if this has anything to do with Russian bases only having missions for level bombing or if it's the loadout. But every time I go out it's usually just level bombing stuff. Kinda sad I couldn't take advantage of that power and maneuverability that much unless I leave the flight to do it's thing and break off to do my own. Shame, a lot of Kuban's scenery is absolutely worth hugging the ground.
  2. A little out of topic, but are A-20s able to conduct ground attack instead of level-bombing now? Pretty interested in taking them for a spin in the Kuban campaign; their locations in the map are interesting to me. I figure they would work with outer wing bombs but I'm not so certain. Haven't had a chance to try messing with the settings yet.
  3. Setting up A-20's in non 1v1 QMB missions actually make them behave more like bombers. They still turn in formation, but only after a while of flying straight and level. This was only recent and I was pretty surprised by it.
  4. That'll actually be very fun having confirmed targets going out. I don't know much about the doctrine for the 262; when it comes to intercepts are they specifically going to be after just bombers or were there instances they went for ground attack aircraft or other spotted combat patrols as well?
  5. my aim and my luck lead me to pepper A20s with it to little effect 😄 I am a bad shot, and the slow 30mm does not help that fact, but yes, in skilled hands she will be my peshka's worst nightmare Nah, I'm not skilled. Just very stupid. I get so close that something from the death cloud of detritus eventually knocks me out. Kinda curious about that too, actually. Wonder if the engines actually suck up FOD on their own.
  6. Good lord, the guns on this thing are absolutely terrifying. I'm very much used to pelting bombers, yes. But thrashing them around? It's like I'm juggling Pe-2s and A-20s in the air with the cannons. I love destruction as much as the next guy, but mercy, these cannons are horrifying. This must be the first time I've physically cringed at the barrage of explosions and tearing metal at close range. Just turning entire bombers into confetti like some kind of party balloon blowing up. I can't say I've ever been terrified by something in a flight simulator. This is a true first. It's like the planes themselves are screaming in agony.
  7. When looking at large formations of aircraft in IRL footage, I suddenly expect everything to go slo-mo. Or expect my PC to overheat any moment. 😂
  8. Man, if we had even just a bit of engine life tracking, even if moderately abstracted, that would be so nice. But I think I read somewhere here that on the Russian forums the devs were discussing some kind of detonation modeling work being done. No idea how that works or if it would even come to fruition. I can imagine modeling a lot of what you've said would be very hard to do, specially since we have a lot of planes currently released. But even Codemaster's F1 series got around to modeling wear and tear of power units throughout a season. Reading stuff like what you said really makes me think what the future might look like for the series, honestly.
  9. Didn't the Soviets do this frequently with the P-39? Could have sworn I read that somewhere.
  10. Just waited a few. Update's pushing through right now.
  11. Just tried to log in; I'm on Steam though. Only says to update the game, but Steam doesn't have it yet. Wonder what's in this thing.
  12. On that note, the Macchi C.202 wouldn't look out of place in a Dieselpunk type pulp magazine. Heck, I probably wouldn't question it if it popped up in that new Wolfenstein game either.
  13. Even to this day it seems... That's some dedication.
  14. Pretty much. I wasn't trying to push it, so apologies if anyone thought I was being insensitive to much larger issues. I'm quite aware there's a whole breadth of concerns about the sim. I just thought something like that would have been pretty cool to share, but I get it. I'll take my leave. Thank you.
  15. Might be cool to suddenly spawn a body in first person when bailing out. I mean the animation is there already, might be possible to just slave the camera to the pilot model's head as it egresses out of the cockpit. Could be a nice visual treat if implemented.
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