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  1. I've gotten to where, in a two flights of JU-52s, I can down 3-4 of them before my ammo runs out. I'm flying the Yak-1 ser.69 even though in 1946 the 109 Kurfurst or Gustav were my go-to planes. I can, in VR, sit and pick on each engine to smoke it with small guns or disable it with cannon fire. I love looking up, turning to the side and just swooping between the two flights as they fire at me. This has netted me some skill in deflection shooting too. Yeah, even though I could hold my own against nearly anything in 1946 this new game requires a more calculating decision making process. Sure, pump your throttle to 100% and jam on up to take out some baddies, but that's only going to last you 5-8 minutes depending on when your engine decides to seize. I uh, actually haven't gone beyond that point yet. I assume I need to idle for so long and use certain throttle positions and mixture controls and such. I mean, I know engines, drove and maintained a Saleen Supercharged Mustang, I just need numbers and guides.
  2. My brother in law comes over, we have a smoke, and as he's talking I load up Robo Recall, explain a few things, and let him have at it. He was saying such silly things. "Oh my god, this is like, another world!" "Are 'those' my hands?" "I have guns? I have guns!" Then he almost killed me for not showing him "The Climb" earlier. Found out he was a former rock climber that way. They say it's not worth the price. Sure say that then own one for a few weeks. I even remember certain smells now and equate them to VR memories because I was eating pizza or cleaning up and my brain thinks the top of the mountain should smell like pepperoni or Mr. Clean.
  3. It's a joke guys. Bollox is bollocks or yer balls.
  4. Guys, lighten up on your suggestions. For all we know, the VR bounding box could be linked directly to the model's bounding box and that would make it impossible to change. It is probably annoying to listen to us speculate. These forums were infrequently trafficked before the VR patch began trending. I've been here a month or so waiting for VR. Like many others I only recently found out IL-2: BOS was out of Beta, and did so through the Oculus Rift forums. Adding the bump and restriction to canopy movement were suggestions from the players that were implemented into the game. Don't like them, blame the guys who live here. Blame yourself for not coming to the forum and posting about it. The perception is that game design happens instantaneously, when really it happens over the course of many 8-12 hour days for months. Not by one person, or even one fluid team. Many, many, many ideas are considered in that time, many problems arise and hurdles to jump, rings of fire, juggling chainsaws and balancing lawnmowers on chins before we see what looks like a patch. This one was for VR, it was a popular request of the fans. Us being so negative about what is frankly a brilliant implementation probably hurts. If you played the original IL-2 you know how kick ass these guys are at their job. This is why IL2 has been my most favorite of simulations ever since its initial release. It took a lot of time and effort to complete, their patches were constant. Even BOS had been labouriously poured into the cast before release. Give them some time and good press too. Half, or nearly 3/4 of the VR complaints stem from either, people incorrectly installing the software, confusion about how to use Steam VR, incorrectly setting up their playing space, or other problems not within the team's power to fix. However, they "have" to play the same game we "get" to play and by and by things will be fixed. I know that because I've seen these guys in action. Stop poking the badger. By the way, there is a "Canopy Open" switch if you want to poke your head out over the wing. You'll be deaf by the time you come back in though as the air passing is rather loud.
  5. So you're, in essence, saying AAA should track from in front of your aircraft, because that way it is more visible, and chances of hitting the player remain unchanged? Overshoot vs. Lag Behind
  6. I'm the dude welding weights to your control surfaces in the back corner there.
  7. As a little boy I could name just about every frontline WW2 fighter thanks to a cool micromachine collection. But I'm spacing on what TV I watched. I'd have watched Black Sheep for sure, I want to say there was a show about the Flying Tigers. Of course Flight of the Phoenix (original), The Memphis Belle and the first Tuskegee movie. Too many to list, but apparently, there is a Stephen King movie about a vampire who is a private pilot of high-wing Cessna. Kitted out too, as it has purple curtains so he can suck blood in the back in peace. It's called The Night Flier and you people should be ashamed of yourself for watching it.
  8. Oh right. So because your physics model is generated on the fly, the calculations for what is displayed on the hud especially when in regards to your aircraft, let alone other aircraft, gives a big performance hit. So it is not a bug, but the reality of the situation. Still I wish it were a bug, because in Wings of Liberty I have to turn my hud off, which is only a heading indicator, and I am unaware of any large magnets near my computer. Report: Found compass on plane. Used that instead. "You mean they COME WITH COMPASSES?!@"
  9. I have this problem as well, rift owner, 1070gt. I can run ultra just fine with hud activated on the monitor, but in VR with hud on it's simply impossible to play, and the effect you get is something like screen tearing but maybe I've never seen my rift stutter, at all, for months before this update. I think this is a bug, before the patch hud on or hud off did not matter.
  10. The IL2 guys are showing up Lockheed's Prepar3d for physics, graphics, and overall plane fidelity, and they're doing it a shoestring budget. I'd drink to that. In fact, I already have.
  11. Agreed. This thread is bait. The numbers should be on steam.
  12. When I was a kid I would often spin until I got dizzy. Then, not much later, I was at a borrowed laptop playing a borrowed copy of Doom. Then I played FS95 until I was drunk in the head. This may explain some things. In addition to the many many, terrible things this did to my body, I gained an immunity to airsickness, VR sickness, seasickness, whatever it is. But regardless to my story you may feel different. With regard to my story, after playing only two hours I was still doing dives and low passes while I sat on the couch and watched TV. These feelings weren't too intense, and they lasted a half hour.
  13. Simple fix for a problem I've run into: If you're experiencing possibly game breaking judder, turn off your hud. Fixed mine to where I almost never see the effect. I'm a Rift user, and my computer's specs are up above.
  14. Yup, you can generate a steam key from your profile on the main page. If you need extra help finding that, consult the support topic.
  15. They are following the IL-2 1946 release path pretty much. Start with eastern, move to pacific, move back to eastern, then to western, then, 1946. Except now every plane needs a detailed flight model, even the AI so we don't end up with "cheating AI" posts. That's why they aren't releasing any unflyable planes. I'm excited for the pacific because carrier landings will be difficult, and maybe this time they'll do it better than last time. Which would be cool.
  16. This is the possibly the best VR implementation into a 2D game that I've ever seen. The cockpit is sharp and easy to read, easier than my 2k Monitor even. I'm getting a constant FPS of 60 on Ultra details with the Pixel Density set to max. I experience no stutters and I'm loving the game. Keep in mind I've only an EVGA 1070 FTW Gaming, and a processor running at 3.9, happily the game deals fine with my hardware. The only problem I've had was described above. When I turn my head Steam VR screen flashes momentarily. Breaks immersion hard, so I'd love a fix. I think I may try again with a new room setup and the latest drivers. I have a theory it's got something to do with head position. Now back to flying a rollercoaster...
  17. "Me, me, me!" What you want doesn't matter. You paid the entry fee, you didn't invest in 777, you bought their game. If you want to give real word proof that, within the confines of the IL-2 damage model, things are "wrong" maybe you should consider programming a better one, except you're not a programmer nor are you a ww2 munitions expert. So be respectful of the dev team and silence your temper.
  18. Both HE rounds found to underperform. You'd have to fix that before you fixed the "minen" rounds. However, some tester also confirmed that planes were tweaked a bit after it was found they were too easy to shoot down. Do you want a game that is fun? Or, a game that you win all the time because you're a narcissist.
  19. Didn't you hear man, he's a pilot. He's got wings. He sings with the angels. He floats through the stars at night to the gasping wonder of children and IL-2 fans. Treat him with some respect.
  20. I think it ended because Luftwaffle fans wanted a more powerful minen round (basically destroying the balance between VVS and Luft.) and Russian pilots kept having to describe how tough resin impregnated wood is. But it did show decent information (that we already knew) about belt loadouts for Russian and German aircraft. Beyond that it was an argument of the worst kind.
  21. You know, if you're an actual pilot now, no one will question you if you buy an Oculus Rift and just spaz out playing IL-2 in your underwear all day. Or not, either way, Congratulations.
  22. I take off and land on Taxiways. It is an FAA violation. I don't get in trouble though. Because I am Harrison Ford. Walmart won't believe that I am Harrison Ford.
  23. No that's fine man. I don't have any problem running Robo Recall at the highest settings, but I've only a 1070 and a 3770k running at 3.9 and no ssd. Otherwise we're comparable. I run IL-2 BOS on Ultra at 2k so I just hope VR is a good experience for me.
  24. Do you mean: How do you get this game in the Nvidia Experience in order to run its optimizations on it? Personally, I wouldn't use it. Just adjust the settings in game to your liking. Edit: Now that I've installed and updated GeForce Experience it looks as if the game is unsupported.
  25. Damn. Someone beat me to the incredibly specific idea of writing happy birthday on my bare stomach. Good show sir.
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