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  1. Great Update, multi layers clouds is a great improvement and it opens a great new variety in the gameplay for sure ! Many thanks for the hard work described in the last developers diary !!!! By the way, will this fix two visuals bug related to clouds that we have today ? 1 - flickering of high resolution of the planes over clouds 2 - concentric effects of the sky dome that appears in 2.12, see here : https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12255-graphics-models-and-maps/?p=497533
  2. The problem is not WOL, the problem is related to MP engine and net code. In addition, there are not enough local server with < 50 ms ping (or not enough player to populate them to have a descent gameplay) After the next major update coming (can't wait for BOK and its mountains...) Multiplayer should be the next project to improve the sim. Its already quite playable and stable but there is room for improvement in terms of performance and scalability. I know this is not visual, not marketing, that new content will be better to sell the game... but this is a gameplay BASIC to retain the
  3. Maps & New Shadows seems on the good way but I wish they'll take their time to deliver the most accurate flight model adjustments to make the consensus So, no stress ... there's no drama if we wait for something exceptional ! This should be one of the best update of the sim and I will certainly jump in the pre-release edition to support the team !
  4. Many Thanks for sharing Fantastic pictures and feedback from real pilots
  5. High altitude mountains and summits are breath taking ! Awesome
  6. +100 Those guys were obviously fighting 1 vs 1 and full flaps from end to end of the video . Hope the new FM will help to recover more realistic behaviors. In real combats you should not take any risk loosing your energy (to avoid the fire of your opponent's wingman and other planes in the area). Keeping your energy is the key. Using flaps on energy plane like a 190 is a pure nonsense. On the Yak side I'm pretty sure that the full flaps position was not used during WWII. In the game, every yak deploying full flaps becomes a slow, easy and motionless target.
  7. Speaking of water and shadows, does someone know if the undefined/flickering shadows over water will be fixed ?
  8. Flickering shadows of ground objects seems to have disappeared at high altitude ... This would be a great improvement if confirmed Gorgeous map by the way
  9. Agree with you Feathered. This is an interesting way to reconciliate data and fly experience in the sim
  10. By the way, online testing with overloaded / crowded servers should not be an option. Net code is one of the key for the gameplay !
  11. MadisonV44

    Magic Rudder

    rudder sickness you mean
  12. Chat is polluting most of the online sorties (I'm not speaking of the FPS impact there). If you are already connected with your mates on TS no need bear the silly things you see on chats. It is also visually much more immersive without it. Activate it or not is not rocket science for the devs and should be introduced as an option.
  13. This gonna be a very interesting Patch especially for the new FM The map also seems gorgeous in terms of diversity (relief, Sea ...)
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