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  1. I find myself occasionally gaining the advantage in dogfights but more often than not enemy players seem to have a nak for zeroing in on me. Next thing I know Im fighting to evade a yak thats glued to my tail. I need to practice my curve and trajectory when approaching my target. What you mentioned about trim is interesting and Ill try to find a way to integrate that. The slightest twitch can throw me off sometimes, Id benefit from understanding firing distances in relation to my holo sight and enemy plane positions. Im overshooting or undershooting and sometimes landing shots, don't always know how though.
  2. Hey gambler, any chance I could join you on teamspeak
  3. Hey vlad, im in NYC but play around the time most UK players seem to be on. Im down to squad up.
  4. Hey wallace. I live in NYC so im also EST. i fly a lot of wings of liberty and dogfight server. I use teamspeak. Im down to squad up.
  5. Yea, gonna download teamspeak and jump on. Its one of the reasons why I gravitated toward this game, with the smaller community I feel like everyones a little more involved.
  6. Thanks for all the great feedback! Yea, ill def try to apply all this next time Im in. Managed to ID and hit a bomber recently and low and behold when I centered my view I passed right through the middle of two trees and peeled my wings off. Was like a Hannah Barbera cartoon moment. Im still learning... Gotta learn to spot better.
  7. Hey, thought Id maybe chime in with a little insight for any new pilots out there having trouble landing their hits when aiming. Ive gotten to a point where Im comfortable flying and have had a few opportunities to line up with my opponent, only to miss ever shot. Frustrating to say the least. I use a logitech 3d pro with twist for rudders. One thing I realized after reading posts on these forums related to my aiming troubles was that for one I needed to adjust my sensitivity so the S curve is almost non existent, no deadzones (all personal preference). Makes aiming much more tactile. More importantly I realized when pursuing a target I should approach them as if Im trying to collide with them. I cant really stress that part enough, for me atleast, seemed to bridge the gap in my strategy in closing the distance with my target. Before I may have been trying to place myself at a comfortable distance, which is difficult considering fighter planes are so agile. Its easy to lose your target behind a strut in your canopy or under the nose. When trying to collide with them you inevitably draw yourself so much closer and the shots are much more predictable, sometimes last second decisions but at a much more reasonable range. I must say the BF 109 F4 and G2 are great planes. The G2 seems to take so much more play and just never stalls on tight turns, but its canopy is extremely restricted compared to the F4. Im having trouble justifying any russian planes that can compare in performance, besides the Yak. But who am I to say? They shoot me down all the time haha. Test your skill on the dogfight servers, I got a few kills. Least to say Im somewhat proud of myself. Wings of Liberty server will be a totally different animal. I know this isnt rocket science and most of the veterans will scoff but maybe it will help another idiot like me.
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